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1742167 tn?1436475320 (My stomach has been a little itchy from time to time for weeks - no change up or down on that due to the rash). The only thing I can find on-line is a PUPPS rash, but it's definitely not that, it isn't raised. It's more like my skin is just specled red - weird! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'll bring it up then, but I wasn't sure if any of you ladies have had this yourselves and what it was. Thanks in advance for your advise!
334461 tn?1205525845 Im SO glad that i found this post, I have the same thing, only mine do not itch at all, they are just there but in the exact same place as you. Is this associated with pregnancy? because i have never had a rash that i can remember! I have been wondering the past few days if i could be pregnant because my period is all messed up, i had the rash for two weeks, been spotting pinkish discharge for the past four days, and my period was supposed to be due tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Maybe your are allergic to something. new parfume or body wash. I had pupps (pregnancy rash) with my first pregnancy at 37 weeks. It was horrible, covered my entire body. (it started on my stomach and spread all over. Not fun!
Avatar f tn Any other moms having pregnancy rash ?! Anything I can do or put on it to make it go away?
8102917 tn?1402461514 Omg. Me too.
1827616 tn?1317706733 There are some rashes associated with pregnancy like Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP), Prurigo of pregnancy, Pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy, and Pemphigoid gestationis. PUPPP is the most common, however it is seen more on stretch marks and during the third trimester. If you have gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy then this is a possibility.
Avatar n tn Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy brings with it many undiagnosed issues. This rash may or may not be related to pregnancy. However, please do not worry. It is better not to go for treatment, in case it is not too troublesome. It wil get resolved after your little one is born.
Avatar f tn I have a rash on one of my breast should I tell my ob?
Avatar f tn Hi! I am 21 weeks pregnant. I have a rash on just my right arm and when I went to the doctor she just told me it was a normal pregnancy rash. What is a "normal pregnancy rash"? Has anyone else had one? P.S. I found out last week I'm having a boy! Yay!
Avatar f tn Rashes are common in pregnancy so I've read. I had a heat rash right on my chest between my boobs and it itched like crazy, just use some cortezone twice daily and try not to scratch...if it gets worse I would contact your Dr.
4424188 tn?1355690456 I washed and hurry up andd got out and my ankle is really bad swollen and have a horrible rash. could this be pregnancy related?
Avatar f tn Hello I am a new, nursing mother with an 8 month old. I have a rash near my c section scar, and took Diflucan. It cleared it up. However, I now have a scaly rash with definitive edges in the groin are and in the pubic hair. The doctor prescribed 10 days of Diflucan and a fugal cream. It has been 7 days a d no improvement. I am absolutely miserable.
Avatar f tn Call your ob. Did you switch laundry detergent by chance?
Avatar f tn Has anyone else got a red rash covering there belly?
Avatar f tn Over the past couple of days, I've developed a rash. It's right where my bra hits, so underneath my breasts and in between them. It's annoying more than anything. I'm already top heavy before getting pregnant, probably about 36F, so on top of the girls hurting with pregnancy, they are now itchy. Also, no bra is not an option. Nothing has changed other than I'm now pregnant. No changes to laundry soap or bath soap or anything. Suggestions to help?!
Avatar f tn Is anybody familiar with a rash all over her body ....well thats the issued with me it started last night on my left arm and then all over my stomach and know i have it all over my body im really ishy i went to see my doctor and they did some blood work and they say its most likely something to do with my liver something familiar with preclepsia anybody gone thru this???
Avatar f tn I'm 25w2d and I have had the rash for a month I've been to my ob twice my primary 3 times a walk in clinic once and the er twice. It's nothing like an allergic reaction and it's not infections or harming me or the baby just annoying the poo out of me. It's a type of dermatitis due to me having super dry sensitive skin and being pregnant so it's basically a pregnancy related/caused dermatitis..
Avatar f tn I'm starting to get what I think is a rash,this is my first pregnancy I'm 14wks. Started on my lower breasts,not sure if i should wait and see if it spreads or get a dr app..
Avatar f tn Im 21weeks pregnant and on both my arms i have this really bad rash and it hurts alot.what could it be?
Avatar f tn Am 8 weeks pregnant and am getting a rash of my left side of my stomach and boob is this normal ?