Pregnancy weight loss first trimester

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621803 tn?1302891941 but now a little by little my weight cameback again...i think its natural at first trimester you will loose weight...dont be so worried...gudluck...
280369 tn?1316705641 I guess I will bring it up at my appt. on friday. In the first and second trimester of this pregnancy, I lost 16 pounds from vomiting so much and the gained it back plus about 10 pounds and now lost a couple. Being on bedrest, I didn't think I would actually lose any weight but thought I would gain like crazy! lol I'm not complaining about it, since I started about 20-25lbs over weight in this pregnancy anyway, but I am concerned because baby seems to be measuring small.
Avatar n tn Yea I lost 23 lbs during my first trimester, try eating carrots n other veggies n fruits if your nasuated it really helped me
Avatar f tn I lost 20lbs during the first trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter, and 16lbs during the first trimester with this pregnancy. just from nausea and lack of appetite. I gained a little back 2nd trimester with this pregnancy, but only like 7 lbs and I've been steadily losing again so chances are I will be much lighter after pregnancy than I was you never know!
Avatar f tn I usually lose weight first trimester (I did in first 2 pregnancies though this one I just stayed the same). I make up for it in second and third trimesters though!
Avatar f tn does anyone know if you show sooner on a first pregnancy because of past weight loss? Or would it not make a difference? Maybe I'm just bloated, but i swear im already starting to "show" at only 6 weeks+2 days.
Avatar f tn I lost a lot of weight during my first and second trimester.
Avatar f tn But, if you eat healthy and excercise it's possible to have a healthy baby and come out of the pregnancy without any excess weight above your prepregnancy weight.
Avatar n tn I am 16 almost 17 weeks pregnant an instead of gaining weight I'm losing weight. Is it normal to be losing weight instead of gaining weight? This is my first pregnancy an Im scared something is wrong.
7400888 tn?1401578339 It is common for women to lose weight in their first trimester. Just keep eating healthy and take prenatal vitamins and eventually you will start gaining when baby starts growing! Your body is working hard right now and metabolism is sped up.
10033740 tn?1458085562 Ok thanx Ely3
2025736 tn?1337714810 I know its normal to loose weight in the first trimester, but ive just weighed myself and ive lost about 16lbs, im only 12 weeks 3 days. is it normal to loose this much? My appetite is coming back so hopefully ill start putting some weight on.
7131686 tn?1390058041 With both of my pregnancies I lost 10+ lbs in first trimester n believe Me I gained it all back n more lol once 2nd trimester hit u gain it
Avatar f tn A lot of women lose weight their first trimester even without morning sickness. Especially women who are over weight its your bodies way of saying your baby and you don't need all this extra weight.
1837090 tn?1328043721 It depends on your pre-pregnancy weight I think. With my first 3 I never lost weight but I was at a "normal" weight to start. This time I started out with extra weight & lost 15 lbs to start. I'm 27+4 & have only gained 3 lbs back.
Avatar f tn I lost fifteen pounds in my first trimester but that was because I was really sick and couldn't keep food down. Don't worry about weight, your doctor will tell you if need to gain more or less if they are concerned. But every pregnancy is different. I've only gained back four pounds of those fifteen and I just started my third trimester. My doc says that's fine because I already have extra weight and baby is healthy.
10025015 tn?1422501864 I lost a total of 13 lbs my first trimester and havent gained any of it back and im about to start my third trimester. Im 25.3 weeks. My dr isnt worried about me losing weight as long as im eating healthy and taking my vitamins. She said some women do not gain till later in their third trimester. I was 175 pre-pregnancy...
Avatar f tn This clears that you have to eat more, yes, you will lose weight during your first trimester, thats normal , even my wife also had the same problem. but after 5 th month she started gaining weight and in her 9 th month she was 26 pounds more than her normal weight and we checked to your doctor about this weight gain, he told it is normal. Actually, a pregnant women should gain at least 12 kg more than her actual weight. So eat well, eat healthy and be happy.
Avatar f tn Has anyone lost weight in their first trimester? I'm now almost 8 weeks with twins and have lost a few pounds. I lost my appetite just after my IVF treatment cos I was sooo bloated n in so much pain from enlarged ovaries. But I felt better 2 weeks ago and I'm eating normally now (I think) despite feeling nauseous throughout the day. However I can't seem to put back the weight I lost and even seem to be losing a little more. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I am 14+5 and have lost a total of 22 lbs I'm a larger girl so I'm excited but was a little nervous mt doctor said its normal for women to lose weight in the first trimester just as long as you are takeing your prenatals and try to eat healthy if you can't keep liquids down I would get with your doctor and find something that helps you keep hydrated :) congrats on your little bean :)
Avatar f tn I lost 16 pounds. I'm now 25 weeks and under 3 pounds of my pre pregnancy weight. It's normal. I was just very sick my first trimester.
Avatar f tn Im 17weeks lost 3 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and never gained from this 17week pregnancy...has anyone experience this?
Avatar f tn 5 weeks, and I'm worried about the fact that I keep losing weight... I know it's not crucial to really gain in the first trimester, but thanks to nausea and a lack of appetite I can't even maintain. I started this pregnancy at 125 and now I'm down to 118. At my ultrasound last week the doctor said my baby was measuring a little big so I guess I shouldn't be too worried? I just don't want to affect my baby by not being able to maintain enough weight.
Avatar f tn Don't worry it is normal Some women gain and some loss weight in the first trimester according to their morning sickness nature You will return it I lost wt first and gain more now Even I hadn't vomiting For your child well being visit your doctor
Avatar n tn I'm assuming everything is good since my doctor didn't talk to me . First trimester you can lose weight of you have morning sickness or loss of appetite. As long as the baby is growing that's all that matters.