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412969 tn?1224337848 a question and a comment in one. question first. Has anyone else read "A Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy"? if you havent i HIGHLY recomend it! its not scary like most pregnancy books and actually answers questions that are embarassing while making you laugh! id say read it and love it! a friend sent me a copy with my first pregnancy and after reading "What to expect when you are expecting" it was a godsend!
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a dental assistant... Bleeding gums are common during pregnancy. It it's caused by an elevated blood pressure that your body naturally creates during pregnancy in order to compensate for the extra blood needed to help the baby develop.
Avatar n tn Fetus' age by measurements taken (LMP is by Last Menstrual Period) the rest are measurements they take and they average the age by those measurements...they are usually always off from each other by a few days to week. All in all sounds like baby is looking good.
Avatar n tn hello eveyone,i am 33 years old female,last week i went for my routine tests about hbv,i am chronic hbv carrier,my Dna result was 3000iu/ml,Ast was 21 Alt was 29.ultrasound was ok,can i start treatment now ?or wait?no fibroscan in my area can any body help me,can i have more kids after starting antiviral???
Avatar n tn ( missed abortion) in the first pregnancy i got my first ultrasound done at 7 weeks heart beat n fetal pole both were present. i was advised 2 get my 2nd ultrasound done at 12 weeks. but then at 12 weeks i found that there was no heart beat n the baby stopped growing at 8.5 weeks , same nite bleeding started n i got my dnc done. During this pregnancy i was advised the following blood tests n all were normal: 1. Anti HCV 2. HBsAg 3. CBC 4. Urine 5. Glucose Random 6. Rubellla IgG 7.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had an abortion on 8th june 2014 by MTP method as there is no growth of embryo after 5weeks 2days. Continuous bleeding was there for 1 week after that 2 days gap & again started for 1-2 days. Almost 2 weeks I had bleeding. I have started going offce by July 7th. My question is till today i didn't get periods. Can any one guide me. When Can I expect periods. I had an ultrasound as well and found uterus is clean. Please Help..
Avatar f tn The reason the dr add 2 weeks is because it makes it easier to date the pregnancy since not all women ovulate at the same time every cycle. So by going from the last known period they at least have a guide as to how far along the pregnancy may be and then date it once an u/s is done. I looked it up and my last known period was at the end of June, however I know when I was ovulating, but for her and I to be so close she should have ovulated around the same time.
Avatar n tn The doctor said he was alive and that I shouldnt worry but i have lost two babies before and i dont think the measurement corresponds to a 6 week and 5 day embryo. My HCG level is 40,000 and it does correspond to a 6w pregnancy. We saw his heart beating but were not able (or at least that is what he said) to measure it. What do you think. I believe in God and miricales but still I need to talk about it. My next ultra sound will be the coming thursday.
317019 tn?1532969186 hey ladies...can you believe another week has gone how is everybody doing this week? im now 25 weeks preg next u/s is june 21 (monday) cant wait to see my little girls growth over the last 4 weeks inching up on the 3rd trimester but it still feels like its so far guessing i passed my 1 hour glucose because the doc's office never called to tell me otherwise so i guess its a safe assumption....
Avatar f tn femour short by two weeks at 36 weeks of pregnancy.ultrasound shows 33 week 5 days and overall growth is 35 week 5 days..gyn ssys two week variance is normal.but I m quite worried abt this. Early ultrasound was perfectly normal. me what to do.?
10249912 tn?1409006411 Pregnancy week by week is a good book it really goes into alot of detail each week i love that book.
Avatar n tn Although development may be seen earlier, these levels provide a guide of when something is expected to be seen. Week 6 Gestational Age (Fetal age 4 weeks) 5 ½ to 6 ½ weeks is usually a very good time to detect either a fetal pole or even a fetal heart beat by vaginal ultrasound. The fetal pole is the first visible sign of a developing embryo. This pole structure actually has some curve to it with the embryo’s head at one end and what looks like a tail at the other end.
Avatar f tn I liked Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy and Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Also A Child Is Born by Lennart Nillson and the Consumer Reports guide to buying baby things.
Avatar f tn The left arm was worse from driving so I figured I would STOP the Doxy and DID. That was OVER a WEEK ago and I have STAYED out of the sun. My rash is increasing WORSE and SPREADING up my arm and down to my fingers! I went to my walk-in clinic and they wouldn't treat me ... said I needed to see the prescribing doctor of the Doxy! They even made me an appt with him for tomorrow morning. Problem is that is over an hour's drive for me and I am miserable NOW and SCARED!
499709 tn?1210354536 Your Pregnancy week by week 6th edition by Glade Curtis.I like this book much better than what to expect when youre expecting. It was recommended by a few people I know.
Avatar f tn There is a really good one by Sheila Kitzinger called the "complete guide to pregnancy and childbirth". It has pretty much everything from a week by week look at the baby, to breathing techniques and even post pardum care.
Avatar f tn 's due date are only different by a day so it shouldn't matter much except that by putting me 2 weeks ahead of my pregnancy by going from my period would put baby 2 weeks ahead in testing and ultrasound. 2 weeks of a difference is a big deal for a developing baby. Apperently knowing conception date is an oddity but yes I know exactly when I concieved.
1159550 tn?1264734903 The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health" Toni Weschler; Paperback. The author is not soo keen on white coat medicine but I took her with a grain a salt since I found her information to be very useful and insightful. I feel every woman should read this book. It is like having an owner's manual for your reproductive system.
507564 tn?1243197455 I have just been informed by my doctor that I have a molar pregnancy. when I was about 8 weeks pegnant, I went for an ultraound and the dr. saw that the baby was not growing. A few days later I went back for another ultrasound and the baby and sac were already gone and I was diagnosed with a missed abortion. I opted not to have a D and C and when the doctor did my bloodwork he said I should be fine as my HCG numbers were really low. I was to call the dr when I got my period in about 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn hi. I am by no means an expert...I rely on the great posters here to guide me. I do have in front of my the ranges from my lab. Remember labs are different so see what the correct range is with your doctor. Pregnancy ranges: 1st tri: 0.20-4.70 2nd tri: 0.30-4.10 3rd tri: 0.40-2.70. I do know that it is important while pregnant to be monitored. Just give your Dr a call and see where your at. please, ive been there and it is so vital that you are monitored.
Avatar n tn So, it is possible that you did miscarry and with it being so early in the pregnancy that by the time your ER did test your HCG level had gone back down. Everyone's body is different and it doesn't take everyone the same amount of time to get levels out of their systems. With my 1st miscarriage I was almost 12 weeks and had all the HCG out of my body within 1 week, it takes others longer, is very possible that you were definately pregnant.
Avatar f tn Did you ever have sex with this woman before the time you are mentioning? If not, the pregnancy test (if it really was positive) is picking up a pregnancy from someone else. Just tell her you will believe you are the dad when you see the results of the DNA test (and don't use a drugstore test -- call the family courts in your area of jurisdiction and get a list of labs certified by the court to determine paternity, and go in and give your swab to a neutral third party).
174267 tn?1220408828 and that it will be here before you know it...the summer always goes by so fast! Sweedy, 3 week countdown exciting! I like your motto "make one and take one"! Glad your spirits are up again. This is such an emotional rollercoaster! Oth, Praying for you girl! Get lots of rest and think positive! Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!! Well, I had quite a week...had to go into the emergency for excruciating lower abdominal pain.
9442948 tn?1406820051 I was so upset at the thought of the pain of labor and delivery during my pregnancy that sometimes I would cry inconsolably. When you go into labor it starts out feeling like you are having diarrhea/menstrual cramps. All I could picture at the beginning was a triangle coming out of my stomach. The ache would start at my sides and come to an apex at the front.
151668 tn?1239924705 The Birthing Book by Dr. Sears. The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears. Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Not sure of the author.
Tbd org/healthy-lifestyle/pregnancy-week-by-week/in-depth/pregnancy/art-20046098 Best of luck to you and family.
Avatar f tn I too have been there. Sadly, you cannot go by pregnancy symptoms. It is true that they sometimes diminish or disappear with a loss, but that is certainly not always the case. Sometimes it takes our bodies a bit of time to realize what has happened. The opposite is also true...pregnancy symptoms can disappear and the pregnancy still be just fine. I hope the waiting is over for you soon and you have your answers.