Pregnancy week by week how big is the baby

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349463 tn?1333575176 We still need to get the dressor to the nursery but the bed and changer is up, we still need to put up the letters of the baby name and pictures on the wall and get a lamp and rug then room will be complete
1664685 tn?1333731082 lol yea really i got so bloated after i found out i couldnt wear mine after week 10 -12... i have it hanging ..its my inspiration for after the baby is born i a going to fit into those again ....
Avatar f tn you will have to fill us in with how your daughter reacts congrats on making it to the 14 week mark....completely understandly why you waited to tell everybody....
Avatar f tn When you went to the ER did they do a ultrasound to check the baby? If the docters weren't worried then I wouldn't be worried but I could imagen how u r still worried because I would be too. My advice to you is qet as much rest as possible. Try not to do a lot . No liftinq what so ever. And I would recommend that for now u don't have intercourse (at least untill u qet the a okay from an OB) I wish u the very best and if u need to talk u can message me .
Avatar f tn I was told after 36 weeks they get bigger and it's almost that the baby is to big to turn. Carson turned just before 39 weeks and I got to have my vaginal delivery. He was over 10 lbs. at birth and they guessed after he was born that he was probably around 8 lbs. when they turned him and they said they should have just taken him then. Oh well, it can happen at any time, you still have lots of time. Have a friend whose babies lay sideways and then turn in labor. Good luck and relax!
1257629 tn?1269489511 I had a complete horrible experience. I found out I was pregnant for the second time and I was beyond excited. then I found out I was having a little girl and my heart seemed to beat a little faster every day. at about 12 weeks I would bleed here and there or get sharp pains and every time I called my doctor (obgyn & associates) they said it was normal. when I would go to the hospital (wellstar kennestone hospital) they would say the same.
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks .. Ahhhhh not long left now .. Any one one the 36th week ..
Avatar f tn I am 29 weeks and got first measurement last week. Midwife says the baby is large measuring 32. She brought another midwife in for a second oppinion and they both wondered should they send me for a scan but decided to wait two weeks. I felt a bit freakish in how they looked at me. I am tall and well built but they said im 'all baby'. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Did you have an early ultrasound that would make your conception date a little clearer? Measuring big at this stage of pregnancy could be anything, from a big baby to a mistake in measuring. It's the early dating of a pregnancy that's more reliable.
1657499 tn?1302275581 the earliest ++ a woman cud get usually is at 9 days past ovulation but that is rare... the average get a BFP around 12 − 14 DPO.... Personally I have been pregnant 3 times never got a ++ before 14DPO so dont take a test early unless u REALLY cant wait cuz it might give u a false negative and end up disappointing u .. Good luck and hope u get ur BFP this month and that ur dreams come true..
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering if any other mommas are carrying a baby larger than average, or delivered and the drs prediction wasn't correct.
349463 tn?1333575176 The ultrasound tech said starting this week the baby starts putting on fat. A 19 week baby has 0 body fat. So now my skinny baby will turn into a little chunky monkey.
2008858 tn?1343847641 I measure big all the time.... But I know that the baby is actually measuring a week bigger then my due date. I know that it is not very often that you measure the same as the number of weeks you are.
Avatar n tn my son was two weeks late when he came but they had to induce me because he wasn't for coming.
7053344 tn?1405892476 but ya they induce between 38th or 39th week so they won't get bigger its to dangerous for both u and the baby but just relax is what they told me there is no since in working ur self up because we are not there yet.
Avatar f tn I had a midwife with my first pregnancy tell me oh I don't think you'll have a very big baby probably 6 at the most 7 pounds..
Avatar f tn Went for my growth ultrasound yesterday and they said she weighs 4 pounds 11ounces and she is measuring a week 32 weeks and not due till sept 7 but m worried now about how big she will be by then n really dont want to have a csection...can u gus tell me what your babies weigh n if u are having a c section..
318181 tn?1336447096 My doc told me my baby is in the 48 percentile. My due date is 12/20 because my bp is to high he will do a c section the 2nd of December.
Avatar f tn What makes them say your baby is big? The average baby weights 1 pound at 22 weeks, being 1 ounce off means nothing. Ultrasound weight measurements are not exact by any means and can very largely.
10203682 tn?1418697354 I think they go more off of how developed everything is when they do ultrasounds and not by size. So your baby could just be big, average is 7-8 pounds I think, but some babies are just big, I was 7pounds but my little sister was 10 almost 11.
276983 tn?1308577648 I'm kind of hoping that maybe prior to that u/s she just went through a BIG growth spurt, and maybe she'll slow down for the rest of the pregnancy. I had a co-worker tell me something similar to what alaysha and agomez333 said... that their docs told them "wow, she's going to be a big baby when she's born" and the baby ended up being a "normal" size of 7-8 lbs.
232328 tn?1207093671 I had an ultrasound today at 35 weeks 4 days and the tech gave me a rough weight of the baby right now of 6 pounds 1 ounce. Is that big? I still have 28 days to go? Does this mean I am going to have a huge baby? hahahahahahaha. My son was almost 9 pounds and I thought that was pretty big. Whats your opinions? I value each one of you!!
Avatar f tn My cousine is also of 19 week but her belly is big. I am 5.1 and she is alo of same height. I am so worried that is my baby inside is normal and growing or well or else anything wrong. Please help me..
167664 tn?1203976220 By the start of the 3rd trimester your bladder's always full, there's something in your ribs, your stretch marks tell a story, and your husband is so ugly you'd rather sleep on the couch then sleep next to him; by then the gift of pregnancy is just old. Luckily you're only a heartbeat away and the end is vastly approaching! I applaud you for being a trooper. Hang in there your reward is right around the corner!
349463 tn?1333575176 I'm noticing a shift in my anxiety from all the miscarriage worries I had in the first half of the pregnancy to already being worried about delivery and breastfeeding. Time seems to be flying by now and before we know it's going to be D-Day!
Avatar n tn Guess my question is 'what should I expect', 'what is the success rate of this' and 'how bad is it going to hurt'? She says it is a perfectly safe procedure for the baby. I know there is a chance of them breaking my water while they are doing this and also a chance of the placenta rupturing, both meaning they would have to deliver at 37 weeks....... Any advice would be great, especially is someone out there has been through this..... On a positive note.......
Avatar f tn i would definitely have a chat about it. he needs to be prepared for when the baby is born, things are going to be different and for the first few weeks baby is going to be your number one priority and it should be his too. so that might mean your babies needs are coming first as well as yours, you'll be recovering from labour and delivery on most likely very little sleep.
Avatar f tn I dont want my baby to b to big and have to get one. In 2 weeks in getting a ultrasound done to see how big hes gotten.
152590 tn?1208149744 Hi everyone, I had my 36 week ultrasound today to see how big the baby was since I have GD. She is measuring right on schedule at somewhere around 6lbs 9 oz (which can go a pound either way). Anyways I posted two 3/4D pic on my myspace page here is the url. Everything looks good, so no complications (EDD 4-18-07) by the way this is our first baby, third pregnancy (both previous mc were at 6 weeks). Hope everyone has a good weekend. http://www.myspace.