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Avatar f tn This app is mainly to show the stages and growth rates of pregnancy. Twins may be slightly smaller in the 8th and 9th month, you'll definitely be bigger with 2 than 1 but everything else change wise is the same.
Avatar f tn Everyone is different people bloat/hold more water than others or there could be 2. A sign for me was In early stages i got pregnancy cramps and had a stitch feeling on both sides of my belly I knew then there were 2 as I didn't have that in my first.
Avatar f tn When you were in your beginning stages did you know you would have twins?... my fathers a twin and idk if I believe it but I've had my palm read by a couple of ppl and they said id have twins for my first baby n well now I'm percent haven't gone to the doctor... did you like know in the beginning I guess is what I'm asking?
Avatar f tn I figure that I am just showing so fast because this is my 4th pregnancy or I am going to have twins?!! Twins do run in my family....... Those of you pregnant/or have had twins, how early did you show, etc?????? THanks!
694568 tn?1228848071 it is a-ok!
Avatar n tn There are a lot of incidents of bleeding in early pregnancy that have no impact on the pregnancy's outcome. In the early stages the only thing they can have you do is to stay in bed until 24 hours after the bleeding stops. Doctors pretty much are powerless to "heal" anything at this point in pregnancy, it's all up to the embryo(s). Anyway, try not to worry, your doc's lack of worry is a very good sign.
654396 tn?1237512512 3. it was suspected that I might be carying twins, but u/s today showed only 1. Reasons suspected: Twins run very heavily on the Maternal side of my family with at least 1 set in every single generation. (maternal side only). Also, was on Clomid AND just have a "FEELING". 4. during the u/s....the tech said there was some hemoraging in the uterus or around the uterus? i didn't really understand what she was saying. she said it wasn't bleeding currently.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies... I'm sorry to post on here... But I have a questions about possible pregnancy with twins. I'm 16 weeks tomorrow. Had 3 ultrasounds and only seen one baby. I have history of twins in my family. I have a fetal Doppler at home and always pick up a heartbeat. Felt baby move for the first time Friday just shy of 16 weeks. Baby really moves... But while playing around with my Doppler this morning picked up two very strong heartbeats both different...
Avatar n tn There was yet another program that I saw that had a women that found out she was pregnant with twins....some time in the early stages of pregnancy she had major abdominal pain...went to doc said the twins where fine....she continued to have U/S and eventually when she was seven months in they found the third baby....out side the whom...placenta attached to the outside of the uterus and the balter. She was luck she did not loose any of the babies lives or hers.
Avatar n tn I do know your disappointment - I had two blighted ova - one at 7 weeks and one at 11 weeks - so I know that sadness. I lost two pregnancies, like you lost one baby in this pregnancy. Pregnancy in the early stages is VERY VERY complicated, and the one twin didn't attach properly or didn't have a viable placenta, or didn't have healthy DNA. Don't let this ruin your joy for the life you're carrying, embrace13. Your body tried to hang on to both babies, but wasn't able to.
Avatar f tn It might make a difference how long you've had your fibro. With the twins I was still 'cycling', it was in the beginning stages. With my youngest it was in full throttle, I had intense pain and fatigue. I don't know if that helps... Good luck with everything!
377412 tn?1283813246 Glad to hear all is going well! I'm only 6 weeks 1 day today...I had my 1st appt. last Tues...they did nothing much (I had a missed M/C and D&C in Dec.)...I thought they may do a little more this time around.....I have an U/S on May 1st....Honestly...I'm dreading it....Last time we were so excited for the BIG DAY....DH took 1/2 day off from work to go with...we were ecstatic......I went thru the pap, STD screen, internal exam, got all of the pamphlets on Pediatricians, Lamaze classes, etc..
Avatar n tn I actually have a very weird feeling that I am pregnant with twins, but there is no twins in the fathers side but my mother was adopted so i have no clue whats on her real parents side. I hope i am not having an m/c of one of the twins IF i am pregnant with twins. I couldnt even imagine what you had to go through knowing that, im sorry :( I think i am going to go back to my regular doctor tomorrow just as a follow up check up, rather be safe then sorry.
Avatar n tn Well my blood test came back positive at level 16 whihc means I am in the early stages of pregnancy. I go back tommorrow to get a 2nd blood test to make sure my levels are doubling. I have stopped spotting so I think that is a good sign and probably menat that implantaion was occuring. Also, I don't know if its psychological but my appepite today has greatly increased. My husband and I have tried for this for over a year and are very excited about the possibility.
Avatar n tn now is this ok to be happening early in the stages of pregnancy? I know it's the crucial stage where brains, spinal cord is forming...could someone out there jst point out the ok in this. please.
Avatar f tn I am 30 years old and 15 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. Last spring I developed a perirectal fistula due to a previous abscess. This does not seem to be related to the birth of my third child as she was born in June 2007 and I developed the abscess in December 2007. In June 2008 I had the first stage of a fistulectomy, in which the surgeon placed a seton (drain) inside the fistula.
147932 tn?1226969710 It's very common to have spotting in pregnancy, especially early pregnancy. I spotted at about 7 weeks. I'm not 34 weeks. If you are extremely worried call your dr to have an u/s to be sure but unless it's really red I don't think you have annything to worry about.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant with twins too .. 16 weeks. I WISH I was as far along as you! My pregnancy has been a very very difficult one since before I even found out I was pregnant. Mine was a shocker for me too. I had cervical cancer in the past and was under the belief that I could not have anymore children because of the cancer treatments. Then to add to it my boyfriend was told his sperm were no longer active so to find out I was pregnant at 8 weeks was a HUGE shocker!
Avatar f tn i hear that smoking is really bad and shouldnt be done during pregnancy .. what do you think about it?!?! have you smoked during your pregnancy?!?! do you think its ok?!?!
Avatar n tn ) The doctor explained that sometimes the babies hormones are not enough to suppress a period even though the pregnancy continues. The amniotic sac at these early stages is not totally covering the entire uterus so shedding of the endometrium can happen. He told me that it is more common than people realise. Just that people have never met anyone with the problem. Not really something people talk about usually in idle conversation!
Avatar n tn I am looking for more info on pregnancy after an endometrial ablation. I had an ablation in May 2002. January 2003 I was not feeling well and went to the family doctor. She thought it may be an ectopic pregnancy since I was told I was sterile. I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue.
Avatar n tn my period finally became normal andfor aybe the past four months i've been feeling sick i've taken pregnancy tests all came up negative.
Avatar n tn I don't know if I'm having PMS or if I'm in the stages of early pregnancy. I know my body very well. I usually feel tenderness in my breasts, mild cramping and back ache, and get a couple of zits a week before my period. What's different this month is that I'm really breaking out-- face and upper back. For days my breasts not only felt sore-- it was like they wanted to double in size and burst. The description may sound funny but ladies, it hurt.
Avatar n tn The later in pregnancy that twinning occurs. the more structures will be shared. Zygotes that twin at the earliest stages will be diamniotic and dichorionic ("di-di"). Twinning between 4 to 8 days after fertilization typically results in monochorionic-diamniotic ("mono-di") twins. Twinning between 8 to 12 days after fertilization will usually result in monochorionic-monoamniotic ("mono-mono") twins.
Avatar n tn What affect does Oxycodone have on my sperm reproducing? Birth defects? Or is there a link between my meds and our pregnancy problems? Im not an idiot and wouldn't intentionally take something that could hurt my new potential child. Thats why Im asking for advice on what this drug has on reproduction. I would assume my sperm are sluggish because of the Oxycodone but my Dr says my the body absorbs the meds efficiently. Thanks in advance.
438165 tn?1205235676 's already that the risks are higher now because of my age. 1-40 that i will have some problems with the pregnancy. I am afraid of getting into this now but I had said I agreed to try. Now I am getting afraid again at the thought of something going wrong with the baby...the pregnancy or me. I am not sure if I am emotionally strong enough to go through that as my Dr. explained some of the risks to me and the outcomes. I guess what i am asking is for some more feed back from others regarding this.
796506 tn?1370191905 I know that it can be normal but you know that us girls are crazy about all the little things that happen in the early stages of pregnancy... I'm fine. Still having headaches and just plain yucky feeling (which are good signs I know). I haven't had any cramps or anything like that so they are not worried :) I am too early for an ultrasound yet but I will be by the beginning of June!
Avatar n tn Amanda, I have a similar question. Am 3 days late but pregnancy test results are negative. Had cramping 3 days ago, feel exhausted, and am usually a very regular 28 day cycle. I've been pregnant four times before; each time the test showed it immediately. Read another post saying pregnancy hormones sometimes build up more slowly, or maybe ovulation came later this cycle. Any advice other than waiting to take another test?
Avatar n tn I really want to ride again, but i am nervous because i had a m/c with my last pregnancy. Have any of you ridden horses at any time during your pregnancy. I dont ride on rocky terrain, mostly areana work-flat. Thanks if anybody has any info I would appreciate it. Thanks.