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Avatar f tn I am 17 and pregnant (please dont judge me) but in my school they are making me got to a class by myself in a office room to sit there and watch videos of.girls giving birth.....ik its not gonna be easy and its gonna hurt BUT i was planning to just go with it when time came since i dont want to be super scared and belive my labor will be like everyone elses (just because everyone is different) i am watching these videos i am seriously getting freaked out...its not like these.
Avatar f tn To moms that had kids already wats it like giving birth??
Avatar f tn but today at my birthing class they were showing us a bunch of videos of real women giving birth and now im even more scared! instead of helping me and making me feel better about giving birth like it literally has scared the **** out of me. My pregnancy was planned so of course i knew what i was getting into. well i thought i knew what i was getting into lol.
Avatar f tn Hi this is my first pregnancy. Im 12 weeks 2days. And all i can think about is giving birth im so scared. When i think about it i do feel sick. I dont know if il be able for it. When there is scenes on tv with women giving birth i do have to change the station. Im terrifed.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with myfirst I'd always look up birth videos out of curiosity after seeing the videos I was soooo terrified and traumatized of what I had seen and btw I was only 15! So I was freaking out. It might look bad but really its not as bad as it looks at all!
Avatar f tn Yeah this is my first pregnancy too and i looked at tons of birth videos with and without water and the water just seems so much more calmer and everything lol
6452840 tn?1381780092 so im really curious how YOU and what do you do to prepare for giving birth. Are you even aware of the fact that you dont need to have this terrifying experience and that you can control it???? what to you all think about it?
8906457 tn?1406852710 I fear that I might tear and peeing for the first time after giving birth. Im 41+2 Ftm And if nothing happens today then I will be starting inducement tomorrow morning.
Avatar f tn Lol, I'm cracking up reading these posts! I had seen that youtube clip months ago and I've also heard about "orgasmic birth" on occasion from some women in other forums on other sites. I personally don't understand "orgasmic birth" and can't wrap my head around how it works, but supposedly, the explanation I'd looked into stated that it isn't a sexual orgasm, but more like a hypnotic feeling of intense...ecstacy?
682075 tn?1247003371 I would kindly tell them its not them giving birth and although you appreciate their advice you think they should kindly "butt out":) Do you want them in the room?? Maybe they are uncomfortable with the idea of you naked or "bottomless" in a tub with them there. If thats the case you can always ask them to wait in the waiting room. And as pookie has said you may start off in the tub but you may end up delivering in bed.
Avatar f tn This is also my first pregnancy. I'll be 26weeks Thursday and I'm planning all natural birth as well. I'm going to a birthing center. I'm afraid hospitals will push for what they think is best. They could end up giving you pitocin and other things so they can have your baby out when they want to. I work at a natural food store so I get a lot of support. But some people tell me I dont have to be wonder woman. I'll be nice and relaxed where going and I'll be using the rub too for a water birth.
Avatar f tn Labor and delivery can seem like this very scary, mysterious thing for those who've never experienced it. So I want to encourage you to watch videos on YouTube and read birth stories. They may help calm your nerves. Not every birth story is exactly alike. Everyone will probably want to tell you their birth stories and scare you- don't listen to them! Push the scary ones to the back of your mind. It will cause you unnecessary worry, tension and fear. Also, prepare a birth plan for yourself.
1419259 tn?1303442266 Lets start with winning the lotto! I will totally have the epidural so no doubt on that, I dont want to feel any pain at all if possibe but.... most likely it seems like I will have a "c" Section since the baby is a big baby already, (i barely can walk..) and I am 26 weeks only.
Avatar f tn pliz anyone know I'm Very nervuse bout giving birth I want to do epidural but I'm scerd and I'm also scerd to do it natural
287246 tn?1318573663 Your Name (first name only): Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Baby's Gender: Due Date: Birthdate: Weight: Height: Your Story: PLEASE, only mother's sharing their stories post here. The thread will get too long if everyone posts comments to the stories shared. Thanks for the suggestion!! This is a great one!!!
Avatar f tn Don't put yourself through watching videos because believe me every birth is different. Especially for different women. My two births were different. You will surprise yourself as to how you will manage to cope with the pain because if I'm honest when you go into labour it's the last thing on your mind. You are more concerned about getting your baby out so you can meet him or her. Epidurals do have side effects and some women suffer worse than others.
8075190 tn?1401039075 Kudos. Watch some videos on YouTube of women giving birth, it will give you a good idea of what it will be like. The women on this app are generally kind, even with the younger ones, as long as they show maturity and responsibility. (I'm 17, 18 in July).
4374018 tn?1356871242 Had my baby at a birthing center. Started out in the jacuzzi, but indeed up giving birth squatting. Used gravity to my benefit. Plan on going to a birthing center this time around if all goes well. I didn't have a while lot of pain, just felt a lot of pressure.
941782 tn?1245800151 I've known many people who've given birth at home. Personally I won't be giving birth at home. I love hospitals (I'm weird, I know, but I like being in hospitals and love the busyness of hospitals) and it makes me feel safe. There's a ton of awesome birth videos on YouTube of homebirths.
688450 tn?1259472334 FWIW, I am planning on giving birth at home with a midwife and her team. They bring all the same emergency gear to the birth that would be present in a birthing center, e.g. pitocin, oxygen tank, etc. They just do not use drugs unless absolutely necessary. If there is anything out of the ordinary about the birth, they make the call for immediate transport to the nearest ER. Luckily for me, that'd be a 10 minute ride. So I feel very confident that I will be safe doing this.
412969 tn?1224337848 makes you wonder how NO ONE noticed lol.....heck with what she was thinking/feeling....imagine the 2 year old! aaahhh!!! but wow, that's actually really awesome! no pain meds, apparently it took less than an hour from start of contractions to birth lol.....i want THAT experience hehehehe..... lol sweet, thank god it wasn't raining! and only in california lol..... but yeah, it def gives you hope you can be that brave lol.....
Avatar f tn I can't stop thinking about giving birth! Would love to hear from anyone that's giving birth before because I'm a first time mommy to be.
Avatar f tn I just watched videos on women giving birth naturally and it was beautiful but at the same Time I feel scared! I feel scared what if im not ready for that type of pain ? What if I cant push hard enough ???
10590854 tn?1411716768 I guess it relieves the pressure on your butthole ( if you watch birth videos butthole pain is a problem) and it also puts your vagina and birth canal in an easier angle
12861671 tn?1439756239 I'm 40 y/o and planning a home birth even though this is my first pregnancy. I really, really hate hospitals and I'm not a big fan of doctors either. The deal is I get 2 midwives with me the whole time and a birthing pool. They phone the emergency service as soon as labour starts, to have them prepped/on standby if needed. Anyone else have a home birth in their first? How did you deal with pain relief?
200198 tn?1259891197 I just watched The Business of Being Born last night and while I knew a lot of the things they talked about I was absolutely blown away by other things. If I were giving birth again I'd choose to go the unmedicated route in the best interest of my baby(babies) as it is less stressful on them.
Avatar f tn Cry when watching pregnancy videos/youtube clips about people giving birth? This is my first pregnancy and I always tear up when watching others give birth. I'm so scared that I will cry after I give birth :/. Is it Normal to be emotional like that?
Avatar f tn Have any of you mom's did a natural birth without any medication what so ever? If so did u have second thoughts? Was it really painful? How did you get threw it?
Avatar f tn Even before I had a word for my fear, my fiancee agreed to have a vasectomy to be supportive, but he often gets irritated with my fear and over the top disgust with child birth and pregnancy. No one understands and even doctors and friends are always telling me it's just because I'm so young, I'm 24 and that I'll change my mind in a few more years.
702147 tn?1289835970 We also watch birth videos on YouTube (I don't have the TLC channel so we can't watch the baby shows... otherwise we totally would!). Bringing Home Baby is another good show to have her watch with you, if you have cable. LosingMyMindinGA- I was thinking about letting my 4-yr-old be in the delivery room, though I don't know if the hospital has limitations on the age of children being present.