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Avatar f tn What were some of your earliest signs of pregnancy which arent all of your common ones?
Avatar f tn I have searched the net with so many key words, but haven't been able to find anything about early pregnancy signs in older women. Can you tell me about your earliest hints? I may be crazy, but these are mine: -a slight flutter in my chest, like a skipped beat once in awhile (maybe due to increasing blood volume?
974298 tn?1324836793 How early do you see signs of pregnancy? I'm was suppose to ovulate between wednesday and today. I felt bloated from thursday and I had had abdominal pain. My partner and I BD on monday, wednesday and friday. But this afternoon about 12 or 1, just before the USA and ENGLAND match start I started feeling dizzy and I started vomitting. I did nothing out of the usual and I was fine all morning, so I don't know why I would feel this way now. Could it be a sign of conception?
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me some very early pregnancy signs they had other then a missed period?
Avatar f tn What were some of your early signs of pregnancy? And how long did it take you to conceive ?
Avatar m tn I had sex on Friday 31st August last week and had sex two more times between then and today (Friday to Wednesday) I was really stupid and didn't use anything and he cummed inside me all 3 times, I've been reading up on early pregnancy signs and it's different for everyone, but I had like period cramps however, my period ended on Thursday. So I was wondering if anyone has had anything like this before? Or am I just worrying myself for no reason?
Avatar f tn ( If I was pregnant, should I be experiencing more distinct signs than what I have? What were your earliest signs? Please help!!
Avatar f tn Hi ladies. I'm 5 days past ovulation and was wondering what your earliest signs of pregnancy were! I know it's too early for me to tell but this month, I just FEEL different! I have sore breasts and I keep getting random hiccups. Fingers crossed!
208686 tn?1293034103 I am now 5 days late of my period and don't know what to think. I don't know if i could be pregnant or not. I don't feel any signs of pregnancy except I feel more tired than normal and mucus is clear white. I can't do a test until my period is 7 days late and then I don't want to go immediately. I must be patient but of boy it's real hard! I have a daughter - miracle from God.
Avatar n tn What were your earliest signs of pregnancy? How far along were you when you first felt pregnant? What were the first changes your partner noticed about you? I know I'm preg but no positive home test yet and no one will see me to confirm until I do so I'm trying to figure out approx how far along I am. :) thank you!
Avatar f tn how soon after ovulation do the first signs of pregnancy tend to show up and what are some of those earliest signs?
Avatar n tn I am 9DPO and I am wondering what the earliest anyone tested after ovulation to get their BFP. My bbs are sore and hot, I am sleepy and hungry, and very very irritable - like when I was pregnant in Feb. My DH tells me to stop nagging, which is unlike me. I am so hoping that this is my month, but I want to take precautions if I am because of the MC I had 7 weeks ago. Thanks and baby dust to all.
525485 tn?1314364901 Im just curious what the earliest date for everyone getting a BFP. For instance, how many days before AF is due? I am on a 28-29 day cycle, on 11DPO, has anyone had one that early?? earlier? later? I know its better to wait....but most of us are inpatient as heck!!
Avatar f tn me and my boyfriend had been trying for awhile with no luck & every test I took was a let I gave up on period was 2 weeks late but I hesitated to take a back started to hurt, my breast were super sore, and I was tired a lot. I took a test and it came up positive..I was thrilled. now I'm 20 weeks + 6 days and we are expecting a baby girl! :) good luck!!
Avatar f tn this is a thread for anyone rele but im wanting to hear when ur pregnancy symptoms began and what were they! i wanna hear when the earliest of signs occured, and it turned out you were by all means pregnant!
688845 tn?1325185836 So if implantation takes place on day 6 then the earliest you will see it is at day 9 and that is usually the earliest that anyone ever sees it on pregnancy test. If you are late for your period then it is possible that you could get a positive but it could also take a few more days!!!!! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has had very early pregnancy signs or could tell me a little about what I may be experiencing. Firstly, my periods are very regular, 28 day cycle, however I have had a couple of cysts in my ovaries, one recently. My partner and I for the first time are attempting to have a child. We had sex Wednesday night (March 30). I ovulated either March 30 or yesterday.
478429 tn?1265247987 Hey all... I am coming to an end of my tww =) I'm just wondering what your earliest p/g symptoms were and if you have previously been p/g how did your pregnancies differ? I hate trying to speculate during my tww - but I can't stand it anymore!!!
1360751 tn?1277576552 I checked an ovulation calender and it said i was fertile for that day. It also said to take an early pregnancy test on the 27th-28th and I did but it said negative. is there a possibilty I could be pregnant? what do I do? What signs should I look for?