Pregnancy signs in the first week

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Avatar f tn Usually the first sign of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy tests. Some women go for weeks with no other obvious sign. I think that my first was needing to undo the waist button of my jeans in the car, and that was in my 11th week, long after I knew I was pregnant.
8650265 tn?1421569013 Sometimes there are no signs that a miscarriage has accured. This happened to me with my first pregnancy. I thought everything was going well, went in for my 12 week scan and there was no heartbeat. I lost the baby just before 10 weeks. It's called a missed miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Hello - let me start by saying every pregnacy is different, in the first trimester which is week 1 to 12 you may experience morning sickness which is not just in the morning could be all day everyday and normally starts around week 6, tender boobs and the nipple colour may get darker. Your mood may be up and down due to hormons. With the birth it hurts quite alot but you midwife will be able to discuss pain control methods! Have you told your mum you are pregnant?
Avatar f tn And the doctor said something of the test not showing i was pregnant. Now for the pass week I have had white creamy discharge it doeant bother me in anyway. I read thats another sign of pregnancy aswell. Could the test from my doctpr have happy to early?
285149 tn?1217050067 I had cramping from 4 days past ovulation...sore breasts started about first day of missed period.
Avatar f tn My cycles have been pretty normal my whole life. In October my period came on the 1st. It was normal. In November, my period didn't come until the 15th, last only about 3 days and was pretty light. In December, my period didn't come until the 22nd and lasted only about 6 hours and was basically just spotting. For January's period, it was very light on the 9th, lasted for 36 hours.
Avatar n tn I have been wondering what was the first pregnancy symptom that all of you women experienced? Did you have symptoms prior to your BFP or did they come a few weeks later? I "O'ed" 7 days ago and I have never before experienced such painful/tender breasts. It may be some major PMS so I am not getting my hopes up. Just thought it would be fun to share with us TTC your signs/symptoms.
448723 tn?1301458558 February 22, 2007 Content provided by Are you pregnant? The proof is in the pregnancy test. But even before you miss a period, you may suspect - or hope - that you're pregnant. Consider these early symptoms of pregnancy, which may begin in the first few weeks after conception. Tender, swollen breasts Your breasts may provide one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. As early as two weeks after conception, hormonal changes may make your breasts tender, tingly or sore.
281603 tn?1229315281 What are some of the earliest signs you notice....when I was pregnant for the first time, I didn't have any symptoms at all so I was wondering.
Avatar f tn Do the pregnancy signs/ symptoms get more intense with the third pregnancy. I know with my second pregnancy they were a bit more intense and started a bit sooner.
Avatar f tn just wanted to get an idea on what some of your first signs of pregnancy was and how soon you noticed? I'm still in my first week after ovulation, so too soon to take a test. I've been experiencing slight cramps the last few days, then last night I was hit with a horrible migraine and vomiting, as well as urinating every half hour and diarrhea.
Avatar n tn To jbizzle Wait one more week and take another pregnancy test in 10 to 14 days after having sex not always but normally a test will be able to read a pregnancy..
Avatar f tn I think that most everyone feels that way so early. I know I did and this is my 2nd. Just remember the warning signs of.a miscarriage and have a good relationship with your doctor. You are almost out of your first trimester and almost in the clear. Try not to stress too much you don't want to stress out baby.
Avatar n tn I had no nausea or vomiting in the first trimester with this pregnancy. I had some in the second trimester though. Every pregnancy is different, no worries:) I'm 38 weeks with a healthy baby girl. Congratulations!
Avatar f tn Pains have now subsided, but I have back ache and pinching in my abdomen. Have felt nausious in the evenings and breasts feel very heavy. I also feel generally under the weather a little achey and like i have a cold. I have been using the creighton model and this is the first month of my progesterone levels being normal, I have used clomid and HCG this month, would this lengthen my cycle.
Avatar f tn my guess is the women who experience it would rather not! and the discharge in pregnancy picks up as you get farther along... like more so into the 2nd-3rd trmester... so dont worry that will come later... all and all dont worry if your not nauseated lol its not fun! and just a side note... you are only 7 weeks.... there is time for you to pick up some symptoms... but again they are not so pleasant ;) Anyway... Congrats and good luck!!
Avatar n tn My period came the very next day as I expected, as it always comes around the 3rd day of the sugar pill. My period is usually 3-4 days, with the last two days being pretty light, and the first days being a normal flow. However, the period I had this time was only 2 days, the normal flow dwindling by the first night and not even enough to fill a panty liner by the second day.
Avatar f tn We are kinda wondering the same thing lol your hormones and or cycle maybe changing....for like a week in a half leading uo to my "period" i was super moody, my boobs got huge, exausted, naustious. So i was convinced i was preggers. I started what seemed to be a heavier period but it only lasted 2 days. Ive taken two at home pregnancy test but were negitive. So i guess im not but i really thght i was... lol just relax... either way its gonna go how its gonna go...
Avatar f tn I am hoping I don't experience too much nausea in the next few weeks. I read nausea usually kicks in around week 8.
1014822 tn?1338651673 I am wondering if some of the symptoms I am getting could be early pregnancy signs....I have sore BBs and I have also noticed more CM the past few days. It could be in my head but I hope not. Is it too early to notice any signs?
Avatar f tn It could be, but it could be other things too. It is too early to test. There are tests you can use up to 5 days before your expected period, but you're always best waiting till your period is due because testing too early is known for giving false negatives. I would wait till AF is due and test (with a pink dye test - they're the best) with first morning urine and see what it says. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the first time ever this month. Over the last week I wake up during the night thinking I have wet the bed, only to find a lot of watery discharge. This has happened about 4 nights now. Also, I am having slight lower back pain (which usually comes the day before my period) and yesterday I was extremely emotional. I know it was way to early to take a pregnancy test about a week ago, but I did and it was positive.
Avatar m tn i already took a pregnancy test a week after the expected date of my menstruation but it is negative,,, but still my menstruation doesn't occur. I didnt even experience a delayed menstruation it always happened on time.. what really the causes of this i got worried do i am pregnant or something else....
1564074 tn?1334494508 maybe both overies produced an egg, so yes you may very well be feeling signs of pregnancy, I would wait another week if you can and then test making sure you use first morning wee, good luck
Avatar f tn , and yes u could be pregnant but the only way to know forsure is by getting a home test or go see a doctor. Breast tenderness is one of the most common signs of pregnancy, The spotting could be ur uterus cleaning itself or implantation bleeding.. I had the same symptoms except i had the spotting right after my period for 4 days. Best of luck 2 u..
Avatar f tn You can take the test today I took the pt the day my period was due, and It was positive and now I'm having a beautiful baby girl