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Avatar f tn Bad various veins early in this pregnancy.... Anyone have ideas to relieve pain?....
Avatar f tn I'm on my 4th pregnancy And I started getting them in my 2nd pregnancy. The veins started to get more visible around my right ankle and I don't know how to explain it but on the back of my right calf I ended up get something looking like a small bunch of grapes due to the veins. And believe me now my veins r so much visible and feel really bumpy and a lot painful. I can't stand for a long periods of time and can't even do do my house chores.
Avatar f tn From what I've been reading (I have an appointment with my OB early next week) I have vulvar varicose veins. Does anyone else have this or have had them? I'm afraid they will get worse and won't go away.
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if varicose veins will diminish after pregnancy especially in genitals?
Avatar f tn Oh Im so sorry to say this but unless you have them removed with a laser the swelling will go down after delivery but they will never go away. I got them with my 3rd pregnancy and with my fourth pregnancy they werent that bad and now they hurt and are like bulging out of my skin. I only have them on my right leg but theyre embarrasing.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy, and I've developed a patch of varicose veins on the inside of my calf of my left leg. I've never had them before, and this is the only patch (so far). Will these go away after I give birth, or are they permanent?
Avatar n tn Has anyone else suffered from vaginal varicose veins this is my 3rd pregnancy and I'm 27 weeks.
Avatar f tn Anyone else having trouble with them? They run in my family and I got them for the first time halfway through my first pregnancy and now in my second pregnancy they are "flared" up. I also started back at work do I'm on my feet a lot. I wear compression socks which help but is there anything else I can do to relieve the pain?
Avatar n tn Sorry if this is tmi but whenever I went to my last doctors appointment she said I had varicose veins "down there". I had them with my last pregnancy but I was about seven months when I got them. I am just out of my first trimester with this one and already have them! I was wondering if any of you have experience with them and can give any advice :) They do not hurt but feel like alot of pressure. Will the get worse?
9062499 tn?1426961562 Ouch: getting annoyed with these varicose veins. They wont let me stand for more than 10 mins. Any mommies out there who knows how to deal with them? I would really appreciate it.
Avatar f tn -) im 29 weeks pregnant today and almost since the beginning of this pregnancy I have been struggling with those horrible varicose veins on my very private parts. Not only it is painful and uncomfortable but I also feel like a complete freak because no other women I spoke with had suffered from them. Am I really the only one here having them?
Avatar f tn I'll b 27 weeks tomorrow and its my forth pregnancy believe me my varicose veins r really painful I have them on my legs, feet and my private part down there. I find it really hard to stand and walk. I have been told to use compressions for my legs but that doesnt help So I am following this post.
Avatar f tn I've dealt with varicose veins with all 3 of my pregnancies. It will get worse as your pregnancy progresses. I wear compression socks all day every day except when I'm sleeping. It helps with the heaviness and pain. They get significantly better after birth. Also if you exercise regularly and don't gain too much that helps keep them in control too.
1907180 tn?1329454377 I am not sure if I have varicose veins or not. I am around 50 lbs overweight and 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. My legs are aching really bad from the knees to my ankles. I do have some small prominent blue bulging veins near the surface, but they have been there for years and never hurt. Can a person have them so deep that you can't see it? I fell last week and have some very deep and large contusions on the front of my right leg. My calves seem to be slightly swollen, but my ankles are normal.
Avatar f tn Seems like we share a few common things besides varicose veins. Only discovered I was preg at 14 weeks and am 27 weeks now and wld really want vbac but read somewhere saying they usually start inside so was also worried about obstruction of baby.
Avatar n tn I'm 16 weeks pregnant, first pregnancy and have noticed varicose veins on the backs of my knees/legs, are they permenant?
Avatar f tn I also have the same problem this is my second pregnancy and there worse. And I have them every where to where the shocking wont help. I just elevate my feet hopefully that works for u as well.
Avatar f tn Can some one help me I have vaginal varicose veins n can u say they are really painful I'm 31weeks pregnant n so far j can't wait to get over this pregnancy. I've been wearing a maternity underware but I don't know if there is sumghing else I t can make them less painful because if I use only regular undies I can't stand them half day I feel.really heavy dam there.
Avatar n tn What other symptoms are present? Varicose veins or enlarged, swollen, and tortuous veins may indeed appear in various parts of the body, including the uterus. This may be due to pregnancy or changes in hormone levels and hormone balance leading to a relaxation of the blood vessel walls. Before considering surgery, there are many factors to consider such as the size, your medical history, symptoms and risks. It is best that you discuss this with your attending physician for proper evaluation.
Avatar n tn WHAT ARE THEY ??? Someone told me they could be varicose veins ?...if so how can you treat them ? Also, What is the best way to clear up acne on my back (haven't got many but enough to make me feel uncomfortable with myself. Cheers...
1032669 tn?1252460004 I called my aunt who is an OB Nurse practitioner and she said that it is a vaginal varicose vein that is common with pregnancy (I I never has this before and no varicose veins any where else)..................anyone else have/had this. I feel deformed; like I am not self conscious enough while pregnant I get this!!!! Anyone??????
Avatar f tn Hi there! It is common to develop varicose veins during pregnancy or they may get worse if you are already suffering from it. As the uterus grows it puts pressure on the inferior vena cava which in turn increases pressure in the leg veins. They may be painful and can make your legs feel heavy and achy. The skin around the varicose veins may itch, throb or feel like it’s burning.
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy I developed many spider veins on my legs. This pregnancy i have developed some varicose veins. I have one that is protruding on my left inner calf and is right on top of bad spider vein. It is tender to the touch and i can feel a little discomfort walking up and down stairs. Is this normal or could it actually be a blood clot? It is not warm to the touch just painful and tender.