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Avatar f tn I am carrying high (sign of a girl), had extreme nausea (sign of a girl), craved sweets (sign of a girl), got some acne that I have never had before (sign of a girl), and a few other girl symptoms. I am having a boy. Don't get your hopes up on one gender because they are all old wives tales!
Avatar f tn Myths sorry only ways is a gender scan I had all the signs of a girl this pregancy and im having my second boy I was also 150 with my first this on I was 160 for heart rate this one now
Avatar n tn Pregnant for my 2nd baby. I am hoping for a baby girl. What is the most common signs that u are having a baby girl?
Avatar f tn What r the signs of a multiple pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I was doing great until my dr broke my watter then I went from a pain level of 2 or 3 to 9 in a matter of seconds and diolated 3X faster than my dr wanted me to for the first hour. I did birth with pain meds in the IV, they didn't actually take the pain away, but they made me "loopy" so I could get a little sleep. I was walking around and feeling great right after birth.
Avatar f tn I'm preg with #4 and was absolutely convinced it was a girl bc my symptoms were SO much like my pregnancy with my daughter. Identical. Only difference was my nausea lasted well into my 17th week. Turns out...BOY. I'm still shocked. So, don't count on your symptoms as a gender compass!
Avatar n tn all signs of pregnancy to me...but stress can cause missed periods , but you need to see a doctor, if the tests all come out negative there could be something else going on inside and you dont want to leave it wait. believe me, i did not have a period for 3-4 months due to high grade cancer cells that caused lesions ...go asap girl.
Avatar f tn So about a week and a half ago I got really nauseous for like two minutes out of no whatever ,my back has been hurting and usually anywhere from four to three days before my period I get spotting and slot of other symptoms but I'm to days away from my period and it has not happened. Should I be a little concerned?
Avatar n tn My nibbles first had tingling feeling in the following weeks first. Also a missed period first of March. Then on Friday March 9 I took a preg. test not postive but on Monday March 12 I did a five days sooner test it came out postive. So the five day sooner test didn't work until 6 days after my missed period. I knew i was pregent but the preg. test don't work right away. I also know that my smelling sense is alot stronger right away when i get pregent.
Avatar f tn Mine was so much a symptom as much as a scare! I passed out!!!! My grandma told me to take a test and it came back positive!!! I was soo shoked and emotional I cried and cried cause I was so filled with joy!!! 6 years of trying and it happened out of nowhere!!!
Avatar n tn It's not very nice to post another question on someone else's thread.
Avatar n tn However, during my last period my husband and i had sex and now i am having very swollen breast though my cycle is not due, so i don't think it's PMS. Can this be a sign of pregnancy??? I am also suffering with a lot of gasy nauseous feelings, especially after I eat. Also, is it possible for conception to happen even tho sex was performed during my period???
Avatar f tn The only one Ive heard a lot of people say that just happened to be true for me is if you have a lot of acne/skin problems during pregnancy then its a girl.
Avatar f tn the bleeding is actually dark red, and i got the results back today from the blood work saying that i was in the 3-4, 4-6 range of pregnancy. im still worried b/c i've had a few large lumps come out today, but i haven't had anything that looks like fetal tissue, so my hopes are still up...i'm definitely trying to stay off my feet.
1819066 tn?1317086166 She has a baby already that's why I went to her. She also said you can kind of tell if your going to have a boy or a girl because she didn't have morning sickness and had a boy. But I just need to know some of the symptoms and see if I can relate to any of them. Truely I just need someone's help with this.
Avatar n tn candle girl! It could be a pregnancy symptom! When i had my first transfer i was so worried because of the cramping, i though it was an early af! THe dr told me it could be my ovaries cramping because they had be stimulated so much and were quite a bit bigger than they usually are because of all the drugs! GOOD LUCK I HOPE IT'S AN EARLY PREGNANCY SIGN! I go for my second transfer in feb!
Avatar n tn but i was just wondering if it was possible to get pregnancy symtoms because i didn't really won't him to get fixed i wanted at least one more girl (we have a girl and boy and he thinks that's prefect) could it all be in my head because i wanted one more but i can't. cheyenene pls, pls help!?
951639 tn?1246203924 really dont know cause havent had a period in like a year so is there a possibilty that i could be pregnant? some please help..
Avatar f tn Saturday afternoon I felt a strong stretching sensation in my lower abdomen and a pain on my right side when I rose from a resting position. I tested that night (and the next morning and the next morning!) all were positive!! Blood test this afternoon and awaiting confirmation! Good Luck to ya!
Avatar f tn Thats a very broad question just because numerous pregnancy symptoms are also symptoms of other things. For me I had no symptoms (other than my missed period) until week nine. Then I had nausea, vomiting (typical morning sickness), tender beasts, light lower abdominal cramping, and exhaustion. Mind you though I usually had all of that (minus the vomiting) a day or two before my period would show up. Even the nausea lol.
Avatar f tn I haven't yet had my baby but I feel awful this is my third and feel like I'm so cold hearted and so unattached to her. Yes it has been stressful pregnancy but nothing a baby should pay for I love her and get excited for ultrasound but feel empty emotion wise ...before people start judging sorry for the ones who read and really want children and are having issues..
Avatar f tn Since last night I've noticed that when I wipe a large amount of thick clear mucous comes out. Almost as if I'm losing pieces of my mucous plug. I took a shower and afterwards had period like cramping for an hour. Later on in the day I took a nap and when I woke up I could tell that I had dropped. I'm only 28 weeks today. So any thoughts ladies?
Avatar n tn cervix, I will probably not carry the full 40 weeks (they are thinking more along the lines of 37-38). Today, I experienced a watery discharge that was clear, but a bit thick. And all throughout the day today, I have had little drops of what feel like water dripping out. Nothing substantial, just on and off all day. This is my first baby and I am a bit paranoid.
Avatar f tn Im having our daughter may 15 via c section or sooner. My first child was a boy, I knew at 8 weeks we were having a girl because of how different things were. With my son his heart beat was low, my daughters is high. With my son I carried low, now I'm carrying high. I got sick alot with my son and my sick looked amazing. With my daughter my sick is ughhhh and I haven't got sick alot. I like more fresh foods this time around. Everyone is different but the wise tales worked for both mine.
Avatar n tn Those are some of the signs of pregnancy. I know my smell sensitivity started very early on. My first trimester I could hardly stand the smell of anything -- even good smelling stuff. It was like the smell was magnified ten-fold and it was quite overwhelming. My breasts were also tender as well. However, it is important to note that most women do not even realize they are pregnant at that point, and most do not experience symptoms that early on.