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Avatar n tn This is my 2nd pregnancy im 28weeks and have bearly started showing signs of morning sickness every now and then during my first i expirienced morning sickness all throughout my pregnancy until the end... Is it normal to bearly start expiriencing morning sickness??
Avatar f tn Presence of morning sickness is one of the signs of pregnancy. However, absence or disappearance of morning sickness does not rule out pregnancy. The only way to confirm is take blood HCG tests 48 hours apart. Doubling levels of HCG give a good indication that the pregnancy will carry forward. Also since you are having recurrent miscarriages and are on progesterone, you probably have some hormonal imbalance which needs to be corrected in case you miscarry again this time (I sincerely hope not!
Avatar f tn My last pregnancy I felt great. Didn't have morning sickness. It was This pregnancy I feel like I got ran over a LOT. In the beginning I couldn't even drink water from my nausea. I'd consider yourself lucky lol... But the luck could change. You never know. It could be the kind that hits in the 3rd trimester..
1699742 tn?1413767942 Morning sickness doesn't happen to all women, but about 80%. Usually starts around six weeks but can be sooner or later.
Avatar f tn I'm also 7weeks 3 days and I started having morning sickness at 5 weeks and 5 days. Now, it actually has sort of gone away. I haven't been sick in 2 days. I guess it just depends. My mom said she didn't have morning sickness at all through her pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Iam 24 weeks and iam still with morning sickness ive had it since I was 8 weeks. Remember every pregnancy is different we just have to try our best to pull through I unfortunately only have gotten worst this past week and had to go to the hospital because of dehydration there are also people who have it even worse just pray yours goes away like other people which I thought I was gonna be one of those people lol oh well.
Avatar n tn I'm 5 weeks along and am very worried that I have not experienced any pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness yet. With my 4 previous m/c's I never had any morning sickness and knew that that was a bad sign. I have had one successful pregnancy and now have a 20 month old, but while I was pregannt with him, I had a lot of morning sickness (although I can't seem to remember when it started). With my history, should I be concerned that I haven't had any morning sickness by now? Thank you.
Avatar n tn My cravings with my girls were always sweet and sometimes salt. My morning sickness was usually just nausea where as this pregnancy has been super bad with headaches.
Avatar f tn Hello - let me start by saying every pregnacy is different, in the first trimester which is week 1 to 12 you may experience morning sickness which is not just in the morning could be all day everyday and normally starts around week 6, tender boobs and the nipple colour may get darker. Your mood may be up and down due to hormons. With the birth it hurts quite alot but you midwife will be able to discuss pain control methods! Have you told your mum you are pregnant?
Avatar f tn For me I was more tired, and the morning sickness was pretty bad along with horrible mood swings. Some women don't have any symptoms at that early either.
Avatar n tn Every pregnancy is different and symtoms come and go. I never had any morning sickness with my previous pregnancy, but i have it with this one and this one has me more worried than any before.
Avatar f tn this month i missed my periods with signs of morning sickness and bad backache.its just 4 days since i missed my date. i started having lower stomach pains like in periods and had spotting also. I got scared and checked at home but the test is negative.Is it right to have severe back ache during the very early stages?pain like periods is normal? is there anything which is preventing me to get pregnant?related to my back? i m worried because i am already 31 and not able to conceive.
Avatar f tn Yes its normal I didn't have any morning sickness with either of my pregnancies. My doctor said its normal.
Avatar f tn Hi Bernie, I'm going to say yes. When I got pregnant with my daughter I started having morning sickness before I even got my BFP. It was too early to take a test. I would walk in the grocery store also and it would smell rotten. We guesses at that point I was pregnant and confirmed the day af was to start that I was pregnant. I know everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. I hope you get your BFP.
Avatar n tn I just missed a period never had morning sickness or nothing From what i read some experience symptoms then you hear of others that dont even know they are pregnant
Avatar f tn I think you would show other signs of miscarriage outside of not having morning sickness anymore. . some people have morning sickness on one pregnancy and nothing on their second pregnancy at all. . don't panic... when is your first ultrasound? Congrats and all the best! Keep me posted!
Avatar f tn iam exactly the same first it stop when i was 13 weeks now iam 16 weeks come back i feel so sick
551885 tn?1300387422 The dr had asked me questions about my morning sickness. She said in her experience morning sickness was a really good sign. I was not really sick with my baby which obviously did not make it. I know that many people without morning sickness have healthy babies, but what about all of us having troubles. I guess i am asking this because I am still ttc again...not happening as fast as I hoped. But was wondering if there is any truth to it.
Avatar f tn I have to make a correction to a previous comment. No morning sickness doesn't mean signs of a boy. My sister had no morning sickness and she got a little girl.
Avatar n tn No, it is normal to have cravings and morning is also normal to not have either. People have different symptoms during pregnancy. You sound like you are going to have an easy one. Or you could get morning sickness and cravings later in your pregnancy also. Don't get worried about this being signs of miscarriage...cause its not.
Avatar f tn I'm looking for input on morning sickness. What did it feel like, what kind (nausea, vomitting, upset stomach....), and when did you notice it? Before or after AF was due.
Avatar f tn No morning sickness at all with my first 3, i have a girl and 2 boys, a lil nausea this time but i dont know what im having yet
1794093 tn?1357934359 Never had morning sickness but yesterday was so queezy like I had motion sickness from the baby bouncing so much.. it was horrible. All I ate was ritz cheese and water and even that was hard to keep down. Glad you are feeling better though.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks and still no signs of morning sickness. Everyone says be happy and pray you don't get it but it's kinda worrying me just because EVERYONE I've talked to has had morning sickness. Any of you mom's out there not have it?
Avatar n tn What are some symptoms of morning sickness? i have felt like **** the past three weeks and people keep making comments to me that i may be pregnant. I have really tender boobs, bad cramps, headaches, dizzyness, im exhausted, moody and nauseas. I am on the pill but I had to take a antibiotic for a UTI about a month before these symptoms came around. I know that weakened my pill. Im just all nervous now that I might actually be pregnant. The pill is the only form of birth control I use.
Avatar n tn aww congrats!! all the symptoms are good signs!
Avatar f tn I am 5w2d and have no signs of morning sickness yet, just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat or not. With my first as soon as I hit 5 weeks I had morning sickness for the next 3 months. I still have other symptoms (frequent urination, sore breasts, etc) just worried!