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Avatar f tn i m worried because i am already 31 and not able to conceive.i had the similer symptoms 2-3 times a year but result shows negative.I was epileptic patient 8 yrs ago and still having minimul dose of tegrital 100 gms.My doctor gave me metaphage as a medicine to fasten the process of conceiving but i don't know whether to continue the same during pregnancy ?please guide.
Avatar f tn Wowww I love how the body works but at the same time it's confusing to me I'm feeling things I've never felt and symptoms that seem pregnancy related...can anyone estimate when my next period would be or when I'm considered late...I've had my period sept.21,oct.21,then nov.12???then about five days later 4 days of pink spotting only when I wipe like twice a day or so now I'm wondering when I should expect the next one..
Avatar n tn Hello!! i am 7 week pregnancy, but suddenly my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared!! is it normally!!? did anyone experience the same situation!!!
Avatar f tn Ever since, I have been crampy and tired. This morning I went to the bathroom, and as I was peeing I looked down and there was a white, creamy, discharge on my underwear. It had no smell to it. But it was thick and dried up instantly.
Avatar f tn Signs and symptoms of pregnancy are unreliable and I, myself, get "pregnancy symptoms" every month, but I am not pregnant. The symptoms of 'pregnancy' are very similar or the same as those for PMS, illness, injury, hormonal fluctuations, etc. The only way to know if you are pregnant or not is by taking a pregnancy test, either at home or at your doctor's office. You can take a home pregnancy test either 2 weeks after sex or after a missed or off period. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I've had a look on the internet and it doesn't really say anything about a high temperature being a sign of pregnancy. I did a HPT 2 days ago with negative. Can anyone help me please?
1643062 tn?1335247245 Usually my cycles vary from 18-34 days. Ive done 2 pregnancy tests and both have come back negative. I have a lot of symptoms in the past week and they include gas, bloating, nausea, aversion to the smell of bacon which I usually love, Ive been having hot flushes and waking in the middle of the night sweaty and hot, cramping, backache, thirst and the most noticeable is tiredness. Today and yesterday Ive felt like my uterus is full.
Avatar n tn Is having those kind of cramps a possible sign of pregnancy? I also feel like i'm hungry way more often , my boobs are sore, and i'm late.
Avatar n tn Like you, I cannot recall anything noticable concerning cm in early pregnancy. This is my 4th pregnancy. My earliest sign was extreme fatigue prior to the missed af.
708150 tn?1268277533 Haven't really had to get up in the night though which I did the last time when I was preggers. BB's haven't been sore which they were last time and are usually around this when af is about to show her ugly face. Have some bluish veins in chest but very few. Counting down til Wednesday. We have decided to test when I get home from work Wednesday. That way if its negative i won't have to think about it all day. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Avatar n tn It is very common and one of the earliest noticable symptoms, but not all women will experience this. My were tender but not incredibly.
Avatar f tn I will hope and pray everything is okay! Only 5 more days till you find exciting! And yes the cramps are a for sure sign...very normal! Goodluck!
Avatar f tn Hi im already 37week + and for the past 2 weeks, i have this pain/soreness around my v area. I feel the pain even when i sitting, laying down and walking... is that a sign of labor? And i do have contraction every now and then. it hurt and give me the feeling like i need a poo... but the contraction will just stay for an hour or two and it gone... I hear people mention more discharge during last few week of pregnancy, but mine seem to vanish...
Avatar m tn thanks for your respons actually today morning a done pregnency test but its negetive i will wail still.but i want to know as soon as possible plz help..
Avatar f tn I 've heard that a lot of women experience low back ache during the first trimester.
Avatar n tn You very well could be, I have 3 kids and w/ all of them I was sure my period was on the way due to cramps, but AF never showed. Sounds like you have a good shot at it with those symptoms. Wish you the best of luck.
Avatar f tn i am now on cd 30 and no sign on my period. No more cramps, but i have started feeling sick, extreamly tired, very water cm and a few more unusual feelings. I took a pregnancy test on friday (monday now) and it came back negative.
Avatar n tn Okay so I have a few questions about early pregnancy signs. I've noticed yesterday and this morning that the circulation in my legs is horrible, I can't keep my legs crossed for more then five minutes without it falling asleep. Is this an early pregnancy sign? Also things like headaches every night, back cramps, fatigue, moodiness. I've read that early pregnancy signs are like pms on steroids I was just hoping for some personal stories.
Avatar f tn I have my blood test on Thursday and I have no pregnancy symptoms...if I was pregnant shouldnt my boobs hurt...shouldn't I feel different in some way? I feel like a crazy husband says I should think I'm pregnant and be positive but I dont feel any different.
505857 tn?1329685117 I have trying to conceive now for the past 11 months with no success, my monthly cycle has now been regular for the past 5 months, but what i would like to know is, one minute i feel fine and the next its like i have hot flushes feeling really hot and sweating and tired. Is this a sign of pregnancy or ovulation. I was really ill sat and sunday night vomitting after i went to my bed, again took really bad sweats then had to run.
Avatar f tn And did you know, that sore breast is ALSO a sign of your cycle ending! Most early pregnancy symptoms are also symptoms of menstration! The only set in stone answer is hcg urine/blood test! Good luck!
200198 tn?1259891197 weel I never had any pregnancy symptoms with my other kids...except being tired and some cravings but that is it..that is why this stinks for me...and another thing sorry if TMI but I can't go # 2 haha....
Avatar f tn Just don't worry too much, your symptoms will come and go, i didn't even get any this pregnancy until 8 weeks, i am now ten weeks And the only thing i have is very tired. With my daughter i was so sick starting at 4 months but nothing before that (didnt even know I was pregnant until i was into my second trimester) but with my son i had symptoms a week after i conceived.