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Avatar f tn Signs and symptoms (or increased signs and symptoms) are not indicators of multiples. I had twins and my pregnancy was no better or worse than a singleton. The only way to know if you're having twins is to get an u/s done.
Avatar f tn I had twins with my last pregnancy.
Avatar f tn they say if you're pregnant with multiples your pregnancy signs are x's 2 or 3 then a single baby pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Anyone one here knows of early pregnancy signs of twins...i already had my first ultrasound i didnt see or hear two heart beats but my doc saw something that makes her believe i might be having appointment isnt until my 11 weeks which is dec 1st. Never been pregnant with twins so just wanna get some of the signs some of ya might have had while pregnant with twins that differ from a single pregnancy!
Avatar f tn I had no clue i was having twins- i didnt gain any weight, didnt have any morning sickness. I did feel my pregnancy signs pretty immediately , bout 2 week before my pregnancy test, my boobs grew and were very sore i was also extremely tired. My 1st ultrasound at 11weeks revealed identical twins! Im 14 weeks now and have had slight nausea since.
Avatar n tn I know once I start getting farther along, I will feel better. I cant wait either. Im hoping for twins, so maybe thats the other reason. I suppose if I didnt do the IVF and got pregnant the "natural" way, I wouldnt be so worried.
Avatar f tn The symptoms of twins are the same as a normal pregnancy except amplified, if you're waking up just because you're hungry. If it's like, starving then I would say it's very possible you're having twins, or just a very greedy little one. Lol.
Avatar f tn What are the earlier signs that you are having twins? Can your hCG levels be higher, or rise faster? I went in and my levels were at 180.2, then not even a week later I went in and they were 1300?? Also, I'm only about five or six weeks and I'm already starting to get a little belly, I'm not sure if that's just my weight gain... Anything will help! (: thanks in advance. PS - I won't get my first ultrasound until December 7th, so I'm pretty anxious!
Avatar f tn third pregnancy. Did anyone know it was twins before the doctor told you??... was there any signs?.. was there something that told you it wasn't just one baby inside there?? Lol... it's just a question I have always wondered how different is it being pregnant with twins! Of course I really am hoping I am having twins.. (: My mother and sister seem to think I'm having twins cause of a dream they both had.. funny thing is.. I haven't even told anyone I was pregnant yet!
Avatar f tn For those of you who are having twins what signs made you think you might be having more than one of any?? Just curious.
Avatar f tn Im saying this even though my 1st labour lasted only for 1hr.45 mins and I pushed for less than 5 mins. My 2nd labour lasted for 4 hrs and 30 mins of pushing and that was like no other pain in my life. So I should be one of the lucky ones for the fact that my labours were very short, but still it HURTS and HURTS badly!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm pregnant with twins. I'm 7 weeks pregnant, how is this different from other pregnancies? Any feed back would be awesome.
Avatar f tn Twins run in my bfs family on both sides every generation and im telling every one this pregnancy feels different bc it is (and every single pregnancy even for the same woman varies to some degree) but whether or not its true we wont know til next wednesday. If there is a way to tell though I hope someone posts it here but in all my research and questioning of ultrasound techs, there is not.
Avatar f tn What were the first signs you knew you were having twins? Symptoms and inklings? I am getting big very quickly, using the restroom more than I have ever when pregnant. I am going on 5 weeks and feel 3 months along. My ob appointment isn't for 3 weeks....really believe there is more than one in there.!
Avatar f tn Samhasabun - when are you going for your u/s?
1538862 tn?1304214414 30 we found out that we are have twins although the sac on baby A is not as good as baby B. But they are the same in size its just the sac and we asked if it is ok and the doc said that it just might be to soon to tell but he has seen it before and it has came out fine so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Hope baby A will pull through. I have another ultrasound in a few weeks so we will keep an eye oun that that little one..
Avatar n tn I'm right there with you,,,,,my breasts are feeling very full and am hoping and praying that I am pregnant,,,,my stomach is also very swollen, and my back has these pimples on it that I have been getting lately,,but for me,,I get these signs with pms also, so I never never know>>> I'm curious how soon people got their pregnancy symptoms,,,, I should be able to answer that myself, but can't really remember early symptoms?
Avatar n tn Congratulations to you Gonza and have a happy baby shopping. I actually started shopping for my unconceived twins a couple of months back as a step of faith. My Dh will be very happy as it has been a long road for us. We have even tried ICSI 4 times. I don't what I will do the day I sight my own baby or babies. Thanks all I will feed you in on the result asap. Thank you and I am happy for you gonza.
Avatar f tn ) easier than a singleton as you are much more organised plus they entertain each other lol! Don't eat for 3!! I made that mistake and do watch for signs of pre eclempsia as you will be more susceptible. If you were exercising beforehand then you can continue but do not overheat, take it a little easier. I had mine share a bassinet and they then shared a cot till they needed more room - so cute! and they slept better that way and woke up 'chatting' to each other.
Avatar f tn I've heard of so many women who took clomid and ended up with twins. I've read about some signs that could indicate twins and I've got them. I'm already feeling a bump and I'm only 9 weeks. I'm hungry all the time. Anyone else have any input on this?
514428 tn?1287602056 LOL I started urinating 100 times in an hour and it's not normal for me. So I'm praying something is going on. Hopefully I know more tomorrow at the doctors. :) Just kinda a update for now of what I'm feeling today.... But I was wondering if anyone felt this before labor actually happened for them?
568343 tn?1217866260 you could be popping out more because its your 5th child or it could very well be twins..they say with twins morning sickness can be twice as bad...for a longer period of time....ive never carried twins so im not positive!! Do you want twins??
Avatar n tn I'm having twins as well. Im 14 weeks 2 days right now. I found out at 5 weeks 3 days because I was having horrible back pain & uterine/groin cramps to where it hurt to walk. Also, my blood levels were 27,000 at just 5 weeks ... WAAAYYYY higher than it should have been with a singleton.
Avatar f tn I am 10 weeks and two days pregnant but the calculator but for the last couple of days I have been bleeding and having small clots I was wondering if this could be a miscarriage? And what are signs because my first two pregnancy where fine no blood and with this one I have blood and no pregnancy symptoms I had two csections.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks now and I bled for 3 days but I also noticed other signs and took a test and it was obviously a positive. The only way to really know is to test. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have heard on ones getting pregnant right away, But sometimes the levels dnt go down that fast and u could still be feeling the after affects with ur last pregnancy.... Like cassandra said did u get a negative pregnancy test? if so take another and if positive go and get ur blood drawn every 2 days to see if they double or fall...
Avatar n tn I'm not technically breastfeeding but I do pump every 3 hours also i had a vaginal birth I had sex about 2 weeks after giving birth so could I still get pregnant