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Avatar m tn Xylitol is a sweetener that occurs naturally. It can be found, for instance, in berries, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. xylitol is not actually a sugar, but a sugar alcohol.Xylitol is an important supplement in the preventation of dental caries.Research suggests significant benefits to using xylitol as a nasal wash, in addition to its dental application. Bacteria become "sticky” and adhere to the surface of the teeth leading to dental caries.
Avatar n tn Since my MD told me I was prediabetic (109 fasting) I have cut out all sugar but I do eat fruit and use Xylitol and NutraSweet. However my blood sugar is now 116 fasting. Why and what can I do? I do not eat bread very often but I do eat oatmeal in the morning as I have to for IBS. Thank you.
596886 tn?1231186517 Hey everyone, In September, on night my 4 month old puppy got into my purse and ate some Trident gum. The gum had Xylitol in it (it's a sugar sweetener). When I found him with the gum wrappers I remembered I had read somewhere that this ingredient can seriously harm dogs! Anyways, to make a long story short he ended up at Angell Memorial animal hospital overnight on Saturday puking his brains out and with an IV hooked up to him because he ingested Xylitol.
Avatar m tn I had some itching in my vagina about 5 days before my period and assumed it was a yeast infection. I read online that one home remedy for this was to use unsweetened yoghurt. I used yoghurt with xylitol and had some relief. However, because I wasn't sure it was safe to apply yoghurt with xylitol to my vagina, I stopped using it. My vagina however still itches and I feel a little bit of pain/discomfort a few times a day.
773755 tn?1328119777 how 'natural' are xylitol and stevia? they at the health food store assure me that it's natural :) sounds so artificial! tastes okay. i'm off glucose and sucrose for a couple weeks. this is to help restore some balance in my gut microbia. and it's working by the way! i must have my cup of tea! in fact it was the ONLY thing i looked forward to in the day, for a few dark months back there... weird huh. is one any better than the other?
86075 tn?1238115091 Vitamin E, SAM-e and Milk Thistle are needed to protect the liver from the necrosis caused by Xylitol poisoning. Also IV fluids, and making sure the bowels keep moving, as they tend to bleed and necrose as well. If it progresses, the liver becomes necrotic and the dog will go into DIC and bleed to death. Afterwards, we cleared the house of anything and everything with Xylitol in it. We even found toothpaste in our home that contained Xylitol.
5723211 tn?1373089817 com/doc/139588454/Xlear-Orem-Utah , so I purchased the nasal spray and gave it a try. I use Xylitol as a sugar alternative because I don't like the taste of Splenda or Sweet N Low and I have pretty good effects with it but I want to know if this is safe to use in my nasal passage in the spray form. I keep getting this mental image of spraying sugar up my nose with water, lol. I know that natural options can have adverse benefits but what can you tell me about Xylitol?
Avatar f tn If he only ate a small piece and seems quite well then I am sure he'll be ok. But maybe the best thing is to ask your vet. A Corgi puppy is quite small, so one piece of gum, although probably no danger at all to a grown dog might cause more trouble with a very small dog like him. Also Xylitol (if that was in the gum) usually it would be 2 or three pieces which might cause toxicity...but again, that would be for a slightly larger dog.
Avatar m tn The sweetener that is so popular to use in gum today called Xylitol is EXTREMELY toxic to dogs. Even a tiny bit can cause liver failure and be fatal. If you suspect that you dog has eaten even one piece of gum sweetened with Xylitol you need to get him or her to an emergency vet for palliative care until the vet can see just how much damage has been done. Please don't wait, it could mean the difference between life and death for your dog.
Avatar f tn can xylitol be used on the hcg diet?
Avatar n tn I recently developed pitting edema on the inner lateral side of my shin after consuming xylitol in my coffee creamed with powdered milk. I was also taking sugar free (aspartame) psyllium husk to aid digestion. The fiber product by itself never bothered me. Once I started taking the xylitol to sweeten my coffee, it was causing a lot of bloating gastric disturbances in my abdomen.
Avatar n tn Avoid sugars, especially refined sugars. I use organic honeys and xylitol at home and at work. Temporarily keeping carbs low is a good start, as would be a temporary cutback in sugary fruits. If you crave sweets, try xylitol. An excerpt that encapsulates why: "Xylitol is not ordinarily used by Candida and unlike glucose does not help yeast grow..." My husband was diabetic until earlier this year.
Avatar f tn If one is not allergic to birch, xylitol is supposed to be a safe alternative, too. But, beware of xylitol if you have pets. Xylitol is known to be toxic to pets. Dogs don't know it's poison to them and they will eat it.
5011734 tn?1362318973 A saline spray could help. But the one with Xylitol is probably better as although Xylitol is a sweetner made from a plant, it is also a natural antibiotic. The spray with Silver is also good. Believe it or not, Bromelain and MSM are also good for sinus pain. Don't know how they work, but they are natural.
975357 tn?1252704723 Hello~I can certainly understand your problem, I am sensitive to all kinds of additives, it is not fun. I use a terrific sweetener that has no side effects at all and is pure and great for diabetics and anyone wanting to watch their sugar intake; it is called "Xylitol" and it is found the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, including various berries, corn husks, oats, and mushrooms. It can be extracted from corn fiber, birch, raspberries, plums, and corn.
Avatar f tn •Chew sugar-free gum or suck on sugar-free hard candies to stimulate the flow of saliva. For some people, xylitol, which is often found in sugar-free gum or sugar-free candies, may cause diarrhea or cramps if consumed in large amounts. •Limit your caffeine intake because caffeine can make your mouth drier. •Don't use mouthwashes that contain alcohol because they can be drying. •Stop all tobacco use if you smoke or chew tobacco. •Sip water regularly.
Avatar n tn including yogurt and cheese) my personal philosophy on food causes me to choose organic as much as possible, and also to avoid things like high fructose corn syrup, nitrites and nitrates in cured meat products, sufiltes in dried fruits and wines, any and all artificial sweeteners (including splenda and the sugar alcohols like sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol), MSG, preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and hormones (in dairy especially!
Avatar f tn Thank you ladies...
Avatar n tn Oh! I know this one!! LOL!! It's not fun and YES, it's scarey as all get out because us thyroid peeps have to be extra careful what we take. There is a nasal spray called "XLear" and you'll find it in most drug stores or in health food stores. Just blow your nose good and then spray 2 squirts morning and night up your nose and sniff it in good. It's natural stuff and it has Xylitol in it... which germs can't handle at all.
Avatar n tn Stevia or Xylitol. Both natural sweeteners from plants, google it. Artificial Splenda is sucralose and it contains chlorine. No matter what they say, I would avoid it. It is currently even suspected to promote weight gain. Stick with nature.
Tbd sweeteners may be better - these include stevia, monkfruit, and sugar alcohols such as erithyritol and xylitol (some people have tummy problems from these - and note they are toxic for dogs).