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167 tn?1374177417 It gives me the date of 8/21/07, so that is the date I'm using. But my BhCG was kind of high going by that date. Maybe twins! Who knows...
876992 tn?1276362473 When you say DR gave you due date do you mean by Ultrasound. Cuz your LMP and Dr's due date are different by a good amount. However on ultrasound did it match the due date from them ot LMP? ? Cuz with mine its a good 2 week difference. Thier Due date was Dec 17th putting me at 12 weeks. But yesterday on t he ultrasound she said I was 10 weeks and Due Dec 30th. Im confused how I could have ovulated 2 weeks late!! But the ultrasound doesnt lie! Im confused by this.
Avatar f tn Rely on the information from your early ultrasound(s) if you are using ultrasounds to date a pregnancy. But also you had a period between the two men, which shows you were not pregnant from the earlier event.
Avatar m tn That wouldn't be possible though because that would put my conception date the week I was on my period (first week of October) and I didn't have sex on my period. Due date then was around July 4. Anyways that would've been guy #1. I went back on January 2 and had another ultrasound and the dr. moved it back to around July 7. He made sure to say these were all approximate though. This would still be guy #1 though. When I had my gender ultra sound in February my due date got moved back again.
Avatar n tn When doctors calculate the due date, don't they do it using a supposed 28 day cycle? If my cycle was 36 days instead of 28, is it possible that the estimated due date they have given me is incorrect by a couple weeks? I calculated it on a website, and it said I should be furthur along than the doctor says. Additional details: If any of you know how to calculate, here are the additional details...maybe you can hep me out a bit and make sure I did this correctly.
Avatar f tn Maybe you just ovulated early and your obgyn has an earlier date because calculated with the size of baby at the ultrasound and not using your last period date. My due date is 2 weeks later with the ultrasound than using my last period because i ovulated late. Maybe you just ovulated early.
11970398 tn?1443138202 Well there due date must be wrong lol if they are 8 weeks then they would be due a week after you and 9 weeks it would be two weeks after you.. If you are 10 weeks tommorow then you a free there definitely due September 21st if you don't know for sure then just wait to find out by your doctor...
Avatar n tn period as the last period I had. Every untrasound that I have had has my due date around Nov. 20th. I can only assume that it really was a "real" period in Feb. and I conceived during ovulation later in the month of Feb. My question is how accurate are the unltrasounds. What are the chances that I am actually futher along, meaning I conceived during ovulation in January? I would hate to go into labor when I am not expecting it at all. Can I rest assure that I am due around Nov.
Avatar f tn I am also due the 24 and they said i was one day off from ultrasound but the due date is the same. And even though they give you a due date only 5% of women actually have the baby that day...
525485 tn?1314364901 I know mine's usually around 32 days, so with my first pregnancy, it was off by nearly a week. Once you have an ultrasound tho, the doctor will base your due date off of how big the baby is measuring. However, this can still be 'off' if your baby hasn't grown properly or is growing a lot! Lastly, since most babies don't bother to come on their expected due dates, I wouldn't worry too much about pinning down a certain day.
Avatar n tn Then, I got a conprehensive sonagram 2 weeks later where they measured the baby to get a more accurate due date and it said my due date was March 25, concieved on July 2nd. I thought for sure I conceived on July 13th which would make my due date a few weeks before what they are saying. Could the doctors be wrong bc of the late sonagram and could the baby be measuring too small???
Avatar n tn When my sister was pg they changed her due date several times, even up to her last month of pregnancy. I'm only 7 weeks and have had my due date changed 3 times. Due dates change depending on the development of your child.
7385294 tn?1412109339 Also they say the due date can be off by two weeks before and two weeks after due date. I would be ready week before end of month and prepare to go till middle to end of May.
457438 tn?1302072007 I am expecting my second baby in a few weeks.Its 34th week of my pregnancy.Now i am litle bit suffering by heart burn.I am having my food as 5 or 6 times in a day.But heart burning is badly affected me.But my previous pregnancy it was not much affected me.Some times i m vomitting by this severe heartburn.I am using gelucil.But it cannot reduce the same.These day i am not taking iron and calcium tablets due to horrible heart burn.Some time i feel verymuch tired than my previous pregnancy.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me an due date of April 6th based on my LMP but my ultrasound gave me an due date of April 1st. In order to get an more accurate ovulation date which due date should I go by? Are ultrasounds always accurate to calculate ovulation or are ultrasounds more based on the babys size?
Avatar n tn I had an u/s done 13 days ago to date my pregnancy....I was due for my period on 12/27 but it never showed.....I did not get a + pg test until 1/9( it was the 1st day it came up faint + b/c I tested the day before that with 1st am urine and it was negative) the U/S they dated the baby based on 7wks I figured my conception was around 12/ question is how they calculated my due date....
Avatar f tn I am so scared, my due date was yesterday and I am not dilated at all but they Scheduled me for an induction next week Wednesday. I was reading online and there are lots of negatives for induction. Is it better to try starting labor naturally? Is it better to be some CM dilated or not at all ? Mom's who have been trough it can you tell me how it went please and how long you were in labor for?
Avatar n tn The nurse told us that they were not hopeful and started discussing our options. They said that our due date is October 21st, but that is based on a 28 day cycle ovulating on day 14. Well, we were using a fertility monitor and know for a fact that we ovulated on Day 22-23, which would definitely push things back a week to a week in a half. The nurse didn't even examine her or take blood to check her levels. I would think that they would check the levels if they suspected a miscarriage.
796506 tn?1370191905 yesterday Af was due but its not here. i have been having little cramps every once and a while and only last for about a minute since day before yesterday...but no period yet. i havent decided if they feel like period cramps or not...theyre pretty short and a little sharp/tight feeling. usually my af cramps are more dull and really well...
Avatar m tn My model was based on Ferenci and other studies that all used relatively low sensitivity tests < 50 IU/mL and cut-off date for UND at week 24. As I wrote above, you're covered by this criteria as a delayed responder who would benefit from 72 week regime. If you were <12 at 20 and UND at 24, I'd say your X=18. However, you were still <12 at 24, which suggest some very low level plateau.
963648 tn?1410987391 They calculated my due date based on my last period but when I had the ultrasound last week they upped the due date by 1 day.
1503874 tn?1312313066 I have my second ultrasound next Wednesday to make sure they have the rigth due date for me and make sure everything is ok. Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months for all of us ladies!
7791326 tn?1396491662 I hear ya. My due date is Sep 19, by doctor and ultrasound.
1123420 tn?1350564758 ) today is your due date but be thankful you made it to your due date and your little man will be here very soon...i know its discouraging going past your due date...i was late with my son (the first) and i wanted to cry but i walked and walked and finally my water broke so they had to induce me im sorry your doc had other def be upset with that too hang in there.....
419158 tn?1316575204 I'm kinda in the same boat... first my EDD was 8/15, then according to early u/s's the peri changed it to 8/9... but my doc still "does his thing" according to my orig due date... however, I measure closer to the 8/9 date... but it all really comes down to when baby decides anyway, is what i figure... so we'll see what date HE chooses... lol good luck, not long now either way!
Avatar f tn My question is does the dr. based the due date on the last date of my period because at first she had told me that my due date was on sep. 24 but the last time I saw her she did an ultrasound and she said that my due date would be sep. 23 because I was not sure of my last period. Another question is, what happens if I go over my due date, lets say a week later. Does that mean I had concived my baby during the time I was not ovulating.
Avatar f tn If a woman has regular cycles there will be a 2 week gap between lmp and ovulation. The due date for you will be calculate by your LMP even if your conception date is known as that is the way it has been traditionally done. The traditional method assumes the two week gap or greater if the cycles are varied in length. (It is just easier to ask/know when your last Lmp was then to know when one ovulates). That is where the utility of the US measurments really shines.
796506 tn?1370191905 im actually starting to feel a little bit better *knock on wood* lol i went to the doctors and she checked my uterus she says it feels perfectly pregnant and the right size it should be for how far along i am. i was off by three days lol im ten weeks on weds not friday like i thought so im now due April 28th...but somethings telling me ill still deliver in May. They also took like 6 vials of blood from me the little vampires and i should be going for an ultrasound in about 2 weeks....