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Avatar f tn Past pregnancys I have gained 40lbs and I'm trying to control how much I gain this time around. pre pregnancy I was 150 (according to MY scale). I weigh myself on a daily basis and have been at 152 for awhile (ill be 15 weeks tomorrow). Well I went to the doctors and stepped on their digital scale and got 158. I don't know which scale to go off of.. Someone tell me I'm not alone..
Avatar f tn I have to disagree with the weight scale on the app. I am 35 + 2 and the "excessive" has shown for weeks now. I have gained 30lbs so far and even though I don't look like it the app makes me feel like a fat
Avatar n tn You should if you are concerned about your weight although working out when pregnant is more of a health thing than a lose weight thing.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 weeks and still under my pre-pregnancy weight (only by 2lbs). My midwife assures me I will pack on some pounds soon. I'm sure you will round off those numbers later on.
Avatar n tn As long as your doctor says baby is growing fine then don't worry. Lots of women only gain like 10 lbs and have very healthy babies.
Avatar n tn It could have something to do with it, also if your using didn't scales to weigh yourself it could be off. Although 18 pounds is a lot of weight to loose at this point in your pregnancy. I would definitely start monitoring your weight and also inform your doctor about it, he may want to see you back sooner than you're next appt just to make sure everything is still progressing normally.
9163191 tn?1405185580 I don't meant the same weight before pregnancy but the 139 weiht
Avatar f tn I put on a lot of weight and im super depressed about it. I refuse to step on the scale. Im making myself stay active and walk or do some home exercises everyday. Im hoping that after my pregnancy ill be able to kick it up a notch and get back to feeling good!
Avatar f tn Just wondering how much your all weighing now?i just stepped on the scale after some time,and i've put on 6pounds,totally freaked out's so scary stepping on the scales!really do not want to put on too much weight.
2218623 tn?1355282113 Hey ladies! im 10wk and i havent noticed any real weight gain. Ive felt bloated on and off but the scale still reads the same! im roughly 5'6" and 130lbs. i havent had a huge increase in appetite either...anyone else??
Avatar f tn ( scared to see the scale first week of Feb when I return. But did start light walking last week lol.
5837857 tn?1411580685 I probably shouldn't answer considering there are alot of women who gain alot of weight during pregnancy, my sister for example always gains between 50-80 pounds, my first child i gained 31 pounds, I'm about 29 weeks and at the beginning because i stopped drinking and was sick for the first six months i lost 15 pounds and am just now up to where i was plus one pound. I always eat alot more healthier during pregnancy and try hard not to blame a 2 pound baby on to much weight gain.
Avatar f tn I'm all better now and my appetite is down. Your weight change can be water weight making you fluctuate but so far you're doing great!
4976466 tn?1365997211 I was worried when I saw the app scale too. I didn't start a mass weight gain until my 6th/7th month. Then I gained 15 out of nowhere! Doctors were worried about my lack of weight in the beginning, but now I'm 10 over what "I'm supposed to be".
Avatar f tn I gain 29 pounds sense i been pregnant but then again my friend scale could be wrong it says i gain 9 pounds in 3 weeks I'll know for sure when i go to the doctor next week I'll be 25 weeks than
Avatar f tn I'm 32+5 weeks, 19 years old and 5'7. Before pregnancy I was 110 lb, I now weigh 147 lb, I don't feel hugely fat I have a massive bump but the numbers don't lie, is this way too much? I already eat very healthily but should I cut down my portions?
Avatar f tn I know how you feel! I'm almost 36 weeks and I've gained 16. I gained 5 lbs in a week and I almost cried. I'm just trying to increase the number of walks I go on and incorporate healthier snacks.
Avatar f tn My doctor isnt concerned she said becuase my weight wasnt to big before pregnancy 135lbs that i am ok , but you cant even tell i put on all that weight its just my thighs well butt & belly!
Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks and 4 days and still haven't gain any weight. Doctor said it was normal... Anyone else go through this ?
Avatar f tn I didn't change anything and I am hoping to keep weight to a minimum throughout this pregnancy. Eat healthy and move around, if you have access to a pool, water is a great way to get a low impact workout. Good luck.
1961938 tn?1398721701 Of course I have a doctors note saying I'm pregnant and can't be losing lots of weight so my weight doesn't help or hurt the group. Anyways, my sister is in the group as well, as the official weight recorder. She is on my case about my weight constantly! She is always telling me you need to be gaining, which I know that and I try to gain the pound a week I'm supposed to but it doesn't always work.
11715504 tn?1422290015 I was already 182 before I got pregnant and now I'm just 184 I feel like I shouldn't gain any weight since I was already a little bigger. Will I gain weight later? If the doctors aren't concerned why should I be right? I thought I would be a cow by now and just swollen but I'm glad I'm not. I'm 22 weeks and my weight has been going up and down.
Avatar f tn I know in some women too much weight gain during pregnancy can contribute to other issues so that may be why he is concerned.
Avatar f tn You don't really need to be gaining weight so early on, especially if you are already overweight. I am 17 weeks and I've only gained 3 lbs. Up until last week I had only gained 1.
Avatar f tn On my first pregnancy I gained 40 lbs, I was 140 and went to 180 and after I had my son I never really dropped back down. Now on my secind pregnancy I was 180 and dropped to 160 cause I got really sick. Im 22 wks and I've only gained 5 lbs barely. Doc says I'm doing pretty good.
10743983 tn?1440213810 I've heard some people gain weight at the beginning and slow down towards the end, and let's face it with pregnancy all "known facts" just aren't really known facts anymore lol, but I think I agree with that statement. It's seemed to happen with me anyways. I also used to close my eyes at each appointment. When I added up to 45 pounds one time sense I became pregnant to then, I closed my eyes she they weighed me because it made me so unhappy.
Avatar f tn My doctor this time around has said 25 - 30 lbs weight gain for the entire pregnancy and we'll keep an eye on it. I gained 69 lbs with my first, which was excessive, so I hope he does keep me in line.