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Avatar f tn Also I've had cramps on and off for about two weeks, I've felt pinching pain in my uterus, and a constant runny nose every time I get up....? What's up with this??
Avatar f tn What aee the first signs of miscarriage and eptopic pregnancy will the USOUND i had ar 7 weeks show if i was having a EP
Avatar f tn It has been almost 3 months since my last period. I have had four home pregnancy tests and They all are negative. I have had a history of IBS, my adomen is hard, bloated, and sore in my ovaries. I also have small ovarian cysts as well in the past. My breasts feel like they getting bigger, but I tend to obcess about things and maybe my brain is playing tricks on me. Maybe my boobs are getting bigger and it's completely natural...
Avatar f tn I have been havkmg lower back pains, cramps off and on, and sore breasts! Plus more n more watery white discharge are the symptoms of pregnancy?
285149 tn?1217050067 I also had mild cramps about a week before testing; they felt very different than period cramps and weren't painful. It was more like "hey, something's happening down here!" lol!... I didn't get nauseated or tired (or any of the other wonderful symptoms!) until week 6 of my pregnancy. Best wishes!
Avatar n tn Cramping is very normal in early pregnancy. I know how scary it can be. I had a few cramps last night and it frightened me a little but I know God is blessing me and everything is fine. As long as there's no blood you should be fine. Just take care of you and baby and try not to stress. Think good baby thoughts....I will be sure to send a prayer your way.
Avatar f tn You can do it though, you have to...too late to back out now since you worked so hard to get pregnant. Every woman's pregnancy is different, but generally around 8wks a woman starts to get nauseous...she may get sore breasts, headaches, you may get light stomach cramps but anything that is painful you need to see a may have a spot or two of blood, but if it's bright red or increases you need to go to the ER. Have you told your parents yet?
Avatar n tn they were pg, but for the most part the painfull boobs, cramps, cranky and tired and hungry, while those can be the same as pregnancy, you can get those before you start as well. heck this time was the first month i felt less "symptoms" than i had monthsi wasnt pg or even trying to!! there is also the fact that many women miscarry very early and dont know, i think it is 1out of 3 women. taking a test too early and seeing a positive then starting your period can be very devastating.
Avatar f tn Im 14 weeks and im having major cramps and I have an migraine should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I had them too, I'm 6 weeks now and they've pretty much stopped, as long as your not bleeding it's normal
1277082 tn?1344061420 so all day ive been feeling like sh@t. im tired nauseated, head aches. heart burn that make you body melt and tiredness. decreased appatite and a slight ear ache. ive had muscle cramps and moodiness. but heres the thing im 40 day from into my cycle and no bfp. i really dont know when i ovulated and really dont think im pregnant. this had to be the flu. the funny thing is i havent had to flu since i was a kid. i really dont want the flu but im prepaired with a bottle of pepto. yeah for a weekend.
Avatar f tn And said I may have some spotting or extra cramping then what I have been having ... I have had spotting off and on in my pregnancy since I found out . But the baby is healthy and there's nothing wrong . I'm just concerned because of the cramping . They are so severe and woke me up out of a dead sleep in tears ... I called my doctor and she said that it was normal ... But I'm worried about it ???
Avatar f tn i've noticed i seem to only have cramps on my left side since i first started showing signs i'm pregnant. i'm only 4 1/2 weeks so not very far. this is my first pregnancy so i'm a little worried. i don't have my first appointment for a few more weeks. I don't have any spotting or bleeding just mild cramps on that one side of my body.
9583605 tn?1409520865 I am 5 weeks into my first pregnancy and I am experiencing vaginal cramps off and on throughout the day. I read on here that abdominal cramping is normal but I didn't read anything about vaginal. I am starting to worry. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm going to talk to my doctor Monday. I have no bleeding or other symptoms by the way. The cramps are not extremely painful but really annoying and nagging. Please help with feedback.
10869131 tn?1430202096 Cramps make me so nervous! I always feel like maybe something is wrong. Theyre not strong cramps just subtle ones but everything i feel makes me nervous! I think I worry too much being a ftm.. Anyone else?
Avatar f tn You can go see your dr. But, as long as it's just the cramping it is likely to be just growing pains.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your under stress more than pregnancy signs. Relax its your body and your baby you have to decide if he never helped would you want this and be able to do it. You need to take some time and think about your choices and then make a full decision. I hope you have a support system to maybe talk thru things. :) I will pray you make the right decision for you !
800427 tn?1324949319 im just about 26 weeks btw and the cramps are low like right where period cramps happen and in my vagina they hurt just like Af cramps except for tylonel doesnt do a damn thing for them.
Avatar f tn However, if I am not pregnant I definately have a serious case of ovulation cramps! lol Have anyone ever was so sure that they were pregnant even with signs and were not?
991778 tn?1249406594 they can be a sing of anything not just pregnancy can be a sign of ur period coming but if u fell uneasy take the test.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me some very early pregnancy signs they had other then a missed period?
Avatar f tn What were some of your early signs of pregnancy? And how long did it take you to conceive ?
Avatar n tn Cramping is normal during early pregnancy. Its one of the signs that made me suspicious. I ALWAYS get cramps on my right side b4 my cycle, but this time I was gettin sharp cramps on my left side so, I thought well maybe... and sure enough that was it(BFP).
Avatar f tn If you're having sex it's always possible. Symptoms and signs don't tell much though. If you're concerned it's pregnancy, take a pregnancy test with first morning urine. A pink dye test is recommended.
Avatar f tn my breast and nipples are sore. seems like pregnancy signs to me but im not sure. can anyone shed some light on this situation PLEASE? should i take a test or wait til my next period?
Avatar m tn I had sex on Friday 31st August last week and had sex two more times between then and today (Friday to Wednesday) I was really stupid and didn't use anything and he cummed inside me all 3 times, I've been reading up on early pregnancy signs and it's different for everyone, but I had like period cramps however, my period ended on Thursday. So I was wondering if anyone has had anything like this before? Or am I just worrying myself for no reason?