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Avatar n tn My instructor knows and modifies poses accordingly. I had a miscarriage last year and during that time, by doctor said yoga was fine as long as not too rigorous and I didn't get too hot(like w/Bikram). My DH expressed some concern that maybe I'd pull too hard on my abdomen and cause a miscarriage. I know that this is not a proven cause of miscarriage, but want to alleviate his concerns. Has anyone been told NOT to do yoga in first trimester? Or heard that it could cause miscarriage?
Avatar f tn There are lots if YouTube videos to help you know what poses are safe. If you didnt exercise before yoga is still safe as long as you are careful with the poses. My mother in law did yoga religiously and her labor was 10 mins once she got to the hospital. It really helps me with the back pain now. Don't know what I would do without it.
Avatar n tn Has anyone taken yoga during the 3rd trimester? This is my 3rd pregnancy and my last was with twins so my ligaments have stretched and it causes me so much pain. I was thinking maybe If I took a yoga class this may help. I would like to hear from those that are taking or have taken a class and if this has helped you throughout your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I actually did yoga at home before pregnancy (waaaay before, but not within the last year). And I had taken a couple classes at an athletic facility before. This class was so much different. Things are not just modified, the whole process pertains to the pregnant woman and her needs. For instance, we're not supposed to do abdominal twists in the second trimester... or lay on our backs at 20 weeks. She tailored it to our pregnancy weeks.
Avatar f tn Waiting for Ina May's Guide to Childbirth book to come in now, heard it is great book. I recently bought the Prenatal Yoga Deck, it has breathing techniques and poses, I like it because you can go as many cards as you have time for. Also, try to spend time a couple times a day just breathing, refocus everytime your mind wanders. I have a mantra, just be and breathe, and repeat in my head to help focus; practice does help.
Avatar f tn There is pregnancy poses as an alternative to a lot of the yoga poses that we should be extra cautious about. Look it up on the web. If you feel any discomfort at any time, take the child's pose, even though the others are doing something else.
Avatar f tn Enjoy pregnancy, and though I wouldn't recommend the hot yoga for now, regular yoga and exercise would surely be fine.
Avatar n tn on my yoga tapes they also say not to do the twisting poses.
187316 tn?1386360282 I know excercise is a no no but I have been doing yoga since before I was pregnant and during my pregnancy. Not pregnancy yoga but regular yoga. I have a class tomorrow for an hour and was just going to go to it but then I got to thinking. Could it be dangerous? My daughter will be exactly one week old and I have two stitches in my whoo-ha. Do you think it could rip them even if I took it easy? Also do you think it will mess with my milk supply?
12981378 tn?1440338397 I carried om with abdominal workout doing the plank and a hula hoop. My midwife said that was fine. I also took up pregnancy yoga. I have altered as I've gone along...If I'm tired I'd stop and take a break. I am 8 weeks at the moment with my 3rd and have struggled a bit more this time to keep up but only as I've been exhausted with my two others keeping me running about. But I do enough that I know I benefit and the baby benefit.
4437866 tn?1388123224 Being pregnant, you probably can't do a lot of strenuous exercise, but pregnancy shouldn't keep you from being active. Talk to your doctor about what types of exercise would be appropriate. Yoga probably would, if you stick to the low impact poses. Walking is always good. You can bundle your twins into the stroller and go for a walk every day. They need fresh air and pushing the stroller would be great exercise for you. Additionally, talk to your doctor about your calorie needs.
Avatar n tn Ever since I found out I was pregnant @ 5wks I've been working out every day for the sake of the baby (improved circulation, lung functioning, etc) & myself (good prep for labor, relieves aches & pains, feels good etc) and I'm in awe. Because I'm not trying to lose weight I hadn't noticed my body changing, but i looked at all my bump selfies from 6 wks to 16 weeks & the diff in tone is crazy!
Avatar f tn Ur body starts to produce a chemical called relaxin to soften joints so the baby can pass through. Some stretching will help. I do some yoga pregnancy poses-warrior pose, pigeon etc.
Avatar f tn What has helped me is stretching. Doing yoga. Look online for pregnancy yoga poses or get a prenatal yoga DVD if you don't have time for a class. Also get a maternity support belt to wear during the day. It will really help.
Avatar f tn Yes, my hips have hurt forever all of my pregnanies. With my 1st baby I had sciatica pain. My left hip hurts so bad I wake up in pain. Your body produces the hormone relaxin which helps relax Ur hip muscles so the baby is able to pass through. What helps emensly is walking regularly (I waddle a little at 1st) and stretching. I started doing yoga too. I'm 34 wks now.
Avatar f tn Like she said you can miscarry since your in first trimester. Just go for walks or some wall pushups.
Avatar n tn You should do the yoga poses cat/cow. My prenatal teacher told us to do those as many times a day as you can.
Avatar f tn Check the exercises from the website spinning babies, those are mainly stretches and yoga poses. I've been doing them daily before going to bed and had cramps only 1! With my first, sleeping was hard at the end and now I'm 35 weeks, still sleepinf through the night sometimes!
10782180 tn?1413267696 There are a lot of yoga poses you can do. Swimming is amazing exercise when pregnant. I do a lot with light weights.
Avatar f tn I also have him rub some pain rub into my hips and back (made by a friend using essential oils). Also yoga poses and rolling against a wall with a lacrosse ball (tennis ball would work too, it's just not as hard).
Avatar f tn I try and I do some of the poses and stretches buuut I don't know if it's because my uterus is getting bigger and is sitting right on that nerve but it hurts terribly. I mainly try the poses that pull my uterus off my spine (momentarily of course) but I'm just scared that I might be doing a pose unsafely... That's why I do the class... She modifies poses based on our individual week. My husband massages the area sometimes too.
Avatar f tn I always get it but it's more my lefy butt/hip. Try some stretching. Some great yoga poses are the warrior pose, pigeon, etc. look on Pinterest for prenatal yoga poses too. if you stretch a little even just ten minutes before bed you'll feel a huge improvement.
7530804 tn?1398550371 My husband rubs my back but it only feels good while he's doing it, I wish he was a massage therapist sometimes! I think ill start using the heating pad, thank you :) I wish I had a pool nearby, I miss swimming, I did a lot in the beginning of my pregnancy but when I was in California, im in Illinois now. I definitely try to be careful with the yoga.
Avatar f tn ) try first term pregnancy yoga videos..
Avatar f tn You can google prenatal yoga and will find tons of web sites with poses for pregnant women.
Avatar f tn My doctor said the ingredient in bio freeze was safe.
Avatar f tn At 27 weeks, your pelvis is starting to spread and can be very uncomfortable. There are several yoga poses that can help you get some relief. A chiropractor can also give you relief.
9741795 tn?1410217947 I really don't know about heating pads but maybe you could try some yoga poses? Google yoga for pregnancy, there are tons of sites you can have a look at. Whenever I have physical pain that I can't take a medicine for, I turn to yoga.
Avatar f tn Prenatal yoga is specific to pregnancy. There are certain poses to help with all the fun pregnancy related issues like back pain as well as keeping you limber for labor. It's nice because everyone in the class is pregnant so you feel surrounded with support and understanding of how you're feeling.