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Avatar f tn With my third daughter I woke up around 11 PM cramping. The cramping started coming pretty regular so I called my doctor and asked if it was contractions. He told me I sounded calm on the phone so to wait til morning to come in the office. I ended up at the hospital around 4 Am and before 4:30Am I had her. With my first I had contractions the day before. My other two were induced so every pregnancy is different.
Avatar m tn also, it's important to remember that pregnancy is actually 9 completed months, which means that the due date is set for the end of the 9th month, beginning of the 10th. And a lot of women go past their due date for their first child, so if she delivered past her due date she would technically be delivering "in her 10th month" and if you factor in the knowledge that conception dates can be off by a week or two, you may have a delivery date several weeks later than you expect.
Avatar m tn I had a 10 month pregnancy with my daughter. It was called a lunar pregnancy. My due date was July 4th and she was born June 26th.
Avatar f tn I'm due with My 2nd daughter as 0f Nov.
2109562 tn?1347257448 I'm just curious I know every woman/pregnancy is different but im wondering. My due date is 12/12/12 so im REALLY wanting him to come on my due date. lol I know the odds are VERY low, unfortunately lol but im hoping!! Also is there anyway you can ask your doctor to induce you early morning on your due date if your not showing any signs of labor??
Avatar f tn So I did a due date calculator thing because I was bored. I am lost it says my first trimester begin on June 22 but I didn't have sex until June 29th and July 6th and my doctor told me my due date was the same as what the calculator gave me which was March 29th. I don't understand how my first trimester could of begin on the 22 if I didnt have sex until the days I listed. Sorry first time pregnancy 18 years old lol. Some one help explain?
384896 tn?1335297931 My doctor said never to go with LMP, they only use that until they ultrasound confirms. H e said the ultrasound is more accurate than the LMP, because things could happen that would put you later than you think, such as ovulating late things like that. SO, I'd go with the u/s not your LMP.
Avatar f tn to be 9 weeks you should be due late july. I am 9w2d and due aug 5th.
Avatar n tn Doctor usually use LMP to calculate your due date. You might ovulated late and are not quite 6 weeks yet.
Avatar f tn Depends on the hcg level and how far along you think you may be. If you have passed your af date, I tested positive on HPT. If you are in the early stages, you may be better waiting till your first morning urine sample.
1016200 tn?1251182711 and i never told them my LMP cause i wasnt too sure of it so they had to come up with my due date and conception date jus from the size of the baby on my first u/s at 9wks 6days .. but thanks for all the help so far ..
Avatar f tn Suzeeo, I am so sorry to here how you are feeling at this moment. I pray that God will give you comfort at this difficult time. Just take it one day at a time.
Avatar f tn Im new to this site, 35 yrs and just found out that I am pregnant with my first child, 5 wks 6days with and estimated due date of Jan 18,2013. had dr appt on 22nd did u/s and they didnt see a sac. I go back on tomorrow for another. They are trying to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I doubt that is the case because I am having no cramping or bleeding. I hope that is not the case anyway. I wish you luck and will be praying for you and your husband!
1816154 tn?1463433618 And if I had sex and walking a lot during the early stages of pregnancy would that help?? I know its way too early for dilation and efficment but I would like to know ahead of time.
Avatar f tn My due date is Oct6th too! Our first one!
961574 tn?1520651703 ) We have a due date of Aug 9th, but It will probably be more like July 26th, due to it being twins I feel pretty good most of the time, but if I don't eat every 2-3 hrs, the babies let me know it! Just wondering how everyone else is feeling, and wondering if anyone else has questions we can help each other with.... Hugs!!!
1117231 tn?1456613140 My due date is July 22nd, and this is pregnancy number 4, and makes 5 kiddos all together!!!! With four daughters, we`re praying for a son!!!!
Avatar f tn Ok , so my last menstral cycle was july2 and i took my pregnancy test on july 30 and found out I was pregnant...the estimated due date was april 9 courtesy of the health dept. My husband and I were having intercourse last sunday night and after I started to bleed. We ran to emergency and they gave me a vaginal ultra sound they saw my uterus and a yolk sac everything looked fine but they said I am not as far along as I thought I was....My hcg levels were at 40,000 ...
Avatar f tn Just another reason not to say a period date.) Try to get the estimated due date from the ultrasound. When you get home with the e.d.d., use an online conception calculator or just count 266 days back from it, on a calendar. That will give you an estimated conception date. If you are lucky, it will indicate pretty clearly that the conception must have been earlier than the 29th.
Avatar n tn Oh and when I went online to check my due date, it said I concieved on 8/14, that's my hubby's birthday and we didn't even 'try' that night! lol So, overall, my ovulation date is way off!!
Avatar n tn now here's the problem we are not trying for a baby at the time but neither doing such a good job avoiding it =/ and Im afraid if I end up being pregnant going on all those rides would be bad. I've gathered info online about it...some say it's ok at early stages there's low risk and others avoid it at all...there's no way to tell if I am or not ( I don't feel like I am at all!).
Avatar f tn Hope your all well was told by my doctor I'm 6weeks but had a scan today and I'm more like 5. Not been given a due date as of yet and got to have another scan in about 12days time. Due to myself bleeding in the early hours of this morning.
157817 tn?1217493837 Hi I am do on April 26th, also my first pregnancy and turned 23 in November. My BF and I have been together for 3 years. I am also freaking out. Actually my anxiety level is through the roof. I have been trying some different hobbies to keep my mind off things. I keep trying to remind my self that women have been doin this since the beggining of time but even still I can't help but worry. Actually the closer I get to my due date the more nervous I get. Likely I havent had any real complications.
147172 tn?1226761778 It's not pretty as they cry excessively. I was prescribed pain killers throughout my pregnancy and waened down VERY SLOWLY with the help of my ob/gyn. I had a beautiful, healthy, perfect little girl who continues to thrive and become smarter and smarter by the minute. I just want to stress to all the pregnant women out there who are using for whatever reason be it legal or not, that you cannot and SHOULD NOT go cold turkey under any circumstances.
1135075 tn?1283203103 my levels were supposed to be at like 45,000 and they were only at 6,500 so my levels were really low to begin with so thats why I am thinking that the levels shown when they did the test to see if I was pregnant a second time werent just left overs that they were in fact the early stages on pregnancy... I know I shouldnt get my hopes up... but I want to think positive... if I end up not being pregnant I will be ok... i handled the first miscarriage a lot better than I thought I would...
Avatar n tn Keep in mind the measurements can be off due to human error. My dr. told me that the estimated due date should be within 5 - 7 days of the size measurement. I have had 5 m/c and did a D&C with all 5. I showed no signs of loss naturally. One day the heartbeat was strong - next week it stopped. From what I understand, it can actually be easier to conceive after a D&C since the uterus is clear. Whatever you choose, make sure it is your choice. Only once did I have a dr.
298560 tn?1292280503 Pregnancy Classifications for Drugs Used in MS Care Category X: Contraindicated During Pregnancy Methotrexate Category D: Cause Fetal Harm Azathioprine Cladribine Category C: Cause Fetal Harm in Animals (no human studies) Amantadine Baclofen Carbamazepine Tizanidine Interferon B-1a Interferon B-1b Corticosteroids Category B: Cause no Fetal Harm in Animals (no human studies) Glatiramer Oxybutynin Pemoline "Once a pregnancy is under way," D