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1806721 tn?1554337007 I'm 10w4d today.  Not sure why I skipped week 9.  Anyway, I have accomplished a lot in the past two weeks: - Went for high risk OB clinic nurse intake on 11/21 and saw the genetic counselor on 11/25; - First OB panel came back ok except that I'm slightly anemic with hgb 11.4, which is odd considering that I had iron overload and an hgb 13.2 five weeks prior to this draw.  I wasn't happy because the panel was incomplete IMO. No thyroid checked, no homocystin, no iron study, no vitamin D, etc.
Avatar f tn my last pregnancy my doctor recommended ginger capsules, but i didn't have nausea at all. This pregnancy seems like I am always feeling nauseated and tired. I can take a 4 hour nap and still go to bed on time. Hopefully this first trimester goes quickly!
7415731 tn?1390684741 We are hoping for a boy, but we have only picked out a girl name. Hahaha Welcome to week 10, ladies! Happy pregnancy!
Avatar n tn So from the day I found out I was pregnanct about 4 weeks we started the injections twice a week 200mg up until my 11 week of pregnancy. It worked! At 11 weeks your placenta takes over producing the hormones to support your pregnancy. I delivered a healthy baby girl. So when I got pregnant again we started the injections right away again and I am no 33 weeks pregnant with my son.....
Avatar f tn I just came back from having my 10 week scan there was a sac but nothing else I've had no bleeding or pains , could this be an etopic pregnancy ?
Avatar n tn We went in for an ultrasound and they estimated the pregnancy at 10 weeks along. They tried looking for a heart beat and could not find one. The technician then looked for blood flow. A few minutes later the tech left and brought a doctor in. The doctor looked at the screen then said," I'm sorry but you have lost your baby, see? theres no blood flow." Immediately after he told us that he recommended a D&C the following day and left the room while we grieved for awhile.
4280010 tn?1352138281 I have 2 other children who are now 7and 8. I don't remember what happens and what they do at the 10 week appointment. Can someone tell me what to expect?
Avatar m tn Hi! Here are your answers: A pregnancy test that is positive at 10 weeks is VERY accurate. A pregnancy test that is negative could be quite accurate, but would depend upon the circumstances. I would not tell my patient to rely soley upon one home test value. Many women are just beginning to pop out at 16-20 weeks. Usually there is a little something there by that time -- especially if the person is lying on her back.
1525332 tn?1315849077 after measurements were done, found out I am further than previously told / expected. I am 10 weeks 3 days (10 days further). ALSO - 2 Babies!!! *****TWINS***** Lost 1 pound this week.
Avatar f tn Feeling exhausted but feeling pretty much ok... hungry all the time though! Last pregnancy was much different I was sick all the time and felt horrible...
1525332 tn?1315849077 Had 20 week ultrasound today! Everything is going well and the twins look great. Dr knows what we are having but we are not finding out, yet. Dr said I have another 10 weeks, as long as everything stays well, before I have to go to the hospital. I hope they stay well and I continue to gain the weight!!! So happy!
Avatar f tn Hi, Im 33 and 10 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound this week that showed a 4mm cystic hygroma. I go back to the specialist in two weeks for another ultrasound and in three weeks for cvs testing. Anyone with any information or personal experiences with this would be so appreciated. Im scared to death for my baby.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant and I am10 weeks in my pregnancy. I am repeating all food back and i am no gaining any weight. And the only thing I could eat is fruits and i could hold it in. What can I do.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant and I am10 weeks in my pregnancy. I am repeating all food back and i am no gaining any weight. And the only thing I could eat is fruits and i could hold it in. What can I do.
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Avatar f tn This is my 1st pregnancy (10 weeks) and idk what to expect..would anyone help?
1525332 tn?1315849077 Last Night at 1030pm the Dr checked me and I was in Full labor. . . They took me to the OR for my c-section. . . The babies are here ! YEAH :) Baby Boy "A" was born September 10, 2011 11:56pm He weighed in at 5 pounds 2 ounces. 18 inches long. Baby Boy "B" was born September 11, 2011 12:06am He weighed in at 4 pounds 8 ounces. 19 inches long. . . I can't believe they were born 10 minutes apart. I was expecting 2 or 3 minutes apart. They don't even share a birthday... .
342988 tn?1299785956 So tomorrow i have my 10 week appointment and i am hoping all goes well. Had 2 previous MC's in the past 9 months and its been a rocky road. So far my 6 week and 8 week appointments i had great US with nice healthy heartbeats. SO do you ladies think tomorrows appt wiill be okay? I am still having lots of signs.
Avatar f tn After a visit with Dr. Malik, we have determined that I am takig too many risks at work. I need to be off of my feet and away from the inmates as much as possible. He is writing me a letter to get me an accommodation for work. I am in constant pain. It seems my left side is the worst. Doc says it's because the scar tissue is ripping. It could last through the entire pregnancy. I have to admit, it makes me grumpy.