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Avatar n tn First thought it was he pill, which I had started three months ago Then had positivepregnancy test, and there is often spotting in early stages of pregnancy due to implantation and stretchin gof uterus. I have had other symptoms too... -severe to mild pain in lower left side of abdomen -Swollen Lymph Node on lower left side of Abdomen -Intermittant cramping which can be attributed to stretching of the uterus, ectopic, pending onset of period (which I havenot gotten), cysts or OC.
11157192 tn?1430162659 Its true. Ive had four, im 14 weeks. I had a bleed in the beginning so thats what #2 & #3 were for. Lets just say I owe my ob over $1,000 for those two ultrasounds because my insurance *****, I even had to pay for my first.
Avatar n tn ita very normal and wont hurt at all, the internal ultrasound device is thin and they put a condom over it, they usually use it in the very early stages of pregnancy and also when doing special tests to check if baby is free from any abnormalties. it allows the doctors to get a closer look. trust me u will be fine. good luck on ur appointment.
Avatar f tn im nearly 7 weeks now
Avatar f tn i am 48. have been in beginning pre men stages for last 4 years or so. mostly nite sweats. have also had problems with irregular periods as in starting times anywhere from every 2 weeks to normal every 4 weeks. i also had one month a year ago that i flowed for 3 weeks. doc gave me pills to stop it. things went back to norm for a while (every 4 weeks). in jan of this year i started getn them every 3 weeks again.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am wondering what the endometrium would show up like on a transvaginal scan of a pregnant women in the very early stages of pregnancy - around 8 - 9 weeks?? Would it be possible for it to appear as a thin line or would it look different?? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Transvaginal ultrasound in first trimester is typically very accurate. It's later stages that baby grows at his/her own pace, so dating is not recommended by ultrasound any longer. As for heartbeat at 4 does happen, but typically a heartbeat is first seen between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 weeks.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant maybe 5 weeks I went for my first check up today and on tha ultrasound they found a large sack and half of and egg and no heart beat is it possible that I am in my early stages or that I possibley lost my baby??
Avatar m tn While there is a slight difference, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, between the level of detail afforded by abdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds, there is not enough difference to cause a 4-5 week error in assessing the stage of development of the embryo.
Avatar f tn A vaginal ultrasound is used to look at your uterus, ovaries,and cervix. And in pregnancy *I think* its used to look in early stages when it wouldn't show as well abdominally.
Avatar n tn She said that usually the first due date they give you measuring the crown to rump length is the correct one, because in later stages of pregnancy babies grow at different rates, and that doesn't necessarily mean that the inside of them is at the same week their size is. So I'd say that the FL one isn't as correct as the CRL.
Avatar n tn They may have needed to do a transvaginal ultrasound to detect a pregnancy, especially if you could have ovulated late and be off on your dates.
3997096 tn?1349321461 I would imagine that the majority of pregnant women have at least one ultrasound during their pregnancy. To view the progress of the pregnancy and baby's health. An abdominal ultrasound (or sonogram) has a number of purposes in patients with liver disease. Ultrasound is less expensive than other tests, such as a CT scan or (MRI) scan and produces no radiation like a CT scan does. It main function is to view the architecture of the liver. The size, shape, and position of the liver.
694568 tn?1228848071 it is a-ok!
Avatar f tn So i found out i was pregnant a couple of weeks ago & i had my first ultrasound on the 30th which told me that i was only six weeks and i had been told i was five weeks when i took my first pregnancy test . Now im sad that i got knocked back a couple of weeks & it seems like time is moving soooo slow !! How do i pass this time ? Will it eventually speed up ?
Avatar n tn I am wanting to know if this is the beginning of a miscarriage? Or is it possible to go on and have a healthy pregnancy? Thanks!
301037 tn?1213868178 ) and it is not essential for later stages of pregnancy. Nowadays even three dimensional and four dimensional (3D in real time) are also available which can give 3D representations of fetal face, spine and various congenital anomalies and give the parent an oppurtunity to decide after seeing the baby. Doppler US can also be used especially in high risk mother like Pregnancy induced hypertension and IUGR to assess utero-placental and fetal blood flow dynamics.
Avatar n tn Report says due to minimal growth from May 5th and unconfirmed heartbeat possibly not a viable pregnancy. I have all the positve pregnancy signs and no negative ones - no cramps or spotting. I have read about many misdiagnosed patients. Don't know what to think...
310236 tn?1271297041 ive had them done at 3 different stages of my pregnancy. once for gender, one for the enjoyment, and my most recent was last week when i was 30w1d to get a more better picture. each time i got printed out photos, around 6-7 video clips, as well as cd's with over 100 photos, and with this last one i purchased an even bigger package that came with the same as before, but this time it included an actual 25 min dvd recording, with my personal music playing in the background.
Avatar n tn my doctor thinks that I might have an ectopic pregnancy or be in the early stages of a miscarriage
5285711 tn?1365995251 A translational ultrasound is used to detect the early stages of pregnancy. They pick up the earliest signs of an embryo unlike the external sonograms. However, they cannot calculate the specific day you conceived. The only sure way is to have a DNA test because you were sexually active with 2 different partners in the same 7 day period.
Avatar n tn It’s nice to hear that the ventricles are regressing in size, but before your delivery you should be doing a repeat ultrasound to check on size. Keep a record of this as you must get an ultrasound cranium of your little one after he is born. Keep me informed. I would be interested to know the progression. Bye.
Avatar m tn When they did the ultrasound there was a yolk sack. Now im 31w 3d and my pregnancy is 100% perfect!
Avatar f tn I'm 39 years old and this is my first pregnancy. I am six weeks and my first appointment was today. We did an ultrasound and they could not see much today; very disappointed. What can I expect from the next three weeks?
614540 tn?1240570785 I went back today Tuedsay and they did more hormone levels and it hadnt doubled. it had only gone up slightly. So they did a vaginal Ultrasound and they couldnt see anything at all. They keep saying it could be an Ectopic Pregnancy (howvever they saw nothing eighter) and this has been on my mind non stop. I am so worried. Has anyone ever had this happen and then carry on to be normal, or do you think that I am having a miscarriage or ectopic?
Avatar f tn Hi there, The exact cause of your irregular spotting and brown discharge can be determined only after I examine you clinically. In early stages of pregnancy there may be discharge after the implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterine lining. Infections in the vagina, vaginal atrophy, cervical irritation, uterine polyps all can lead to brown discharge. Hormonal imbalances, ovulation disorders, thyroid hormone disorders are few other causes of spotting and irregular periods.
Avatar n tn I was 20 with the first and now 25. My first pregnancy was so easy and uneventful. This time I feel absolutely horrible 90% of the time and I feel like I'm failing our 4 year old. Not only that this baby was found to have a cord cyst on the first ultrasound so I've been extremely paranoid. Anyone else been thru a similar situation?