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Avatar f tn I was 6 weeks when I found out that it was possibly a blighted ovum. By week 9, it was confirmed, and it didn't completely pass until week 11. I opted to let it happen naturally, then had to have those misoprotal (sp?) pills inserted. It still took 5 days after that. Talk about torture. They say that the baby just doesn't develop past implantation with blighted ovums, but it was still very much a loss. Anyway, I hear what you're saying about not being in the mood.
Avatar n tn with an internal fetal medicine specialist 2 weeks ago and he said I beat all the odds (full term and big babies). I was overdue with my first by a week and the second was overdue by 3 days. I had c-sections with both. He said everything looks great this time. The baby is very active and he is already pushing up to my ribs (he is breech). I am hopeful that I will have a full term pregnancy. Just wanted to let you know that you can have healthy babies with a biconuate uterus.
Avatar n tn I stopped my beer consumption too, and dh cant drink it bc hes allergic to wheat, but I just had a guest stay by me for a week, and the guy is a MAJOR beer drinker. Thats one line I would never cross though, no matter what the stress. Cookies, of course, are fair game.
128458 tn?1286480387 I dealt with it (unhappily) by not letting dh eat anything that made me sicker... Now with baby #2 I am SUPER SICK...ALL DAY LONG. Anything flaky (i am gagging as i write this - think puff pastries...gag gag), or greasy foods, or fatty foods, or meat of any kind...dh made soup tonight GAG GAG, and dd's gerber graduate dinners life pretty much consists of bread and instant potatoes. And this time I can't make dh eat every meal out alone cause we've got dd.
284738 tn?1283110419 i just knew so i went and got a frer and sure enough.. so i thought i would wait a week or two to tell dh because to be honest i need that time to sort out my feelings about this pregnancy.. so with fathers day coming up i figured i'd tell him then... my first baby just turned one a couple days ago.. i honestly just can not beleive this.. and then my miscarriage comes to my mind.. what if i miscarriage again.. im an emotional wreck right now...
Avatar f tn Ill be 31 weeks monday but I got pregnant when my baby girl was only 6 months. So by the end of this pregnancy I will have been pregnant for 18 months in a short span of time! Luckily I am pregnant with a boy so I am done having kids after this. I love the fact that I'm growing him and its a beautiful thing. But I feel ratchet too lol I've gained a lot of weight this pregnancy. But just enjoy it while it lasts. 9 weeks is such a short period of time.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage prior to this pregnancy I'm currently 13 weeks and my grandma is superstitious and tells me to wait til after I know the gender....
Avatar f tn I am not looking for handouts but we hustle week to week just to catch up on utilities. I sold everything materialistic that is worth anything. Help!
Avatar f tn So I always used.enfamil. but I've been hearing better things about Gerber good start. What are your moms opinions or experiences with these formulas or what do you recommend as the best!? I'm not looking for cheaper just healthier and better baby. Thanks mommas!!
162279 tn?1270604959 This thing is great, I got it from my mom from a store, but Motherhood also carries them in their stores (at least the ones here). It's called.... "Breast Therapy" and its by Gerber, it comes in a stick/tube form so your hands don't get nasty or even touch it. It doesn't need to be washed off before feeding the baby and I swear that even when mine were bleeding it helped as I got used to BFing again.
175662 tn?1282217256 we figured it's easier and more efficient to explore what she likes and dislikes by using the brand stuff as opposed to making it ourselves. once we have a better picture of her preferences, we're gonna make it. dh did try out roasting a squash(or something similar- i'm embarrassed to say i hate veggies so i don't know much about the different ones) a few weeks back. that one huge veggie cost $.69 and would probably feed her for a week.
736293 tn?1316521442 Avent was also formulated to go with breastfed babies, that's what we finally decided to go with, after much research, I even did a poll on the pregnancy forum, and Avent got the highest votes, I just read that you had to be careful not to make the lid too tight as it can cause them to leak, and you must replace the ring, and nipples every 2 months, which you are supposed to do with any bottle.
Avatar n tn hello ladies!!!
338963 tn?1253664422 Box 5323, Aiken, SC 29804 Folic Acid and It's Role in Preventing Birth Defects Booklet, good for before and during pregnancy. 1-888-232-6789 Gerber 1-800-4 GERBER prenatal pack, also for coupons later Guide For a Strong and Healthy Baby ask for phd603 1-800-729-6686 Guide to Infant Play pamphlet from Sassy for 0-18 months.
368461 tn?1291519187 She is starting to mumble mamamamamama - but not sure she really knows what it is. For some reason - this week - she has started rebelling with naps. She usually gets up at 6:3 and goes back down at 9 am through 11 - but she is definitely having issues with self soothing where it was not a problem before. Maybe teething? I do not see anything poking through yet. I HATE the crying it out phase - I am so not good at it! She is also eating solids - but only a few spoonfuls at a feeding.
Avatar n tn I have like NO freedom because all she wants is I thought. I went and bought a regular old fashioned gerber bottle and regular small nipple and she sucked it back like nobody's business. I guess I'm more shaped like that one than these big *** nipples on Avent. Just had to excited!
Avatar n tn I was vomiting almost the entire pregnancy and even with every contraction during labor( but I also had a urinary tract infection my last week of pregnancy). My prenatal vitamins made me sick, but I never thought to ask if I could switch to another kind.
543791 tn?1216385377 what brand of tummy butter are you using? I'm going to get maternity pants next week after my u/s. I'll officially be in the second trimester. ::) but for tricks :S when I get sick, the smell of cinnamin makes me feel better so I carry around a tiny little thing of ground cinnamin and it works.
392430 tn?1382908381 I make all of it myself and the veggies and fruits get mixed with a bit of oatmeal and a splash of prune juice. He has no problems with pooping this time! Next week we are going to incorporate mango and winter squash into his diet. We got him one of those teether feeders..the mesh bag thingy. He loved it with a slice of frozen peach in it. He has been a peek-a-boo junkie lately and loves to "hide" under his burp cloth and then pull it off his head and laugh maniacally at you.
Avatar f tn I used gerber good start my boys didn't like similac at all. It's expensive though I would suggest trying for wic atleast. As for help with not breast feeding I bound myself in wraps a few hours a day then did slightly warm showers just to relieve a little pressure.
266539 tn?1281405752 "Organic" when used with chemical doesn't have the same meaning as "organic" when used with vegetables etc. It does not mean safe by any degree. In the 19th century this classification was created to differentiate between things created by living things and non living things.
242143 tn?1215473908 Cleft defects develop very early in pregnancy. I would think the ob would of cought it by now. and is also traced in the dna. we all tend to worry what ifs.. and the sad part is when they come.. It even gets harder! I guess that just goes to show how much we worry and love... and just down right want the best for them...oh...Lord.. give me streight! It wont be long now...
Avatar f tn We currently live with my parents I only work 3 days a week which covers my car payment and thats it. My hubby cant drive til hes been seizure free for 6 months which recycles everytime he has a seizure and I have hospital bills out the *** as well as a student loan from a school that ****** me over that I cant pay anymore. Ive lost all my benefits from work so when I go on maternity leave I wont be getting short term disability.
Avatar f tn But they both swear by this pump. I have heard that alot of the pumps made by baby product companies (gerber, playtex, evenflow, the first years, etc) are pretty uncomfortable and don't always hold up! Not sure how much truth is behind that....but I'd rather not find out! lol Good luck! :) You're soooooooo close!!!
525485 tn?1314364901 -) This pregnancy is FLYING BY!!! I can't believe I am 26wks already. On another plus side, I start maternity leave in 10wks lol! We got the results of our anatomy scan this past Monday, and she has the same thing that DS had when I was p/g with him. Tiny Bilateral choroid plexus cysts. They are not concerned about them at all since they are tiny and on both sides. They should resolve themselves the way DS's did. So I have another full anatomy scan on Dec. 1st to check them.
304970 tn?1331429594 Just onesies, sleepers, sleepgowns, socks, tshirts and some diaper covers. The sleep n' play things by gerber are great. Caps are good too...but I rarely used them on any of my kids... also there is no need is spending extra on scratch mits...a pair of baby's socks work just as well. playpens arent' necessary in the beginning...a blanket on the floor and some toys works just as well until baby gets mobile. Changing tables are a convenience...
Avatar f tn He has band camp right now from 2-9 pm (due to kids in summer school). This goes on for exactly one more week then he gets about 4 1/2 weeks off. I am SOOOOOOOOO sick of being here alone all the time. I feel like a single mother and it sucks. I do not know how single moms actaully do it. We all have colds here. DD is worse and Christopher I think it is due to teething. He has been fussy and NOT sleeping at all. He tosses and turns all night.
525485 tn?1314364901 She 17 lb 6 oz and about 28 inches long. She loves to eat. then loves getting it all over everything she can get it over. SHe sits by herself if u sit her up and she will pull and hold standing if u put her hands on something to hold. and she just loves her daddy . Lance06-- good to hear that sarah is doing so good, How are u feeling?
Avatar n tn Well, I went back on June 2nd for what should be my 6 week visit ( and I know I am at least 6 weeks going by the earliest point you can have a positive preg. test) and the gestational sac had grown and they saw a good yolk sac but were unable to see a fetal pole or hb yet. This worried me bc everywhere I read it says that almost always at 6w. you should see the fetal pole. Has anyone else definetely been 6 w. but unable to see the baby yet. Should I be worried?.
Avatar n tn My son is in daycare 4 days per week so I have to help him be structured because the daycare is structured. By law they can only feed the kids at certain pre-determined times, so I have to help him be used to eating at the normal breakfast-lunch-dinner times.