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327668 tn?1224795950 They gave me a 1 in 7000 by the looks of things (measurement) and when I told them about my one pregnancy that had down syndrome they gave me a 1 in 100. Here are some pictures. Tell me what you think!? http://i250.photobucket.
8987997 tn?1413291775 I started feeling that way around 28 29 weeks but every time I start wanting him to be out I go on Google and look at pictures of babies born at the week I'm at at that point. Which then makes me feel hAPPy he's still in my belly. Its nearing the end so it's hard and one day feels like 2 but trying to keep myself busy. When is your due date?
4715985 tn?1371586597 So im just a week under 3 months but when i look up pictures of three month pregnancy i feel huge besise them. Like im 4month maye a little more. I had my first ultrasound at 9 weeks and saw my little bud which really looked like a blob at the time and also saw the little heartbeat and his or her little to be legs eiggle around. But is it possible either they have my due date wrong abd im actually 4months pregnant? Or could it be twins? Im not sure how soon you can tell if there is two in there.
604185 tn?1233964457 We did end up pregnant with twins after putting two blasts in, then at week 6 we found out both my eggs had split and I had 2 sets of identicals, which shocked us to say the least. Lost one set naturally at 7 weeks, then sadly the heartbeats stopped at week 10 and I had to have a D & C. Hoping for the best this time. I wish you all the best of luck!
Avatar f tn Congrats on your twins!!! My twins measured differently off and on throughout my pregnancy. Both of your babies have really strong heartbeats. Try not to worry to much. It may switch to the other way at soe point, or even out.
349463 tn?1333575176 HB was 150, Uterus feels like it might be measuring a week ahead. The pains I'm having are ligament pains to be expected earlier and worse than previous pregnancies because it's my third and the last two were so close together. My next appt is 16 days with the high risk ob for an ultrasound and cervix check. Getting to full term is our only real goal. Then they set up a special appt just for dh on the 28th (in 26 days) to do a gender scan since he'll miss the 18th.
266539 tn?1281405752 apparently they do) they'd only technically be 6 weeks premature if they were born at 30 weeks since 95% of twins are born by week 36. (at least that's the numbers my docs have given me) if she doesn't go into labor each week she makes it is a BIG leap for the babies. each week marks a new risk they won't have to worry about. so my prayers are with her and her babies!!!!
315794 tn?1205628717 yep i know the feeling I've lost 3 babies and I freaked over everything and still do....I lost one baby this pregnancy I was carrying twins....and I had alot of spotting with bright red blood my first trimester can you imagine how scary that is.....about every other week I was freaking out and getting another u/s but my babies are fine and turns out my bleeding was probably from my low lying placenta.....but so far second trimester no more bleeding just alot more uncomfortable....
1562256 tn?1384463198 But if this is your first pregnancy then I'll tell you- you will feel baby ALL over. Their head is in your cervix, their butt up by your rib cage, their feet folded up into their chests kicking you on your side.
174515 tn?1191710869 ) oh and some assorted pics of Ben, myself and our puppy! i'll post a topic of this for anyone who misses this one, but it'll be the same info. i just don't have much else to say. oh except that now when i stand i am getting pins and needles that actually hurt in my entire legs...owwie! did anyone else get that? it feels like...stingy pri cks and i am getting white splotches on my arms legs hands and feet too.
Avatar n tn this is my second pregnancy i had a m/c my first pregnancy at 12 weeks... im crossing my fingers to see something next week...
Avatar f tn I bought one from Barnes & Noble that I just fill out week by week. It's nice. It has you fill out answers regarding your energy, appetite, sicknesses, & mood.
Avatar f tn I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant and I've been having these dreams that I'm going tho be having twins. I'm a mom of three and they were all single births, I don't know if twins run in my family or on my boyfriend's side ether. I've been extremely tried, all my symptoms are way worst then with my previous pregnancies....I went tio the er about a week ago and they did an ultra sound and gave me pictures from it... There's only I've sac but idk if it's me or I really do see 2 lil specs in the sac.
Avatar n tn I with my last pregnancy was pregnant with twins. I started bleeding real bad at about 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn or is it to soon to be asking this question. I only ask cause my husband and I were already throwing names out by my 8th week. I hope your Dr apt goes GREAT! so PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED!!!!! Talk to you soon!
174267 tn?1220408828 and that it will be here before you know it...the summer always goes by so fast! Sweedy, 3 week countdown exciting! I like your motto "make one and take one"! Glad your spirits are up again. This is such an emotional rollercoaster! Oth, Praying for you girl! Get lots of rest and think positive! Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!! Well, I had quite a week...had to go into the emergency for excruciating lower abdominal pain.
2053975 tn?1343409333 It's harder cus my mom is always telling me that it looks like I'm having twins and worse of all, she's seen the ultrasound pictures and still asks if I'm having twins. Don't worry, people can be harsh sometimes and they honestly don't have manners!
1285651 tn?1319646029 Well after a lovely day at work where my coworkers surprised me with a beautiful baby shower I went to my 30 week appt afterwards and am now in the hospital on bedrest. I was admitted to labor and delivery this afternoon around 6pm and have been closely monitored since. At my appt earlier everything looked good - the heartbeats were both 150 BPM, good blood pressure and my cervix was still strong and long.
720547 tn?1282623532 D!!
Avatar n tn is it normal to get a negative pregnancy test 24 hours after embryo transfer?
Avatar n tn with an internal fetal medicine specialist 2 weeks ago and he said I beat all the odds (full term and big babies). I was overdue with my first by a week and the second was overdue by 3 days. I had c-sections with both. He said everything looks great this time. The baby is very active and he is already pushing up to my ribs (he is breech). I am hopeful that I will have a full term pregnancy. Just wanted to let you know that you can have healthy babies with a biconuate uterus.
Avatar n tn I had a tubal pregnancy after having a tubal ligation. The doctor showed me pictures during surgery of the pregnancy stuck in the tube, right above a metal band on my tube. There was an opening big enough for a sperm to get through...but not big enough for the fertilized egg to pass. I can't say for sure what your chances are, but if you only have the band, I would say they're definately higher than of those who had their tubes cut and burned.
Avatar m tn I already have 2 small children by 2 different dads. I just feel so bad that I made this mistake once again. I will be a single mother for the 3rd time. Any advice. Should I have this baby or not?
Avatar n tn Eventhough I am prochoice I beleive only God can give or take life so I am unwilling to terminate (evidenced by my pregnancy history). Luckily I am in a relationship with a very supportive & loving man who has 2 children 14 & 6. He will support me in whatever decisions I may need to make. I am also scared of the possible outcomes so I would like to see if anyone who knows about succesful prenancies and birth after endometrial ablation can give me information or insightfulness.
784127 tn?1261408176 As far as the baby weight, I was small when I got pregnant with them, and since I only carried them to about 32 weeks, I really didn't gain any more weight than you would gain in a singleton pregnancy. Therefore, by three months, the majority of it was gone. So, I can't really answer that one for you.
Avatar n tn I am taking a test this week and than again next if I don't start by next week. I have 2 kids already. The second was conceived while on the patch.. hmm..
Avatar n tn The body has a way of repairing itself thus leading to possible pregnancy. But your body will either miscarry it or you will need surgery to remove it. If by some chance the sperm makes it to an egg from your ovaries which can happen even after a cervix is removed and closed as sometimes small openings remain small enough for a sperm to sneak through. The fetus would attach to a blood suppy, abdominal wall, ovary, in your tube if you still have one or other body parts.
1664002 tn?1307218501 If you're that far along you'd know if it were twins. I had twins and by 9 weeks you could very clearly see 2 babies. At my last u/s appointment before they were born you couldn't get a single picture with only one baby. The kicks are distinct as well. One was kicking up high the other low and most times at the same time. You can also feel two different babies. If I'd rub my belly I'd be able to feel two separate bodies, two sets of feet and hands pushing against mine.
Avatar f tn Of course if anything else goes on with him, (which he swears will never happen) he's out on his butt. By the way, he's a police officer and I hear (especially from the doctor's) this happens a lot. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I have had questions about my girlfriend's pregnancy for a while now. We had broken up in November and I tried to make it work with her again after she told me that she was pregnant. I was really skeptical of her at first and didn't believe her. Then I went with her to dinner one day to talk about things and in the restaurant she threw up a little in her glass and went to the bathroom. We left and she ended up getting sick outside in the parking lot onto the side of someone's car.