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Avatar n tn Anyone told that their placenta blood distribution to the baby is a bit low? 0-4 is low and I'm at 3.33. How to improve it?
Avatar f tn en now im 14wks im not gaining weight .but i have a normal pregnancy . Do u drink milk wch is reduced fat?
Avatar n tn Yeah I go every two weeks now, this is my third pregnancy, and everything is always fine this is just a little different for me, my first child I gained 100, my second 30and this one only 5.
11367320 tn?1421803559 Don't stress of weight you gain unless doctors are concerned. You also have to factor in the weight of the fluid , placenta and anything else that goes along with it !
7375907 tn?1402105972 I prettt much lost the weight of the baby. He was 3.25kg and I lost 4kg. It took quite a bit longer to loose the other 13kgs.
Avatar f tn No since you were a little bigger to begin with, you aren't supposed to gain a lot of weight. You'll probably gain in the last trimester. I was 173 pounds when i got pregnant and i only gained 16 pounds my whole pregnancy. That was fine since I started out a little heavier.
4516107 tn?1356307667 Placenta previa does not affect when you will feel baby. Placenta previa is when it partially it completely covers the cervix.
Avatar f tn I was told that I had placenta previa with my last pregnancy. I never had bleeding, was full of energy and never sick (unlike this pregnancy), and I never had a contraction before my csection (which was 3 days before my due date. Doctor never told me that I shouldn't have sex like other women have stated before on here and he never gave me a weight limit for lifting until I asked at 36 weeks.
730826 tn?1317946934 I am over weight as well and watching my weight for the pregnancy. I have never been over weight before or in any of my other pregnancies. No loosing weight is not good during pregnancy if that is what you try to do but if you are throwing up and sick and not eating then it is ok to loose some but to loose to much can effect the baby and your health!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hello everyone! I had my 20 wk u/s today and the baby looked great! Weight 12oz and 9" long...right on target. The 3d stuff was so great and got some great pics! The issue is Placenta Previa complete. I was wondering if anyone has been dx and the placenta "moved" as the pregnancy grew? That is the goal to avoid having a c/s. Also, it's the #1 reason for late term bleeding and bed rest after 28 wks! I have a 17 month! I have another scan at 28 and then weekly at 32 wks.
Avatar f tn I had a complete placenta previa and my doctor made it sound like no big deal. Just told me at 20 weeks that 90% of the time it moves away from the cervix. At my next ultrasound it hadn't moved & found out that I definitely had to have a csection. I was completely devastated because I was planning on a natural vaginal birth with no meds. I freaked out about the spinal. I had no restrictions though... He didn't say anything about sex and I worked until 39.
250155 tn?1485299539 my doctor told me that i have a higher risk this pregnancy of developing placenta previa or placenta accreta b/c of the # of c-sections i've had (3) already and how close together they are. what are the chances of this happening and do you know if it has any effect on the baby. i know the placenta can move on its own, but if it doesn't what happens then?
Avatar n tn What does it mean when the placenta is implanted on a sheet? I've never heard this before, i'm curious. I hope that something can be done so that the cord doesn't remain wrapped... My sister came out blue because of that.
Avatar f tn They are estimating him to currently way 5lbs 6oz. How many of you ladies have had the baby's weight estimated and it was pretty accurate? I am a little nervous he is going to be big. My other children were 6lb babies. I am good with that.
778361 tn?1309719224 Hey Ladies...Little Question....If A Lady Is Pregnant How Much Weight Do Most Gain In The 1st Part Of The Pregnancy ?? Only Asking Because Im having Alot of Symtoms Lately & One Of Them Is Gainign Weight Like Crazy I Have Put On About 8 Pound In 2 Weeks :(..Which Is Mega Bad :(... I Wanted To Do A Test To See If I Am..But On The 19th On This Month...Maybe Im Strange But I Keep Getting A Weird Sense That I Should Do A Test On The Date That My Nanna Died..My Grandma Died That Date Also..
Avatar f tn I am 22+5 i went to the doc yesterday and was told i gained 1lb since my last visit a month ago i have gained a total of 9lbs through out my whole pregnancy so far! How much weight have you ladies gained??
Avatar f tn From what you have told me you will be at an increased risk for pre-eclampsia because of your weight, family history (it probably runs in families due to the same reasons a persons hypertension runs in a family), and history of hypertension. If you are over 35 that too is a risk factor. There is not much you can do to prevent it. Regular and early prenatal care is the best thing you can do. And lastly, placent previa is not a heritable condition. Thank you for your questions.
1083673 tn?1388892238 I was just wondering when was about the average time for women to start gaining weight with pregnancy. And how much. I am in week 5 of pregnancy and wanted to know how much weight was normal to gain in pregnancy this early. I would really apreciate some answers.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if i would do it or was a thought for fear of my weight affecting my pregnancy. I'll let everyone know how it turned out for my husband and mother, though. It may be an idea for after the baby's born for me to lose the baby weight. Thanks for the input, though. I do take everything that you ladies say to heart. I've gotten some of the best advice from this forum!
1355431 tn?1369978906 I am really worried because I am already the unhealthy weight of 196 before pregnancy. I am 8 wekks now. My doctor said I should gain around 20lbs. To be that seems like alot since Im already so over weight. What do you think?
Avatar f tn com/pregnancy-weight-gain-estimator gave me as a guideline for weight gain. WOW!! Pregnancy weight gain estimator You should gain roughly 28-40 lbs. during your pregnancy. Over the last two trimesters you should gain about 5 lbs. every 4 weeks. How it breaks down If you gained the average of range above, this is where the weight would go (totals are rounded): Maternal: Uterus 2.82 lbs. Breasts 1.17 lbs. Blood 3.64 lbs. Water 4.89 lbs. Fat 9.74 lbs. Subtotal 22.26 lbs.
1370609 tn?1306383621 My friend had slow growth at the end of her pregnancy and that was because her placenta wasn't working as well so it was safer to get baby out as the baby was being starved. If this is the case for u, I would try walking alot, have a sweep if you are able to, also sex, hot baths etc..
1306288 tn?1273318141 first pregnancies generally show later)...your levels of amniotic fluid and the size of your placenta....but at 19wks you should begin showing any time now. some women NEVER show even when they're tiny (I know that's not what you want to hear, lol) but it's very rare and most women begin to "pop" at around 20-25wks. So I would say any day now you'll start to see your bump.
Avatar n tn http://www. **** .com/smoking_marijuana_during_pregnancy.html States on this website (take out the spaces) that it CAN affect fertility, and affect the baby during pregnancy. Just because it doesn't happen with one or two pregnancies, does NOT mean that any other will not be affected. For example, my mom smoked regular cigarettes while pregnant with my older sister, myself, and my brother. Brother and sister came out fine, no issues at all, full term, etc.
Avatar f tn Has anyone reading this had this kind of experience during pregnancy? And if so, what helped besides bed rest? What was the outcome?
Avatar f tn I started taking vitamins like Women's One a day, a b comlex and a protien shake meal replacement (Isopure). Within a month of my weight stabalizing, I became pregnant. Mind you I have a history of PECOS, Diabetes, and generally questionable health. I say all of this to say, I believe odds increase the healthier are and more balanced with vitamins. I would engage your ob immediately pre pregnancy to walk through family history, medical challenges, expectations, and risk.
295468 tn?1217600338 In my case once it made it to the cervix it never moved out of there. Had lots of bleeding was orderd bed rest for the remaining of the pregnancy and at the time I was only 5.5 months pregnant. I wont scare you with the details of my experience but I will tell you You Need To Rest And Take Care Of Yourself. Quit your job, hire a maid, whatever it takes, you need to rest as much as possible. I dont care what any doctor says.
Avatar n tn It is scarey but you cant do anything to change the position of the placenta naturally, and its great you get more scans to keep an eye on baby - Im sure everything will be fine x
344397 tn?1235580828 During the early months of pregnancy, cocaine exposure may increase the risk for miscarriages. Later in pregnancy, cocaine use can cause the placenta to separate from the wall of the uterus before labor begins. This condition, called placental abruption, can lead to extensive bleeding and can be fatal for both the mother and baby. Cocaine may also increase the risk for premature delivery. What if my baby is born too early or too small? What will this mean?