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Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy, I got nauseated from week 8 but only threw up probably once a week from week 8-16. Then, with this pregnancy, I was nauseated before I even took the pregnancy test until about week 14-15 and would sometimes throw up as often as every other day - UGH It was MISERABLE. I felt sick 24/7 clear into the start of the 2nd trimester. Then through the 2nd trimester - NO symptoms at all except a growing belly - hallelujah!
Avatar f tn Yip its a common test. Im 34 weeks +5 and have had morning sickness since week 5 consider your self lucky. What I've been through is not fun!
Avatar f tn My morning sickness kicked in on week 8 and around week ago when I was 15 weeks it has eased up... it is soooo good! Even though my appetite isn't back in full yet :( everyone is so different!
Avatar n tn I'm in week 14 and still get morning sickness. Some days I can ignore it and keep on but others I just curl up on the couch. It's hard. It almost makes you hate being pregnant. But eventually it gets better. I never understood why some women get morning sickness and others don't.
Avatar f tn If you don't have an good book you are reading read your pregnancy week by week.
Avatar f tn Hi this is my 3rd pregnancy i had it bad my first 2 pregnancy it was so horrible i had to go to the ER and they gave me a meds called Reglan witch help alot i left my full time job cuz i couldnt take it so i decided to be a stay home mom witch i love. The reglan how ever gotta be prescribe by doctors is save 4 the baby and the truth the whole pill makes u super dizzie and sleepy to i gotta take half so far is ok. At this point in.
11361691 tn?1433952182 I was sick from week 5 till week 16 and nothing worked had anti sickness from the drs and even they came up I did find ice pops worked for a week but I couldn't keep food or fluids down unfortunately it's part of pregnancy just got go through it shug good luck
Avatar f tn Of corse not. every woman's body is different and responds to things different. Not to mention every pregnancy is different too! What you may or may not experience this pregnancy doesn't mean it will or will not happen your second or third pregnancy. Its different for everyone every time.
Avatar n tn I didn't get morning sickness until my 8th week of pregnancy... And I still have it to this very day.. I am now 19 weeks and wondering if it'll ever stop. The naps are normal. I slept so much the first trimester... Your body is creating a life, it needs a little extra rest to do the fantastic things it is doing! You' should gain more energy in the second tri!
Avatar f tn When did everyone start getting morning sickness or nauseous from certain foods? I'm only 7 weeks and 3 days. But my only symptoms this far is fatigue and sensitive nipples.
Avatar f tn when does the morning sickness go away? I'm 14 wks today.
Avatar f tn Yeah it's normal it's like what doulamommy said, if you don't start to have morning sickness by the end of the week you might not get it till your 8 weeks. Sometimes you might not get it till your second trimester or maybe not at all.
1146607 tn?1261609376 I don't know what country you're from but in the US if you're pregnant you can go down to a health clinic with $10 (or less depending on the clinic) and they will confirm pregnancy and you'll be eligible for pregnancy medicaid which will cover all your medical costs.
Avatar f tn I was sick up to my 19th week actually throwing up, all day all night.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! This is my first pregnancy. I'm almost in my 7th week and by my 5th week I started having terrible morning sickness! More like all day everyday!! Im nauseous 24/7, vomiting every other day, having trouble staying hydrated, completely fatigued, and having really bad food aversions. It's hard for me to even watch tv due to the fact that every other commercial in this country is about food.
Avatar f tn Gingerale has really helped settle my tummy with this pregnancy. Usually, morning sickness is gone by about week 15. Many start feeling better by week 12 and for some morning sickness lasts the whole pregnancy. Hope you start feeling better soon.
Avatar f tn I already have a 2 year old. My morning sickness is to the point that it's hard to watch her. I'm on Zofran and it's not helping at all! I've tried a bunch of different remedies, but nothing is working. Being this sick and watching her makes me feel like passing out by the afternoon. We were weren't planning on announcing our pregnancy until the first trimester is over, but not sure I can make it that long. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Im barley on my 2nd month and I still gwt morning sickness at least 2 times a week..
Avatar f tn Mine has stayed continuous for a solid thirty weeks. Hopefully you fare better than me. I kept reading the week by week stuff saying "morning sickness will subside" and it still hasn't. I'm having him tomorrow though, so it's got to!
Avatar n tn No need to worry. Download a few apps on your phone they will explain week by week what well happen to you and if they don't answer something, google it is.
Avatar f tn Some women have really strong ones, others none at all. It's still early, you may very well get morning sickness in a week or two, but if not, count yourself lucky!! Congrats on your pregnancy and enjoy!!
Avatar f tn I didn't gain any weight until about 30 weeks.
Avatar n tn I am 38 weeks and I've only felt morning sickness 3 times this whole pregnancy. 2 times first trimester and once last week with some heart burn. Be lucky you barely get it.
Avatar f tn Usually morning sickness goes away by the end of the first trimester. I am still dealing with sickness every day and im currently almost 31 weeks pregnant. My doctor sais it's not common to have it all throughout the pregnancy bit there is a small percentage of people who do. And it looks like I'm one of them. Keep strong, and know that it usually does go away.
Avatar f tn I had no morning sickness my first pregnancy then this one it started at 10 weeks. There's no prediction it comes and goes as it pleases.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to take a poll to find out when most of you started to notice morning sickness (around what week in your pregnancy). Last time I did not have morning sickness and so far this time I have not had any either, but I know it is probably too early. I just do not want to loose this baby and I am trying to grab on to anything that I can. The only symptoms I have right now is extreme fatigue, sore bbs and headaches....let me know when I should expect to experience MS.
Avatar f tn This is my second baby I never had morning sickness with my first. It's hard to get through each day I wake up sick and go to bed sick anyone feel this way?