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Avatar f tn i am really scared abt it.... I want all my babies to be which week are they expected to take birth normally? I have lots of questions and concerns.... i am just entering into second trimester... is it going to be as difficult as first one or will settle a bit?
Avatar f tn Well, those last posts certainly put a damper on things. I am 24 weeks pregnant with triplets, which, by the way, happened just as Tamara551 said (2 eggs fertilized, one split), and I found out at 7 weeks during an ultrasound. If you really are having triplets, it's a crazy ride - you'll learn so much and I'm more than happy to share any information with you that I can. Keep us posted.
328927 tn?1227765440 I was carrying triplets, and due to numerous health reasons concerning my babies and myself, took 3 doctors' advice and reduced my pregnancy to twins yesterday. I could write forever on why this was the best decision for me and my babies, but suffice it to say this was not done frivolously. I just want to be very honest on this forum and feel I have the freedom to do so without being judged. I struggled with infertility, so doing this was especially difficult and a pretty ghastly process.
Avatar f tn I am 34 and 6.5 week pregnant. I just got to know that that i am expecting triplets. I have a high blood pressure from last three years and taking pills for it. I am concerned about the pregnancy. Doctor told be it is very high risk pregnancy and referred me to a high risk doctor. Anyone experienced with pre-exiting HBP and triplets? Any recommendation?
Avatar f tn My daughter recently miscarried triplets. She saw her regular OBGYN one week before she saw her specialist who found that all babies were gone. On the day she saw her regular OBGYN they only found 2 heartbeats with the doppler. No ultrasound was performed. In a case with a high risk pregnancy, should an ultrasound not have been done, just to make sure?
Avatar n tn But if the two slowpokes just seem to hang there and not do anything, there is no rule that if they haven't come out by week 13 everything is OK. In fact, Vanishing Twin syndrome happens in the second and third trimester too. Try reading and similar sites to get a handle on what might be going on.
Avatar f tn i started the dreaded two week wait this week. i have done 4 rounds of clomid (plus hcg injections)-i responded really well-ovulated 1egg, 2eggs, 3eggs, 2eggs had a chemical pregnancy the second round but have not fallen pregnant since. the last round of clomid (the 4th) my levels did not get up as high as they would have liked and they told me to move on to another drug-puragon. had to stim on purgaon for 20 days til i got 1 mature egg.
211043 tn?1337054301 I got my first + at 10dpo with that pregnancy, and if I had 2 extra sacs (triplets scare!) that were about a week behind it would make sense that 7 days later I had a huge surge. So I just don't know. I've heard bad things about the new FRER's and my tests have varied box to box. I just don't know....but I'm not very optimistic. I have my first obgyn appt Thurs but at this rate I'm not sure they'll even stay positive until then. So sad.
Avatar f tn When I returned for the second scan there were three heart beats. My boys are now three years old--yes, all three of them. If not triplets, you may have twins--which is even better! The fetal poles that were seen should have heart beats by the time you go for your next scan, If the third sac is not a sac, but rather a subchorionic hemorrhage, it should show some signs of resolution by your next scan.
Avatar f tn Yes I am pregnant with #7 but one of my daughters passed away so I will have #6 live children...and I just go by my dr.and what he tell me every week when I visit it just makes more sense.
Avatar f tn but i was jus looking to see if there is suck thing as an unknown pregnancy and it seems there i do believe that i may be pregnant and when i say that i mean i think im really pregnant prolly like almost 8 months pregnant or so im not sure the reason im not sure is cause i dont have a doctor and im jus noticing symptoms now like the kicking....
915119 tn?1341952589 Ok, I have tried to convince my husband that it is a bad idea to go on vacation during my pregnancy. First of all because I'm having triplets and I just had my reduction done a little over a week ago. We reduced from 5 to 3. Second of all because we are going to have so many expenses with the triplets. And last, because he wants to go to Mexico and he wants us to drive down there to visit his parents. I don't mind visiting his parents, but it's a two day drive.
174267 tn?1220408828 and that it will be here before you know it...the summer always goes by so fast! Sweedy, 3 week countdown exciting! I like your motto "make one and take one"! Glad your spirits are up again. This is such an emotional rollercoaster! Oth, Praying for you girl! Get lots of rest and think positive! Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!! Well, I had quite a week...had to go into the emergency for excruciating lower abdominal pain.
Avatar f tn I have recently heared by a friend that climbing stairs during pregnancy is not can cause abortion.Im worried bcz my room is upstairs. Is this true or just a myth? Has anybody such kind of experience ??
120255 tn?1197070547 I'm 20 weeks pregnant with triplets, so it's considered a high-risk pregnancy, though I feel great and the babies are perfectly healthy. When I found out, I was 7 weeks and my doctor said no sex. I had NO sex drive until about a week ago so it wasn't a problem, but now it's back, but I'm not sure what "no sex" means. It's pretty obviously no intercourse, but what about other stuff? I'm worried that maybe I'm not supposed to have orgasms because they make your uterus contract?
915119 tn?1341952589 Hello all, well I guess I will no longer be part of this forum or any other form on here. As some of you know I delivered one triplet at 16 weeks last week. Well Sunday I was re-admitted to the hospital for fevers and chills. The ultrasound showed that one of the triplets had no amniotic fluid. Monday morning I was given pills to induce labor and by about 11:30 I had delivered the babies. Now I am being kept here to make sure I don't get a fever again.
Avatar f tn Yes. I always got headaches as an early sign of pregnancy. Within the first week or 10 days after conceiving the headaches started! You might want to ask your doctor about taking meds. Mine said to start with Tylenol and if that didn't work I could even take Excedrin if I had to. But I'd definitely ask him/her about it :) Congrats on the pregnancy!!
Avatar f tn Bleeding during pregnancy is semi normal. It is still scary but happens to a lot of people who end up with healthy babies. I am 21 weeks pregnant with triplets and between my 6 &7th week I bled heavily for 2 days. I called my doc and he also did not need to see me because it can be fine. I ended up having a hemmorage between 2 of the babies and once i bled it out I was fine.Stay strong and think positive. I did and and with a lot of prayers I think you will be fine!!
Avatar f tn I am very early in my third pregnancy, between 4 and 5 weeks by LMP. My hCG level is 200 and my progesterone level is 24.8 as of yesterday (4+1 weeks). As I understand, both of these results are normal for 4 weeks gestation. My doctor wants me to go on progesterone in oil (PIO) injections to give me added support for this pregnancy, and I'm wondering if it's necessary? My first two pregnancies resulted in miscarriage. During my first pregnancy, my progesterone was 7.7.
120255 tn?1197070547 I'm nearly 25 weeks pregnant with triplets and so far things have been perfect. I've been really lucky and have never had any complication and my babies are healthy. I'm a teacher and my doctor agreed to let me go back to work, and today was the first day. I had a dr. appt. after school and he decided that it isn't a good idea for me to work after this week.
Avatar n tn is it normal to get a negative pregnancy test 24 hours after embryo transfer?
Avatar n tn You need to both be on the same page about children. Unfortunatly pregnancy is the necessary evil to have one. If you don't want to have more, get yourself on birth control.
147932 tn?1226969710 It's very common to have spotting in pregnancy, especially early pregnancy. I spotted at about 7 weeks. I'm not 34 weeks. If you are extremely worried call your dr to have an u/s to be sure but unless it's really red I don't think you have annything to worry about.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have two uteri as well. It's called uterine didelphys and yes, it is possible to become pregnant and carry the baby to term. I got pregnant at 18 and delivered my son 11 days before the due date. He was in my right uterus, and since it was small and there wasn't much room for him to grow, he was only 5 lbs. 10 oz. Also, it was a spontaneous delivery (as in common with UD) and he was footling breech.
Avatar n tn with an internal fetal medicine specialist 2 weeks ago and he said I beat all the odds (full term and big babies). I was overdue with my first by a week and the second was overdue by 3 days. I had c-sections with both. He said everything looks great this time. The baby is very active and he is already pushing up to my ribs (he is breech). I am hopeful that I will have a full term pregnancy. Just wanted to let you know that you can have healthy babies with a biconuate uterus.
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied 11 years ago. I have had symptoms of pregnancy for about a week and a half. Bloating, constipation, throwing up, tender breasts, etc. I had a blood test done two days ago that came back negative, but my period isn't due for another 5 days. My last period came two weeks early and wasn't very heavy. How often do tubes come untied? And could I be pregnant even though the blood test came back negative?
Avatar f tn 50mg clomid, and scheduled for HSG next week, then if I want to do IUI next week I can. The dr has really sold me on the idea of IUI b/c he told me it gets more sperm up in there for the egg. But I am thinking of backing out on the IUI b/c everything I read here says HSG may do the trick by itself. So what do you girls think? Should I just do the clomid and HSG ? And hold off on the IUI till maybe next month?
Avatar f tn I am pregnant with a singleton confirmed by ultrasound three times. I have been having twin dreams this whole pregnancy. They are wonderful dreams and I always wake up happy. I am either breast feeding or watching them play. Then last night I dreamt I was having triplets !!!! It was really bizarre. In my dream I was prepared for twins and then when I went in to deliver them there were three but I was not unhappy, merely surprised.
322529 tn?1224949549 So right away the cycle timing was upon us and we went for an IVF cycle, (not a frozen egg transfer for more money,) this time we did PGD since my wife is over 36. PGD although expensive and not covered by any insurance (and fought by pro-life groups since you could selectively implant by sex).