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1025040 tn?1303245190 Treating UTI and Yeast infection. Using pregnancy friendly meds just in case.
Avatar f tn I got one. It hasn't come back yet but its common during pregnancy. It helps if you only drink water and a glass of cranberry juice a day. Where cotton panties. Wipe front to back. And always pee right after sex. But they're common during pregnancy because the baby can push up against your urethra and cause you to hold in pee that you need to release.
4811762 tn?1359946325 is cipro ok to take during pregnancy im 5w4d and just got diagnosed with a uti
Avatar f tn Has anyone been told they have a uti is it common in pregnancy??
Avatar f tn Most antibiotics given are those which are safe in pregnancy. However get regular ultrasounds done in pregnancy to rule out any congenital malformation. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn His Uti may not be contagious but sounds unsanitary :/
3197728 tn?1377281500 So i was hurtin last wednesday so i went to the doc thursday mornin found out i had a ive been taking the meds( not as much as im supposed to but i do) and so earlier i had to hold my pee n it was for a good hr n the pain came bak..
Avatar m tn Can a UTI cause a period delay?....a home test that comes with AZO tablets showed positive for both leukocytes and nitrite...I took the cranberry pills for 2 days but the symptoms are still there. ...and now my period is late by 4 days. ..a pregnancy test is negative. ...what could this mean?
Avatar f tn 37 weeks and I found out I have a uti. Dr gave me medicine. Any other mommies who have gotten a uti?
Avatar f tn The frequent urination can definitely be just part of pregnancy but could also be infection. I get a lot of bladder/kidney infections esp with pregnancy. I usually don't get the burning pain while peeing until the infection has gotten really bad. I can usually tell by smell and color. If the urine is dark and looks kind of cloudy or has a strong smell then you probably do have an infection. If it is almost clear then it's doubtful to be an infection.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have a uti while pregnant??
Avatar f tn Any of yall had utis? Ok so this is my 2nd pregnancy ( 13w) n i have had a uti during my last pregnancy but that one was painfull, it hurt my back i was cramping. But went to the doc today n i guess they think i have another one but this time i dont feel anything at all! Has this happen to any of yall?
543791 tn?1216385377 She had me come by for another urine sample and she's going to send it out. I feel like I could have an infection but it's hard to tell. This pregnancy may be flaring up my 'IC'. Needless to say I'm holding off with the meds until I know for sure. They say it's completly safe for pregnancy but I'd rather be sure that I need it. My OBGYN said I should be fine to wait until Thursday when they get results.
Avatar n tn Hi I am six weeks pregnant with twin I am righ risk and this is my first pregnancy. I was wondering which medicines would be best to take for this or should I even take a medicine ad just drink cranberry juice? I haven't taken any medicines because I dont want anything to happen to my babies.
Avatar m tn Take up urine pregnancy test as pregnancy is the commonest cause of missed periods. The illness and stress can affect your hormonal levels leading to a change in the period pattern. A sudden change in medications can also affect your periods. All these conditions can lead to delayed periods. Recurrent infections can lead to anemia of chronic infections and thus delay your periods. Do keep us posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn Hello there, UTIs are common in pregnancy because of changes in the urinary tract. The growing uterus can block the drainage of urine from the bladder, causing an infection. It is suggested to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day and avoid wearing tight-fitting undergarments. An untreated UTI can cause kidney infection. Kidney infections can lead to early labor and low birth weight. A urinalysis and urine culture will help in detecting if there is UTI.
Avatar f tn Did anyone ever develop a UTI early in their pregnancy (14 weeks? I was prescribed medication but it still hasn't gone away?
Avatar f tn I am pretty sure I have a uti. Going to the Dr in a couple of hours. This pregnancy had been rough so far. Horrible all day sickness 5-15 weeks. Then an upper respiratory infection at 16 weeks, now this at 17 weeks. I hope this will be the end of all this sickness!
Avatar f tn Hello ladies. I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and went to the doctor 9 days ago with a uti. I've been taking the meds but still feel like I still have one. I'm a ftm and not sure if these feelings are also pregnancy related? Has anyone else had issues?
Avatar f tn Do i need to go to the doc for a uti? Been drinking cranberry juice but its gettimg worse and more painful...
Avatar f tn anyone else has experienced uti during pregnancy coz I have heard its pretty commom to catch some during pregnancy...but I am worried...any advice or suggestions plz....
Avatar f tn Yes its one of the blessing u ll get during pregnancy... As u r more vulnerable at this moment plus baby starts to grow it keeps putting pressure on ur bladder causing difficulty passing urine.... It can be avoided by drinking good amount of water everyday 8-10 glass... If drinking only water is difficult thn put lime or lemon i it to give it a taste... However if it starts to bother u alot thn consult ur doctor as u may need antibiotics to fight it off. .. Take care n best of luck...
Avatar m tn My pregnancy I had two uti back to back n my doctor prescribed something for it n it cleared up... N the same thing happened to me this pregnancy as well. Did ur doctor prescribed u meds to clear it? N drinking cranberry juice is ok but u need something to really clear it up but uti's are very common in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I've been taking them since before I got pregnant and now I'm 37 weeks and never had a UTI in my whole pregnancy. It also has Vitamin C which is good for baby too. Just take it twice a day with food. And yes do drink LOTS of water!
Avatar n tn It's perfectly normal to get these kind of infections during pregnancy. Uti and bacterial vaginitis are common due to the hormonal changes. See your OB/GYN and get treated for it asap, so that you don't have to deal with further discomfort such as painful urination. And so it doesn't become something more serious like a kidney infection. Those things hurt.. Best wishes to you and your little blessing!
Avatar f tn I had a UTI last month and took the course of antibiotics. It's worth it as I feel better and I know untreated they turn into a nasty kidney infection. I did eat probiotic yoghurt every day and also in the morning drunk a half lemon in hot water. I had to stop the lemon after a week or so as it gave me acid. But I've not had a UTI since. Keep drinking water to flush it out. But I do encourage you to take the tablets. I understand how you feel about tablets but it's worth it for baby.