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192918 tn?1199454779 I'm currently breastfeeding and would like the weight to come off a bit faster than it is. This is my second child. Is anyone or has anyone ever done weight watchers to lose the weight? I vaguely remember that a breastfeeding woman gets approx 10-15 more points each day to accomodate the breastfeeding. Does that sound right?? I obviously don't want to do anything that will take any nutrients away from the baby.
1460967 tn?1512404738 I hope it continues!! Only 2 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight!!! Then I need to get down to my goal weight of 135-140!!! Hope it continues!! Never thought I'd say I'd be so happy to be in the 150's yay!!!
435762 tn?1244686220 For that weight and breast feeding, they usually allow 26-28 points, depending on how much activity you have daily. I hope this helps.
155461 tn?1207868371 the ONLY thing that worked for me was Weight Watchers - and 10 extra points for nursing moms - woo-hoo! I didn't feel deprived or hungry once! Sucked when I had to take away the nursing points though - that was a rude awakening.
443968 tn?1288616289 Since New Year's I've lost 7 lbs doing Weight Watchers (just following the points guidelines, but not officially a member). It really does work and fits in my schedule because you can still eat normal stuff just have to pick the right stuff and amounts. I am picking up my BOB jogging stroller on my day off Monday and hope it can help me shed more!!! I'm on a big weight-loss and work out kick on the Wii Fit. My pants are getting looser and that motivates me more!
168006 tn?1241016561 I joined weight watchers, I gained about 20lbs during pregnancy (I was quite overweight to start though) I lost nearly all that within the first four weeks then got stuck. I have been doing weight watchers points for 7 weeks now and have lost 14lbs so far, I am nursing, they do have a program for nursing mom's. I still have 30lbs to go though to get to my target weight, hope I get there, I haven't been at my target weight for about 9 years!
143123 tn?1274304425 Just eat healthy stay away from fatty foods and watch the fat and calorie content.Lots of fruits and veggies,i'm on weight watchers and counting my points It is really not bad of a diet.
504000 tn?1242504393 Pregnancy weight gain: 40Ibs "Immediate" weight loss: 20 Ibs in 2 weeks Weight loss 6 weeks postpartum: ~28 Ibs. Only now am I taking measures to actually aid weight loss though.
Avatar n tn Hi -- I've found that weight watchers is a pretty good program. As long as you're willing to go to the meetings to weigh in (which really helps with motivation) and keep careful track of your points! I LOVE to eat, and find that I can still eat what I want on this & loose. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I gained 22 lbs whilst pregnant, lost it all by 6 weeks PP and I have gained 30lbs whilst nursing, I was starving all the time, I joined weight watchers but my supply dropped (even whilst having the extra points for a nursing mom) and I ended up with a fussy baby. I stopped worrying too much and tried to eat healthily even though I knew I was gaining. I decided it was going to be such a short time in my life but a vital time for my baby.
550943 tn?1330731180 But, with all that said, I wanted to post to let you know that my best friend lost some weight in order to ttc and used weight watchers (the points system) and it worked wonderfully and pretty fast too. Good luck girly!!
176741 tn?1295237589 i think using weight watchers and adding a reasonable number of points makes perfect sense ask your doctor to make sure it is OK sooooo many of us need "gudelines" or we have no control - WW will give you those guidelines and as long as you add in the correct number of points you shoule be fine
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar n tn Weight Watchers is very successful. They teach you how to measure food. I've known so many people that lost weight on that, even when they ate healthy on their own. May be an option.
Avatar f tn BUT I think I'd rather be over weight than addicted to heroin. I wonder if joining weight watchers or a gym etc. would help? I tried walking but didn't really loose any weight. I wish somebody had some kind of success loosing weight while on methadone....I love to hear about it.
Avatar n tn When I decided in March of last year to stop the effexor, even with tapering off of it like my Doctor told me, I still had bad withdrawal. I ended up stopping effexor and then joining weight watchers, that seemed to help my depression more than any medications. Good luck to you. You also have to remember that everyone reacts different to medications. What made me gain weight may make you lose. Good luck!
1498386 tn?1403031253 I kept yo-yoing losing 1-2 lbs and gain 2-4 lbs. Anyway after my pregnancy I worked out so hard to lose the pregnancy weight. I did tapout, for the entire length and pushed myself so hard, I lost 4 lbs. My weight is down to 130lbs currently and for the past 6-7 months I keep yo-yoing from 130-132 lbs no matter what I do. I even tried zumba and zumba myself so hard and still no weight loss. I took saffron extract for 8 weeks: no loss.
Avatar n tn I am on week 4. I am a little frustrated as I could be losing at the same rate on Weight Watchers with more food choices! I am quite sure the program works well for others - perhaps some people just respond differently. I do feel like inches have shifted however, so that is a plus. I am also trying to lose about 35 pounds.
Avatar n tn I also am on weight watchers and had lost 50 pounds a few years ago. I was looking back on my weight loss chart and saw that within 3 weeks of starting lexapro each time, I had a significant weight gain. I went from 175 to 185 the first time and then continued to gain despite following the program and exercising. When I went off the med, the weight began to drop and I made it down below 200.
Avatar m tn I have Type 2 Diabetes and was put on Victoza yesterday, my doctor wants me to take this for weight loss. I would just like to know if anyone has lost weight or has had any side effects while taking this medication. I was on Byetta but the nausea never stopped and I felt bad all of the time. I took my first dose this morning of Victoza and so far there has been no nausea--I just hope it lasts. Any comments on this medication would greatly be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I'll be 46 at the end of this month & just moved to a new state so I don't have the luxury of knowing any doctors. In the last 1-2 months I suddenly gained 40 + lbs & look pregnant. That seems to be where the weight all is. A urinalysis proved negative for pregnancy on Monday & with my 3 grown kids I did not gain this much weight &/or so fast. I just look pregnant & feel "full - heavy - tired & short of breath" most of the time.
Avatar n tn I have been yo-yo dieting all the way up to 250 pounds. I lost 50 of the pounds doing Weight Watchers with no exercise. I am now trying to get another 60 lbs off of me, incorporated 60 minutes per day of hard core cardio walking/running at a high incline, doing the South Beach diet with 1400 calories per day max, and the scale hasn't budged in 2 weeks. I am beyond frustrated. I am not seeing amazing results with a tape measure. It's as if I am doing nothing at all.
Avatar n tn I'm seeing a dietitian now, but not for that dietary change. For me it was because of loss of appetite issues causing me to not get enough calories in over several months consecutively. Prior to that, I already kind of ate a lower-carb diet most of the time and the carbs I did eat were the whole-grain, uber-high-dietary-fiber kind rather than a lot of "simple" carbohydrates like sugar, pasta, breads, etc.
93210 tn?1287457826 Hello mocha5478~ I am having the lap-band surgery next week after a great deal of research on the subject as well as a great deal of soul searching.
Avatar n tn I went today for my first week weight check and my second weight loss for my first week is 9.5 pounds!!!! Anyone else using Phentermine and B12? I would love to hear how other people have done on these meds. Good Luck to everyone trying...I want to hear your story!
Avatar n tn I initially lost a lot of weight on weight watchers. I still follow the program but started gaining last August unexpectedly. I have gone up ten pounds despite being on weight loss points. It is so frustrating and agonizing not to be able to eat normally. I do need to exercise more but this is ridiculous. I've heard all kinds of reasons for the weight gain. I've had my fast blood glucose done and it was normal. My cholesterol is great. I can only come up with my thyroid as the culprit.
1210260 tn?1266019304 I had the excuse of pregnancy last year, but this year I have no excuses. My sis lost 2 and a half stone using weight watchers and she has really inspired me. I having been doing the points system since last week, it really makes you think of your portion sizes & monitoring what goes in your mouth. Exercise is my downfall, as I don't do any. I only go for long walks with bubs (but I do live in a hilly area), don't have time or inclination for much more.
Avatar f tn One week after having him I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. So since then I have been watching what I've been eating and I have not lost anything in the last 5weeks! If anyone has any weight lost secrets or anything thats has helped them. PLease let me know... Does anyone know anything about weight watchers? How do you know how many points you are eating??
649848 tn?1534637300 Can you believe I lost weight after I stopped Weight Watchers? I was on Weight Watchers for 2 weeks and I was so miserable. Counting those points and feeling like I was starving was awful. I did it for two weeks and only lost half a pound! I tend to lose weight during the winter time because I drink hot tea, hot chocolate and I eat more Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup. I am not eating fast food anymore due to no money. I guess I have a mixed blessing.