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Avatar f tn If someone really wanted to see them, then they'd have to do that by asking me through a friend's request or for a link to pictures on another site and I'd give them the password to see pictures(on photobucket). Maybe I'm just overly cautious, but I'd rather do that then see pictures get taken and misused. That's just my opinion.
Avatar n tn I have been on progesterone suppositories for the last month and my doctor says I can go to the pills. I am scared to change a thing since my pregnancy is going well in the 9th week. HOwever, I will be traveling some and it will be a pain to keep the supp. cold. I am afraid ice will freeze them while in the car. Do you think the pills will be ok to use?
Avatar n tn DH and I are doing a Noah's Ark theme, i was finally able to find a few things when we were out in Calgary.
Avatar n tn Can you believe i sat there all this time and tried to type all those letters and numbers when I tried to see baby pictures I went to that site..It talked about your estrogen and hormones being out of whack and could produce a heavier menstration Well i had just got news from my blood work yesterday that my thyroid is out of whack and need a larger dose so maybe thats the cause of it all...since thyroid controls metabolism Im also the worst for forgetting to take the thyroid pill!
Avatar f tn First off, ladies, I would love to introduce you to my best friend Susan!! She is from Calgary as well, but now lives in Dubai in the middle east...way to far away. If you ever look at my posted wedding pictures, she is the tall gorgeous blond. She was my maid of honor. Now, to answer your post. It is highly, and I mean highly unlikely you are perimenopausal. Are your cycles becoming irregular?
377493 tn?1356505749 Once again, so very happy for you, by the way, there is a website that has pictures of feint positive/negative pregnancy tests with different brand types shown too! (I dont think you can say the name of this site) but here's a hint, you have to do this in order to get a reading on your home pregnancy test if you know what I mean.
Avatar f tn We got pregnant on the first try (thank God), had a great pregnancy and delivered last April - healthy, active, baby boy who's the light of our lives. I could care less about whose DNA he has - he's healthy, beautiful and so sweet and that's all I care about.
Avatar n tn The tech was amazed at how much it moved (course then I was worried it was moving too much)after teh tech was trying so hard to get any good pictures. We know it has five fingers on one hand but it never did let us see the other hand. And we know it loves to move its legs!
377493 tn?1356505749 but you are a MOM FINALLY!!!! Congratulations to you and your husband, you wonderful lady. Can't wait to see pictures!
324911 tn?1276284982 we have really all become friend on this and going through a pregnancy together has been great so i hope you guys do manage to meet up after all the births. keeks i am not doing the clsses this time - they told me not to bother. i think i am pretty in the know of what to expect before and after but i did love the classes when preg with my 1st. your first pregnancy is so different to your others as much as you love them all.
324911 tn?1276284982 Well , once again our main thread is getting full & hard to load , so I figured the time has come to start yet another chapter!.....Weird to think that this will probably be the thread some of us start talking about our birth experiences & posting actual baby pictures instead of tummy ones! and for others , its the start of a milestone! The 2nd trimester! YAY!
Avatar f tn She's off the breathing tube now, but failed all the tests that would allow her to get toward a step down room or have fluid, but she sounds a little better, and I'm looking forward to seeing her this afternoon. She still hasn't seen pictures of my little boy (she went in the day I got my pictues, and really wasn't coherent until yesterday). So, I'll bring the pictures. DH, DS and new boy to be are keeping me going, and all of you lovely women are my strength and determination.
377493 tn?1356505749 Enjoy him and make sure to take lots of pictures. You always want to remember them when they are little. It comes in handy when they are entering their teen years and you want to throttle them. :) Keep your baby book updated and possibly even start a journal for your child about things going on in your and his/her life and around you. Enjoy every precious moment, because they grow up SO fast!!! Never fall asleep in the same bed or let your baby fall asleep in your arms.
Avatar n tn 00 in exchange for your before and after pictures. I did have some results, but then it stopped working. Its a exfoliation process in which you leave a concoction with the consistentsy of Vaseline for about 8-12 hours, then follow up with a spray 1-2 times a day or as needed. The main ingredients are Salicyic Acid 3.0% and Pyrithone Zinc .25% The amounts are not irritating, just mainly the whole process of how to use the products.
Avatar f tn I had this as well, and had it removed before I had my kids. Funny, though, when my milk came in after each pregnancy, this area was swollen again! However, when I stopped the "engorged" stage, it went back down. It was a great surgery for me, b/c the lump rubbed against my bra when my arm was down, and did cause some discomfort.
162948 tn?1205256292 i had an IUD put in may of 04 and i had it taken out in the begining of october and i still have not had a period? i want to get pregnant but i am afraid that the IUD messed my body up. am i just impatient? can i still get pregnant even with not having a period??
Avatar n tn Tanya became pregnant and soon after went into rejection, she was advised not to go through with the pregnancy but she chose her childs life over her own. It wasn't long till she was also at home with Hospice. They were wonderful with her. We did have signs of her last days but we didn't want to see them coming. She was only home for two days. We lost her baby on Christmas morning and her two days later. Almost three years have passed and I don't know how people deal with such a loss.