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342335 tn?1240189874 I'm a little over 8 wks pregnant and my husband injects me every morning with progesterone. This is suppose to go on throughout the 1st trimester. Is there anyone else out there going through the same thing? Not that I'm complaining as long as it help me maintain this pregnancy, but I cant WAIT for the shots to end! :-) It's 15 seconds of inconvient pain.
1123420 tn?1350564758 My pregnancy tractor on here saids I am 14 weeks and 4 days(which is true) but it still saids I am in the first trimester? anyone know why?
5946774 tn?1389191535 But hope you have a safe labor soon. Tmrw I'll be 30weeks, so countdown begins Tmrw lol. 10 more weeks to meet my little man. I've been experiencing bad pelvic pain where it hurts to walk or lay down. Even my tailbone & back hurts. Every night i get bad heart burns & acid reflux. I haven't been able to sleep. Ya I'm just ready for march to be here lol.
Avatar f tn I'm not in my first trimester but I know what you mean I felt the same way! It was going sooo slow and I was tired sick and just felt crap first trimester feels the slowest I'm 34+4 now and feel like it just keeps going faster and faster :) thank god! & I have alot more energy!
12584065 tn?1436324114 ( Lets hope were both singing a different tune by 3rd trimester :)
Avatar f tn I need some help on finding the best app for android that has calorie counter, food entry and daily exersize for pregnancy? There are a few I checked out but thought id seek some advice considering there are tons of different apps out there!! Im almost 9 weeks and would love to keep track.
Avatar f tn I agree with laceylace, my first pregnancy draggggged, this pregnancy I'm enjoying more because I realized even though it felt like an eternity, my last pregnancy flew, and I'm enjoying the quiet time with my husband and son before baby sister gets here, ohh and sleeping ;):)
Avatar f tn Also they say a lot of stress and worrying about pregnancy is not good. Thats why so many ppl have unexpected pregnancy they weren't making it a job. It will happen just be patient and have faith. I'm trying to but its so hard and I know. So her lately me and dh have just been doing other things to get out mind off of it!! Also got a ? though... Okay I'm on cd 12 should me and dh bd for the next 3 nights to up my chances?????
Avatar n tn Hello I am an OB nurse, so all I can give you is a reasonable reassurance that if you still had enough endometrium to support a pregnancy past the first trimester, you should be ok. Now, given that your endometrium is most definately not normal, I am sure they will follow you very closely for signs that the pregnancy is developing normally.
Avatar f tn And to get rid of the extra back can't take it anymore lol. To all ladies on their final trimester, here my bump up to you all..we are almost there! I remember when I first joined the app, I was only 5 weeks. And what a roller coaster ot has been since then. Pregnancy wasn't all flowers to me, but it definitely helped to read the posts, relate to some of the stories, and being able to realize that things weren't so bad compare to some other women were going through.
11777386 tn?1426293402 6 days till I'm double digits. Getting closer to the countdown when I meet my little lady!
Avatar f tn I love watching the countdown. I already feel like it took forever to reach the 100s. I can't imagine how long it will feel to reach 99 days. But either way I am glad I am not in the 200s anymore.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone could tell me when I should start to having pregnancy symptoms after iui. I am 6 days post iui and yesterday I started feeling naused. It woke me up during the night and I still feel the same today. I don't know if I have a bug or if is maybe a sign. I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!
Avatar n tn ( I feel so bad because it seems like I'm not enjoying my pregnancy, I mean I can't wait for my son to be here I have a 2 in a half year old daughter so a boy is totally different but uh....
Avatar f tn This is my 2nd pregnancy and i do not remember feeling like this. I will be 37 weeks on wedsnesdsy and im ready to cry! Im exhausted i do not night due to being so uncomfortable. My hip is popped out and has been since 2nd trimester the pain is just getting worse. My whole body itches. My vagina feels like its going to fall out and is very swollen. I have heart burn 24/7 no matter what i eat or drink. I am.ready to cry i want this over so bad i feel.horrible for saying that.
Avatar f tn Yep 30weeks here and from the Murray river area :)
Avatar f tn Every 4 weeks is equal to a month
Avatar f tn if you can sleep keep yourself busy. Read pregnancy books and magazines, try to get some exercise. Start a countdown to your second trimester our gets so much better!
Avatar f tn Google "countdown to pregnancy" The very first hit is a site that I found extremely helpful. People create accounts and log all of their symptoms, but the symptoms are only entered into the permanent data base following a positive pregnancy test. You can look at symptoms by the number of days past ovulation, and see a percentage of other woman who also shared those symptoms. It is a great resource for surviving the dreaded two week wait!!! Good Luck!
654038 tn?1326306199 i feel the exact same way..the first trimester seems to have taken forever to get threw,then the second just at just about 32 weeks time has seem to havefrozen again.8 weeks to go..when thinking bout it it seems so soon but whilewaiting for it it seems so far...but sooo exciting!
12208248 tn?1424758826 Im in the double digits countdown! Yay only 88 days to go. Almost 7mon!!!!!!! Who else is close to meeting thier babies??
3162860 tn?1345556461 i know exactly how u feel im exuasted im 7 weeks im a very active person but when im pregnant the first 3 months im knockout my first pregnancy thank god i wasnt working (moved to new area )so i slept all the time untill got job in 2nd trimester n had more energy now im not working but have my 9 month old to look after so its so nice when he naps but its very hard getting up early morning just rest while u can or go for walk get some air
Avatar f tn With my first it wasn't too bad in the third trimester I was walking I had a great pregnancy. I was going to school and I was nine months pregnant. When I was in labor I was smiling and laughing and my mom was looking at me crazy. I was in pain but tried to make the best of it. This one I'm very happy and just anxious for him to get here. Time has been flying but the countdown is seem to slow down as I have 16 days left to my due date.
422823 tn?1229740447 So most of us dont know the sex yet, but I am wondering if anyone has a strong idea about it. DH and I arent finding out the sex, but we are both pretty sure it is a boy. Does anyone else feel a little voice or instinct telling them the sex of their baby(ies)?? BTW: Im wondering where the "burst of energy" is that I am supposed to be feeling in the second trimester, all the books say that the second trimester is like a second wind.
Avatar f tn How are all the august mommies doing?? What's your countdown? Baby names? Are you ready or what???!!:))) My countdown is 115 days left and my babyboy will be named John Brayden!! So ready to hold him in my arms!!!
2020005 tn?1476662562 Im the same way right now bt I have a gut feeling its a girl becuz alot of little girls are starring at me mad. I heard thts when u knw its a girl.& u knw wht they say kids knw about pregnancy. So im leaning more on girl names & girly stuff.
9292087 tn?1404614218 Any of those are recommended during pregnancy as your fluid loss is huge. And as for crackers. I just found that something flavourless and dry usually stays down. It's awful though. I just want to be able to enjoy a yummy cooked meal!