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Avatar n tn s at 11.6 weeks and found no heartbeat (they estimated it died that week). This happened in October and I was a wreck for about a month. This web site has helped me a lot! Please just no it's not your fault. I am now almost 5weeks and have vowed not to read any books on pregnancy because all they do is scare me to death. You are in my thoughts.
Avatar f tn I am 21 & pregnant for the first time. I went ot the doctor 3 weeks ago to confirm my pregnancy thrrew a urine test, they put me on prenatals & sent me on my way. I than set up an appt for a dr, which turned out to be a mid wife..
593810 tn?1251226630 said she would take an u/s tomorrow for me, but that she's worried i won't have a heartbeat yet. I'll be 6 weeks, so shouldn't i be able see a hearbeat by then? I see a ton of posts of women getting their ultrasounds at 5 to 6 weeks, and see a heartbeat. Do i have anything to worry whether or not i'll see it?
Avatar f tn I'm 17 weeks, I've had to ultrasounds one to determine how many baby's I'm having ; & that was when I found out by then I was already 1 month, & my second ultrasound that was my 12 week ultrasound & I heard the heart beat then , so you should of had a 12 week ultrasound to see your baby's chance of spin problems or to see if it has something wrong with it , that's when they listen to the heart beat.
Avatar f tn I seen my little ones at 5 weeks and heard it at 9 weeks although it was very faint so she had to turn the scanner up so I could hear it was also told if facing away then you can't hear it , my first pregnancy to and very anxious to , trying to get by week by week and always got things at the back of my mind but am enjoying it the best I can x
Avatar n tn Oh boy did I get scared, it took forever for the Doctor to find the heartbeat...she finally found it pretty low almost by my underwear. Has this happened to anyone? Can this be something bad. She said once she found it, it was fast and the baby seemed to be moving.
Avatar f tn Hey Ladies! I went in for my 17 week check up and we finally heard the heartbeat with the doppler!!! yay!!! Last time I was barely 13 weeks and couldnt hear. I feel like I can finally breath easy and not worry so much. As many of you know, I miscarried right before I got PG again. Anyhow! My big sono is scheduled for 10/11/07. I'll be 21 weeks. I cannot wait!!!
650636 tn?1293458160 well you cant go by heartbeat... lol.. but im almost 30 weeks with a boy and his heartbeat stays around 159-165 so not always true about the rate. my last one stayed in the high 150'a and that one came out a BOY>> good luck to you and sending you some baby girl dust. merry christmas......
Avatar n tn at 6 weeks is when the heart beat can be seen with an ultrasound (That's what I read at many week-by-week pregnancy calendars). Do you feel like your still pregnant? I say try and stay calm for the week then wait and see. It's very possible your dates could be wrong. If you know when you last ovulated then chances are your dates are correct or at least close. Have they done any blood work to see how your numbers are doing?
Avatar n tn Hi I sadly miscarried on Tuesday/Wednesday. It has been an emotional week. I passed a large clot on Wednesday and it was brought to the lab for testing but I'm sure that was the placenta/embryo. I then was scheduled for an ultrasound Wednesday afternoon which was the most emotional/gut wretching experience ever.The songographer had no idea what she was doing or even looking for.She had to finally do an transvaginal ultrasound which was horrible since I was still bleeding.
Avatar n tn The next thing he told us if that the embryo size is underdeveloped by 3 days and the sac by 1 week. It said this is not good and even though we found a HB, that there is only a single digit % chance that this pregnancy will go on. He also told us that if it did, by miracle, go on, that we should consider an amino because of much higher risks of genetic problems. Has anyone had this experience and if so, what was there outcome, both good and bad?
Avatar f tn Hi, I responded to your other post but just wanted to say that you shouldnt worry about complications with previous C sections and having the D&C... they are 2 completely different proceedures with no conflicting problems I had my first child normal delivery, 2nd pregnancy was M/C which I had a D&C for then 3rd & 4th pregnancy were C-sections, 5th pregnancy M/C and D&C. Your own personal choice is all that matters..
Avatar n tn Now I am pregnant again and last week my ultrasound said I was off by a week again, but I went in again and it grew like it should, so just keep your hopes up.
Avatar n tn I had asked and he said it was too early (I think I was 12 weeks). I only got to hear by baby's heartbeat for the first time this past monday (I am 17w1d now). I have had 2 ultrasounds so far but the machines that they use don't have audio on them so we didn't get to hear the heartbeat although we saw it on the screen.
Avatar n tn I spent the next week completely freaking out, only to go back and have them find the heartbeat at 6 weeks 5 days. The tech told me I must have ovulated a few days late, but when I went in for my 20 week ultraound, I was measuring exactly right according to my LMP. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl, and all that worrying was for nothing.
287071 tn?1365196113 So ladies - looks like I can't count and was off by a week. I went in for a u/s today at the suggestion of the clinic - based on HCG from last week they said we should see 'some good cardiac activity' at this point... Now they want me to come in next week for a follow up u/s to make sure we see a heart beat - which I'm greatful for. Even though I was off by a week and am not due until March 5 by my (new) counting - I'd like to stay here in the Feb 10 forum.
1806721 tn?1554337007 Today, I'm 6w3d pregnant. We had quite a roller coaster ride this past week. I had my first OB appt scheduled at 6wks ob 12/19. However, 8am on Wed 12/18, the day before my appt, I woke up walking to the bathroom feeling wet down there. I thought it was my suppository leaking. But then I realize that I've been BLEEDING. Very heavily, soaked the pad, soaked thru my underwear, all of the bed sheet, and dripping bright red blood with clots into the toilet... I screamed and cried.
Avatar n tn Hello By my calculations I was 6 weeks and a few days when we saw the heartbeat. How far along are you now and did you see a heartbeat? Some people don't always see it that early. So even if I hadn't seen it I would of given the little guy more time to grow.
Avatar f tn at around 6wks a sack and yolk sack should be visable, somtimes a fetal pole and heartbeat are also seen, I dont know what your doctor ment by mass usually they say a sack/yol sack or fetal pole was seen...
1012334 tn?1283706579 So, I had my 12 week check up this today! I got to hear the heartbeat and the baby even kicked the doppler! I could'nt feel it yet, but I definitly could hear it! the dr said "wow, he's kicking!" it was very reassuring since i have had a MC at 12 weeks before, so I will be very glad when I am past this week.
Avatar f tn I'm petrified.. has afternoon by knew yon had any similar experiences at this stage in the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn / we planned the first pregnancy and while I was pg he didn't want it and put me through hell. Now he's doing it again.
676143 tn?1312945371 I just wanted to say that today I went in for my 12 week appointment and we got to hear the heartbeat - yeah! It was 150 which they said was perfect so that is good. I also have gained 6 pounds throughout my pregnancy so far. They said that that was what it should be as well, so that is good news - even though I am dreading having to lose all the weight at the end - lol - oh well, a small price for a big miracle, right? :-) Did anyone else have their 12 week visit recently?