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Avatar f tn Thanks for sharing ladies. I was walking/jogging recently and plan to continue. I also have a stationary bike and am used to doing weights and elipiticalat the gym. Good luck going forward!
Avatar f tn My pregnancy bible (your pregnancy week by week) strongly advises not to do any exercises involving laying on your back after 16 weeks because your muscles are relaxing so it is soo much easier to pull and strain them. But I wouldn't worry about baby just yet, its probably going through a rest phase. Have something cold or sugary and lay down and relax, if you don't feel anything at all for an hour call your doctor, but even if you just feel a kick or two it means babys alright.
1018329 tn?1448983765 I was told by the doctor 30 min a day 5 times a week ..
10028419 tn?1416845304 Start off small, like a 20 min stroll, once a week increase by 10 min until desired length. Squatting, lunging, etc., is fine.
Avatar f tn Hey! What are you guys doing for exercise? I ran a half marathon first week of December and my LMP was Dec 24. I normally run or do t25 but haven't run yet since I found out and am doing t25 more modified. What about you guys? Any recommendations by your drs?
Avatar n tn I was told that it's pretty hard to produce progesterone to maintain a workout like Like that when the workout itself was upping my cortisol levels to high and subsequently I lost that pregnancy. This time, I'm not doing even a bit of exercise which is super hard for me until 12 weeks - then I'm switching to Pilates and yoga and walking - the hard core exercise can wait till he/she is out then I'm straight back on the hard core exercise!!
Avatar f tn , my doctor said to stick to low-moderate intensity exercise particularly for the first trimester. To be honest I've been too tired to even think about doing those classes!
1210716 tn?1297624483 So I was wondering how everyone is doing/feeling about their post-partum bodies? Also have any of you started any exercise yet? Or do you have any particular exercise regimes you're going to be starting soon? How has your weight loss been? I gained 25 pounds during pregnancy (started 130, ended at 155) and now I'm down to 133! But my goal is to get down to 125 so I have about 7 more pounds to lose ideally by March! But the sooner the better.
Avatar f tn I know that exercise in pregnancy is recommended, as long as it's mild (like walking or gentle yoga). Does anyone have experience with more vigorous exercise? Nothing crazy (no p90X or anything), but something that does elevate the heart rate a little bit? I'm not very in shape right now, but I know that improving, or at least maintaining my current level of fitness will be beneficial for me and baby.
179055 tn?1189759429 Don't want to disrupt anything right now with exercise...guess it kind of worries me to do any right now...but I did manage a brisk walk today during a break at work....15 min....felt okay doing that. I don't want to gain more than I need as I am over my weight by 19 lbs now already...never quite lost it from my other! ugh....lazy! Anyhow, I don't want to be unfit feeling, but at this point don't want to do anything rigorous.....not in the best shape anyhow at this point....
Avatar f tn I feel very wary of the future but a light at the end of the tunnel is beginning. Has anyone else heard of shingles being caused by a pregnancy? I'm otherwise healthy (physically) but have been fatigued over the past few months. It was getting better in the month before I got pregnant and since pregnant felt a million bucks.
1714215 tn?1334717469 You should be ok, but like Petite said you should consult your doctor before doing any serious exercise during pregnancy just to make sure it's OK. I know that I was walking about 2-4 miles a day in the weeks leading up to labor with my first child..mostly because I couldn't sit still, lol.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, Does anybody know if it is safe to exercise during pregnancy? Especially early pregnancy. Like do the sit-up (crunch ab). I don't know why my ab is so big now. I'm only around 6 wk of preg. I gain weight so quickly. Any recommendation to keep up the good shape??
231441 tn?1333896366 Hi all, I posted this as an answer to a post, but thought people might want to see this. I've done a lot of research on exercise and pregnancy. There is NO risk to the baby from moderate to intense exercise as long as your pregnancy is normal (ie. not high risk). There have been long-term studies done that show only benefit (better placenta growth, stronger and normal sized though leaner baby, easier delivery, less pregnancy complications, faster maternal recovery, etc.).
Avatar f tn I know several states allow abortion at any point for any reason during a pregnancy and others have some restrictions. so, you need to see what the laws are where you live. Once you know for sure, you are in a better position to think about what works best for you. Abortion is something that many women do find to be the best option for them. And it is our right as women to choose this so think about what is good about termination for your situation and what is bad.
Avatar m tn Your situation is very similar to mine - I had a 3.6 log drop at week 12 but still 645 IU/mL. I was UND by week 18 (< 5 IU/mL Heptimax). My Doc thought I was probably UND between week 14 and 16. But if I had used Abbott RealTime - who knows? - I might seem UND even later. By the way, Abbott should report < 12 IU/mL as UND according to their own specs:
796506 tn?1370191905 well, cd 17 today for me so just hoping i catch ovulation this month. Don't know quite when that time is. Anywhere between cd 12 and cd 33 so the hubbie is in for a real treat for 3 weeks! Ha! I am full-on folic-aciding this month though, and started an exercise regime, just wish he would try to help himself out. He's quite overweight and loves his coffee. He is taking baths that aren't as hot as the ones he used to take. Ohhhhh, please let it be this month!!! For all of us!!!
Avatar n tn My OB says you can determine the sex around week 16. My appt. was just set for yesterday, closer to week 19. I found out before then because I work at a college where they have a Diagostic Medical Sonography program. The students have to do homework where they have to do sonograms (ultrasounds) and take the pictures for homework. I got a release from my OB and I can get ultrasounds whenever here at work for free. It is really nice, however I dont do it that often.
Avatar n tn I have no previous heart problems other than tachycardia in pregnancy 2 years ago which I was hospitalised for but cleared up by itself, and eventually a very premature birth due to pre-eclampsia.
Avatar f tn 20 weeks and have worked out 5 days / week the whole time so far.
Avatar f tn ) I will do the same with this pregnancy...instead of sitting on the couch I will be planting my bum on the exercise ball!!
Avatar n tn Can you help even if you can suggest some natural remedies for now. I am trying to exercise at least 4 days a week.
1370609 tn?1306383621 I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea with cinnamon sticks for a week, I tried nipple stimulation (weird), accupressure points, intercourse and exercise ball. I have been having contractions 10 min apart every evening for 4 days but it stops when I go to bed :(. Supposedly drinking castor oil works but some studies show that it does cross the placenta and can make the baby pass meconium, not worth the risk for me plus it can make you throw up if your not ready.
Avatar f tn I only heard that if you exercise during your pregnancy you have an easier labor/delivery and that it's easier to get the weight off after. I think if you're taking your prenatals you'll be fine. Baby needs the folic acid for brain development. Don't worry too much. Just do the best you can.
342647 tn?1291111533 Well this week i am off to my doc for my 19 week check up and i can't wait to see how my baby has changed and how much him or her has grown. Then the following week i am having my 20 week scan (19.4 weeks), and i can't wait to see all the little details and 3D shots. This is the scan that makes everthing so real and makes them look like little babies. I think i am going to find out the sex but put it in an envelope and look when I am by myself as my husband does not want to know.
Avatar n tn Hi Has any one got advice on exercise and weightloss during pregnancy? I was trying to lose weight before hand and would like to lose some weight by time the baby arrives (God willing) Ive read some women have by eating healthily. I would like to exercise aswell and hope to lose from my stomach and thighs. I was exercising a bit before not routinely but at least once a week (pathetic I know!
Avatar n tn My birthday is next week, and my DH has been going out of town during the week to work. And he goes again next week. =( I've known him now for over two years and he has yet to spend a birthday with me; always out of town on that day. My big O day is Oct 16th, and he'll probably be gone then too. To top things off, we've been trying to buy a house and that's kinda falling through... I can't get pregnant, can't have a new house, can't find a job.
1666434 tn?1325265950 From that point on I would exercise and exercise and I never had to do that before. I always walked a lot but now I was having to go for runs just to try and maintain. So I can certainly empathize with your frustration. It's hard to find that magic formula that works for you personally. Keep us posted on your progress indeed.
147426 tn?1317269232 Tuesday - OCT Wednesday - yearly MRIs of brain and Cervical spine on a 3T. Thursday - monthly steroid infusion "God willin' and the creek don't rise" - however the creek is rising and the snow is falling. The roads are icy and all three of these may get postponed.