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Avatar f tn I'm still in my first trimester, and I feel like I'm always hungry but I have no appetite at all. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Hi there, Can anyone tell me please if I can safely diet in the first trimester? I'm 155 lbs. and 5'3 and I haven't lost all my weight from my first pregnancy. I only would like to lose 5-8lbs. so I can get back to where I was before I got pregnant with my first child. I'm only about 3 weeks along with my pregnancy and I don't want an over grown baby inside me which will most probably result in a c-section, nor would I like the extra weight to carry around.
Avatar f tn Becca, bloating and constipation is unfortunately totally notmal. I found that Zofran, the nausea medicine, made mine worse. Try cutting down on proteins and breads (still eat them, healthy nutrition is vital at this point), but eat more fiber enriched foods. For me, Fiber one meal bars really helped get things moving in my tummy, and got rid of the gas and bloating. I hope that helps!
1066572 tn?1296243601 And feeding/crying at the same time is very challenging. Good Luck with all the trimester. For me, the worst trimester was the last one. Happy Pregnancy!
1901977 tn?1333995326 Does anybody know what the basic calorie and nutritional needs of the baby are in the second trimester? I gained weight pretty fast in the first trimester and early part of the second trimester. Now I've been told because of my family history of diabetes I should be careful about gaining more...
Avatar n tn The first trimester it isn't uncommon to have no appetite due to morning sickness and hormones. Just try getting something small down there a couple times a day and know that in the second trimester you should get your appetite back.
1806721 tn?1554337007 I'm 12w6d and today is the last day of first trimester, yeah!!! I cannot believe I've made this far. Everyday week is a milestone and everyday is a blessing. It has been a quite eventful week. I started to feel really abnormal sharp pelvic pain last Monday. It hurts so much that I had to take deep breath while driving to my GI's office every now and then. Every bump on the road triggers the sharp pain. Deep inside I felt something was tearing and bleeding.
12584065 tn?1436324114 I honestly dont see how this is possible at this point. With my first 2, I started feeling better and my appetite increased. This No thanks! Lol...Im literally forcing myself to eat anything and pretty sure im not even consuming the daily recommended ammount of calories for a non pregnant person. :( The only thing I can seem to eat much of is a chicken caesar salad from wendys every night but thats not a whole lot of calories.
Avatar f tn I lost 20lbs during the first trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter, and 16lbs during the first trimester with this pregnancy. just from nausea and lack of appetite. I gained a little back 2nd trimester with this pregnancy, but only like 7 lbs and I've been steadily losing again so chances are I will be much lighter after pregnancy than I was you never know!
Avatar f tn I had that with my first pregnancy, all turned out well as long as you're getting all the vitamins and nutrition that you need and it's not bad enough to cause you to become dehydrated. I have the opposite problem this pregnancy though. I'm kind of wishing I was back in those old shoes again.
Avatar f tn I am also 5'2, I gained 80lbs with my first and with my second I've gained 46lbs so far with 2 weeks to go. My prepregnancy weight was 122 with the first and 134 with the second. Every pregnancy is different and if your drs arnt concerned then I wouldn't worry about it.
Avatar n tn My doctor also told me that at the first sign of my next pregnancy to come in, get the pregnancy confirmed and get another RHogam shot just in case my blood mixes with the fetus at all during the first trimester. From then on, I won't need another shot until I am at 28 weeks gestation and then again after delivering if the child is RH-positive. Kind of sucks, but just shows how very important it is to know about your body. I hope this information is helpful!
805878 tn?1243619273 on June 19th this was 16 weeks and they checked the heartbeat 150 and the measurement was 17.5 cm so I have been growing but my weight has been dropping since my first prenatal visit. In fact I am 10lbs less now!! Has anyone ever experienced this? Not sure weather I should be worried. The Dr. didn't seem to worried. This is my second pregnancy to make it this far, I have one 5 year old and have had multiple m/c. With my son I only gained 25lbs and he was 9lbs 6oz when he was born!
Avatar n tn take it with a grain of salt, NO Caffeine, artificial sweetner, nitrates or nitrites (bacon, hot dogs, pepperoni), deli meat, soft cheeses (feta, fresh mozzarella), mousse, and tiramisu to name a few. I would also recommend you wait till you are past your first trimester to tell people (like work and friends). Family you may want to tell earlier, but once your first trimester is over, you can really relax and enjoy the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Otherwise it is safe for you to fast this has been proven medically, our bodies hold stores so during the fasting hours our baby can use these stores and when we eat again at iftar or suhoor these stores are topped up. I didn't fast the first 3 days because just coming off the first trimester I would feel really ill if I went without food for a few hours and would throw up.
Avatar f tn Eat as much as you can to keep your diet balanced for baby. Talk to a grown up you trust about diet and pregnancy and how nutrition impacts baby.
Avatar f tn He is a result of our first try, my last pregnancy a result of our second, and this pregnancy is a result of our third. And I probably wouldn't have gotten so lucky if not for the charting. I still get blue thinking about my m/c, but I try to focus on my son and my new little angel, and my husband, who can be a ****, but is great for the most part. Anyway, best of luck. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I'm 39 and also with my first pregnancy in the Netherlands. I thought I received really good care through my midwives. The care for my entire pregnancy is very structured and I know what I'm getting at which point. They took the time to answer every question I have and I've never felt rushed during my appointments; which usually last about 45 mins. No gynaecologist will give you that much time. Having said that, they will definitely refer you to a gynaecologist if it is medically required.
Avatar n tn One quarter of women experience some bleeding in early pregnancy and in one half of these patients, we never define the cause and it has not effect on the pregnancy. We presume it is due to bleeding as the placenta seeks nutrition for the pregnancy by attaching onto blood vessels in the wall of the uterus. The analogy I give to patient is this is like the splash onto the stove when you throw the vegetables into the slightly overfilled pot of water on the stove.
Avatar f tn So I stayed completely off caffiene in my first trimester, but now I have a little here and there. But just for the record for all you caffiene addicts out there, once you go off caffiene for awhile, when you start drinking it again it is suuuuuper wakey-wakey. Trust me, caffiene did nothing for me before, but now a half a cup of coffee is enough for all day. If you guys want there is a really great great book out there all about what you should and shouldn't eat during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn This is my first pregnancy. I'm in my first trimester and I found out I was prego 3 days ago (Nov 9). Prior to finding out I would be nauseous through out the day but it was like a 3 (scale of 1-10) but now I can't even smell seasoning without literally projecting puke or dry heaving- hard- for miners at a time. I'm so fricking hungry!! *crys* please, how do I eat without throwing up. I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon because I just feel so sick.
Avatar f tn don't take prenental vitamins. It will make you sicker.. until you pass your first trimester.. then take the prenental.. in the meanwhile, you take DHA and folic acids.. good luck to you and enjoy 9 months journey.. it's will be up and down.. but it's worth it...
422823 tn?1229740447 to loose weight in the first trimester due to morning sickness but with me already being so small its not good to loose weight! So my goal for my next Prenatal (which is in 7 days) is to at least gain a few pounds! So we'll see. BUT if you started off over weight...and loose weight during Pregnancy thats not bad at all. It's actually healthier for the baby. So I wouldn't worry...and I can guarantee by the end of your second trimester and third you will gain weight...thats when most women do.
Avatar n tn My doctor at first said my whole pregnancy I should gain no more than 25 lbs. I'm around 190 and he said I should either not gain at this point or I can lose weight cuz of my size. So far I haven't gained but I'm only 19 weeks and he's happy I haven't gained. With my first I gained all at the end so most likely the same for this one.
525894 tn?1212637812 I had HG with my first pregnancy and second. Sadly I lost my first baby shortly before the end of the first trimester and I believe it was due to losing so much weight.. (went from a size 8 to a size 3) and dehydration. It is a debilitating sickness. Calls to the doctor (by my husband) were met with this is normal try some emitrol. I should have been hospitalized and on fluids. The second pregnancy I was put on a drug called Zofran. My miracle drug.
Avatar n tn I too am having issues with dairy. I am 6 weeks pregnant and love dairy of all sorts so this kind of ***** for me. I throw up every morning that I eat cereal. I also get very flemish after eating any type of dairy like cheese or yogurt. This was not a problem with my first pregnancy and I am not sure if it is dairy intolerance or just morning sickness. I'm gonna try to stay away for dairy for a few days and see how that goes.
Avatar f tn Yes you have another person to feed but its notbeating for two and you shouldn't gain more than 30lbs in the average pregnancy. I gained a lot with my first so this one I've been watching myself. I eat healthier and I eat smaller portions and I take walks when I feel up to it. I only drink water or non caffeinated tea juice is the enemy haha too much sugar in it.