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952186 tn?1246334682 Go to my profile page and look at my pictures...I have an identical picture! Mine was zoomed in more...but it's the same. :) Everything looks PERFECT!!
Avatar n tn I wonder how TracySue is doing with her pregnancy after endometrial ablation. I had an ablation 5 years ago and am now wanting to know if it's possible to get pregnant. There is not alot of info out there on the subject-and I will be having tests this week. Anyone with ANY info please write!
Avatar n tn wow your in the same boat as me i fell pregnant with my first with the implanon implant and with my 2nd when my first was only six weeks old while i was on the mini pill and breastfeeding my dd is 5 weeks old today they are less then a year apart my doctor is trying to get me to get the iud mirena anythings possible hey they say the implanon implant is safer as its there always not needing to check stringd take pill at same time of the day ect good luck to you let us no how it turns out.
Avatar f tn Maybe I should just embrace it and try! Thank you for your wishes, I wish you all the best with this new pregnancy too! So glad your baby is doing okay!!! That gives me hope!
Avatar f tn I've had one child and my period is usually 7-9 days long. With my first child I had implantation bleeding that lasted 3 days...I've had that this time too. I thought when I went to the appointment that I had my period and now I'm not so sure. They injected a substance into me that was "slightly" irradiated. There were 4 pictures taken for diagnosis of what type of arthritis I have. The called it a "full body scan".
Avatar n tn The service we get is ok for straight forward pregnancies, but for people who have had problems in the past or are struggling with a pregnancy there should be more help out there. Sorry for my moan, but it has made me feel a little better. Anyone having similar pain it would be great to hear.
1035252 tn?1427231433 False I don't have a butterfly tattoo but I do have 2 pink and black nautical stars slightly above my hips... surprising enough they didn't stretch at all with my last pregnancy!!!! PS I love in and out!!!
Avatar f tn Our hormal levels during the stages of menopause also have something to do with desire. You need to talk to your family physician or Neurologist about your problems and your fears. Talking this out with a professional, gives you a better understanding of why you have a diminished sexual desire. It also may be caused by some numbness in the genital area (IF you have that) that may be causing your bladder issues.
Avatar n tn We so want to have a baby.Please pray for me and i hope all goes well with ur pregnancy,keep me posted.CONGRATULATIONS again.
Avatar n tn For women that have had an HCG injection as part of their infertility treatment, the hormone will take about 5-14 days to clear from the woman's system, depending on the dose and the individual woman. This can causes problems with interpretation of pregnancy tests done earlier than 14 days after an HCG injection." You can read more if you like at
Avatar f tn jan 11 Sex with Ex:feb 10 Sex with Bf: jan up till now 6w 3d: feb 25 Ultrasound are sapposed to be off by a week tops only that early.All babys are sapposed to be growing the same rate till 10weeks..My 6w ultrasound seen baby and heartbeat..If it is my exs then I would have been 4w not 6w 3days meaning2 weeks from conseption. What do you guys think? Is it my ex or bf? Can ultrasound s be off by 2weeks?
Avatar n tn Hello. My fiance has been suffering with eustation tube dysfunction for a little over 6mths. now. We have tried numerous decongestants and nasal sprays as well as a round of steroids. His ENT did allergy testing on him, however, he did not have any significant allergies. Our last resort was to have PE tubes placed. This only made his symptoms worse and they took them out after a couple of weeks. Suprisingly after they took the tubes out and his ears were healing, he was symptom free.
Avatar f tn Thank you for being brave & reaching out. I too am going through a roller coaster of emotions & live each day the best I can for my beautiful 3 yr old son but some days are hard. On the 13th November 2014 i gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Enoch. He was 19wks 5days. At 18 wks i started bleeding while I was at work and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately I had a incompetent cervix & all the amniotic fluid surrounding baby had leaked.
363243 tn?1331037450 Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I was just diagnosed with PCOS although I've had symptoms of it since I was 12 (hirsutism) and I am now 36. My hirsutism was diagnosed as idiopathic because the testing I had did not indicate an elevated testosterone level. I don't know if the testing is more sophisticated now but I had new testing done and it did indicate that my free weak testosterone was elevated.
Avatar f tn I'm still working on figuring out a way to deal with seeing her ultrasound pictures and her growing belly as the months go on. I'm happy for her though. I don't even think she's happy for herself yet, but I really am. It's just that my way of dealing with my ectopic is by not dealing with it. I don't talk about it and I try not to even think about it because I've learned that crying doesn't make it better and talking doesn't either because no one around me understands.
148691 tn?1260198503 Well, I just want to hear from women that have gone thru the VERY painful experience of loosing a pregnancy(ies) and how do you cope with it? Sometimes i feel i am up and ready to go, sometimes i feel there is no hope for me. I feel trapped, i feel angry and something or someone...., i feel resentful, i find myself scrunching up my eyebrows a lot (like when you are mad) walking down the street or even at the mall....and not smiling to people anymore...and it just concearns me.
1055869 tn?1294203119 Same as lot of girls, I cant stand for the 2ww thus I did a home pregnancy test on 12dpIUI which show negative. I am so sad with the result! However, my AF not come yet. That means I still have hope until my appm with doc! I feel sleepy everyday around 8:30pm, sore breast and feel little pain (on anf off) at abdomen now.. Is that normal? baby dust to all..
242143 tn?1215473908 Now, I'm not obsessed with it or anything..but still, I wonder if I'm alone with these feelings. Of course, I want my baby to be healthy. I think it has to do with a stupid ultrasound picture they took at 19 weeks. The baby was moving all over the place and the tech wasn't used to the ultrasound machine..I think she was new there. Anyway, when I look at his profile picture, it looks kinda weird. It's hard to explain. His profile doesn't look like the picture I have from the 12w ultrasound.
Avatar f tn My doc does not monitor any levels during the 2ww. My blood pregnancy test is on Monday which will be 13 dpt. With me not having any symptoms, I am thinking negative thoughts because there are typical signs and I have had none after my sneeze! Has anyone had no symptons and gotten pregnant?
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone could tell me when I should start to having pregnancy symptoms after iui. I am 6 days post iui and yesterday I started feeling naused. It woke me up during the night and I still feel the same today. I don't know if I have a bug or if is maybe a sign. I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!
Avatar m tn Hi astroturf I would also describe myself as anxious and a worrier I'm not on any meds I do clench my teeth and grind them at night I have a TON of floaters, since I was a kid I have migraine with aura I cannot see the spots in the dark, unless I'm watching TV or on the computer etc They are most noticeable against light backgrounds, the sky and when glancing at anything with contrast. horizontal blinds and lined paper are awful.
Avatar n tn There are certain stages that a normal pregnancy should follow, for example, the gestational sac should grow, then the yolk sac, then the fetal pole and heart beat. If these things are not occurring at the right time, it means that the pregnancy is what we term a blighted ovum. EVEN IF YOU DO HAVE THIS -- I would consider this to be a very positive sign that you will be able to conceive given a bit more time. I hope its not! Good luck!
Avatar f tn I wouldn't let it get to you. Everyone carries different. With my last pregnancy I went with one of my friends to her pregnancy appointment and the doctor said to me, "let me guess you're 30 weeks?" I was 36 weeks. I delivered at 39 weeks a healthy 6 lb 15 oz baby. I literally was all tummy and looked like I swallowed a basketball. If you look at my pictures you can see.
2020005 tn?1476662562 I'm also sad knowing this is it for me - I know my limit, and I still feel stress some days being home alone with 2 kids to occupy day in and out. I absolutely love my babies, and love pregnancy, birth, baby stage, but that is NOT a good reason to want another child. Simply because I miss pregnancy, birth, and having a baby around - because pregnancy and birth come and go, and they don't stay babies forever.
Avatar f tn I have pictures of me at around 20 weeks with a little pot belly. I have pictures of my patients at all different stages of pregnancy in my office. It is amazing how different everyone looks. Women carry high or low, in front or all around, look humongous or you can hardly tell - everyone is so different. Just take lots of pictures of that belly. My son likes to look at them and hear stories of when he was in there. To me, pregnancy is such a miracle of nature.
Avatar f tn my dilemma is i started bleeding on saturday and went to er, bleeding was light but red and they did a uss and diagnosed me with a threatened miscarriage, er then told me to go to early pregnancy unit on Monday for blood tests to see if HCG levels were doubling.
Avatar f tn 29Weeks pregnant and going to see slayer was amazing! So many people took pictures with the slayer baby bump! Whoo hoo!
Avatar f tn my dilemma is i started bleeding on saturday and went to er, bleeding was light but red and they did a uss and diagnosed me with a threatened miscarriage, er then told me to go to early pregnancy unit on Monday for blood tests to see if HCG levels were doubling.
221025 tn?1332558946 I was on a site called Amazing Pregnancy. On the site, you can find pictures of women's tummies at various stages of pregnancy. I clicked on the eight weeks pics and thought I would wet my pants I was laughing so hard. Most of the girls on there are so thin that if they ate an Altoids they would look like they were four months prego. Let's get some real women's pictures on there - women who looked pregnant when they never were - women with hips and boobs and a roll around the middle!