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Avatar f tn Can they determine what the baby is going to be on week 16 of your pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Cuz after a certain times baby is to big and it's harder to see. Some dr. Wait til week 20. But I never hear of waiting til week 22 to find out. I kbow it killed me waiting til week 18.
Avatar f tn Tomorrow we have the opportunity to find out the gender of our baby.. but I have decided to Blythe know the gender as long it's healthy I'm happy with that. But hubby decided he doesn't want to be with me in this decision.. so I'm kinda sad.
Avatar f tn at my 14 week scan will they be able to tell the gender of my baby ? How early did you find out ?
Avatar f tn Depends on if your doctor checks.
Avatar f tn Did anybody find out the gender before 20 wks????? I'm 18 wks today and I have an appointment today! I'm gonna go CRAZY if I have to wait another month to find out! I'm ready to buy stuff lol!
Avatar n tn Any september mommies know the gender of their baby yet??? Anyone waiting until birth???
1752977 tn?1418225396 Are you finding out the gender? Are you hoping for a Boy or Girl? When are you finding out? (If you know) And if you're not finding out, any special reasons? We weren't going to find out but being anxious got the best of my hubby and he has convinced me. It would be nice to have a girl but, I'm hoping just for a healthy baby.
Avatar n tn I'm a ftm, and I was wandering at which point in ur pregnancy were u able to find out the sex? I'm 17+4.. is there a good chance that I could find out at my next appointment??!
7714453 tn?1394717882 A stubborn baby who won't open its legs lol but I'll be happy with that habit when they're 16 I suppose! MommiKat, IDK how you're doing it by not finding out the gender of your baby lol I don't do well with anticipation or surprises lol I thought about not finding out by I just can't do it, I'm not disciplined enough to not give in and ask!
8647560 tn?1415202070 According to the pregnancy book I'm reading the external genitals are completely formed by 17wks.
7416709 tn?1399401618 I have two girls already really wanted a boy was told at 16 wk appointment boy by my obgyn then at 20 wks told girl by another obgyn at hospital and at 32 wks still a girl back at my dr! It was upsetting but we are ready for a baby girl in about 5 wks now!
Avatar f tn / my fiance and I have been saying its a boy since day 1 and I really hope I'm right.
Avatar f tn I found out at 15 weeks that I'm having a girl this pregnancy. I'm now almost 25 weeks, and last week she was still a girl!!!
Avatar f tn I've had four children. Ultrasound results usually reveal the sex by 24 to 27 weeks from my experiences. They were ALL accurate.
Avatar f tn I had the cell free DNA test at 10 weeks and got the gender (a boy!) from that. I'm 38 so it was covered by insurance, not sure if it would be if you're under 35 though.
Avatar f tn AWas anyone disappointed of the gender of their baby when they found out?
Avatar f tn Hopefully should be going by now. Other than that im okay just tired all time. ahh i thought you didnt get a gender untrasound until 20w? Awhh i feel like im missing out lol. When did you have your gender untrasound?
Avatar f tn My 1st pregnancy I wanted spicy salty and vinegar things! It was a girl! :) I'm 7 weeks now and I want fruits and all healthy foods lol I just know it will be a boy!
1790045 tn?1317188084 Has anyone been told the gender of their baby at their 12 week ultrasound? I go in for my 12 week ultrasound next week and we are wanting to find out as soon as possible. I've heard some doctors will tell you if the baby is turned the right way and some won't and you have to wait til your 20 weeks appointment.
644974 tn?1312761670 anyone remeber what a girls was at this stage 12weeks? measureing to date exectly and boys all meausred over by at least a week! they wouldnt tell us the sex said to early! more waiting till 18wk scan now lol morning sickness has eased a little yay! sore back and hearburn started! gaining weight please dont let me gain too much this time!!!! gained 1kg so far.
Avatar f tn I has my 20 week scan today and I never realised it would be my last scan :( can't believe the next time I see her is when she's born! Howcome there isn't another scan?
1499174 tn?1327234794 Im 32 weeks now and have found it slowing down again probably being so closse and the bed rest.. Every week that goes by now feels like a huge accomplishment since there are so few. They think I'll l go early and of course im praying to go all the way.
Avatar f tn I have a feeling it's a boy maybe because I really want a son I currently have all girls. Took intelligender test last week and I got boy results. I hope these next few days fly by because I'M so anxious to know. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn 15 weeks tomorrow! Everything has been perfect zero symptoms. Baby is doing great.
202436 tn?1326477933 Well I'm 27 wks 6 days today and had my check up. I told the doctor about the pressure and major discomfort I've been having in my cervix area...he did a pelvic exam and said baby is head down which is causing it. (good!! she was breech at 20 weeks). HB was 153 bpm. He told me at my last appt that my next u/s wouldn't be until 35 weeks but today I just came out and asked if we could do one between now and then.