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Avatar f tn well you are 4 weeks preggo when you find out true BUt you are not out of the woods till sometime after the 11th week (some REs say 13th week) so that is 7-9 weeks after you get the first 2 beta #s
Avatar m tn I was 5w6d along, and it was incredibly devastating. Especially after having to tell my parents that we were no longer pregnant, after I had just told them the day before. I did not need a D and C at the time, so I continued to have my hcg levels drawn until they were <5. Once my levels were down which was only about 1 week later since they were only 47 in the ER, I was told it was ok to not be as cautious with sex.
867215 tn?1239746243 4 days before my miscarraige my pregnancy symptoms went away and 2 weeks later after the baby passed they came back. With that pregnancy I started feeling symptoms a week after I conceived. Before I miscarried My HCG levels were very high...higher than normal. I was then told that there could have been TWINS.It is now May 9th and My boobs have enlarged I cant sleep at all I have breat tenderness. I have been going to get my hcg level taken 2 weeks ago it was at 46 and I have not went yet.
Avatar n tn Sperm doesn't live in water and it won't cause pregnancy. I strongly encourage you to learn more about pregnancy, conception and the female body before you engage in any other sexual activities. You seem to be confused about things, and if you don't fully understand the process you shouldn't be doing those things.
Avatar f tn 4th month- weeks 14-17 5th month- weeks 18-22 6th month- weeks 23-27 7th month- weeks 28-31 8th month- weeks 32-35 9th month- weeks 36-40
Avatar f tn I see a lot of posts that say "I'm so tired of being pregnant" and while my pregnancy has not been easy as I am triple high risk,I have to say that while I can't wait to hold and cuddle my lil guy, I am truly going to miss feeling his kicks and rolls and hiccups. And I know other pregnancies and difficult with lots of swelling and back pain etc., but I guess I just don't understand how they can say that they are so tired of carrying their baby and feeling all of that.
Avatar f tn this past month is the first of me and the hubby ttc. 28yrs old and have never missed or been late by more than a day for af for as long as I can remember. have always had the same symptoms a few breakouts about a week before and fatigue a couple days before af and moderate cramping just the first few hours of af now this first month ttc having completely diff symptoms.
Avatar n tn You've got time. Your not old. I'm 39 yrs old, will be 40 a month after son is due. This is my third baby. Conceived first try with this one. Just relax. Don't obsess about getting pregnant. Eat healthy and take care of yourself. You should get pregnant within 6 month. If you don't, go to doc and see if there is a reason you haven't.
Avatar m tn And, as the other ladies all have said, it is quite possible to get a positive result on a pregnancy test only 12 days after conception.
Avatar f tn Then at 0 two days later and not testing positive and missed period one month after. Started atpt last week and the lines are getting mor noticable. Am i????
Avatar f tn Did anyone get pregnant fast after having baby ? Or a month after having your baby ? ... Im super worried that I might be pregnant and my babygirl is just 1 month old ..on my last post I did mention that I got the Depo shot but had sex a day after and my smart husband finished inside ... Is too soon for me to be pregnant idk what to do ...
1310838 tn?1273624007 When I Was Supposed To Have My Period I Spotted, But It Was A Dark Color. I Took A Pregnancy Test Two Weeks After My Missed Period And Another One A Week After That. They Were Both Negative, A Week After That, On May 4 2010, My Period Started And The First Day It Was Spotting Then The Next Two Days They Were Normal, Then After That For 3 Days I Was Spotting In The Morning And At Night. Am I Pregnant? Please Help.
Avatar f tn Anyways I charted, knew when I O'd exactly and figured I was preggo b/c temp didn't drop below coverline and was preggo after only 1 month of trying. It wasn't that hard - if you are not already doing it I can help. Just PM me. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I stopped taking the progestrone suppositories and now just waiting for my period. How long after stopping the suppositories does it take for your period to come on? Once it comes I can start my clomid day 3-7.
Avatar f tn It is suggested to never stop progesterone until the menses starts and the pregnancy test is negative. You may take up pregnancy test 2-3 days after you miss your periods. Regarding initiation of Clomid it is best to consult your doctor and clarify your concerns about the best time to start Clomid. Keep me posted. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn Are there any symptoms in the 1st month of pregnancy before u knew for sure u are pregnant? Have u experienced anything?
Avatar f tn Hello, After 8 weeks of pregnancy, this spotting can be due to hormonal imbalance or corpus luteum defect (the corpus luteum secretes the hormones for sustaining pregnancy till 12 weeks after which placenta takes over). In corpus luteum defects, there is increased brownish spotting and if this is the cause then you may need progesterone supplements till 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Hi! On and off bleeding after termination of pregnancy can be due to some parts of previous pregnancy retained behind or due to infection. You need to consult your gynecologist if you keep having this on and off bleeding. At times this stops with medication. Often an repeat D and C is required. Take care!
Avatar f tn I had all of the symptoms am my period was 3 days late. I took a pregnancy test 2 and a half weeks after we had unprotected sex and the test came back negative. This has happend 2 times now. We are going to try again. But does this mean there might be something wrong with one of us?
Avatar f tn I fell pregnant on my 2nd month of trying but i tested and showed a positive about 7 days after my expected period.
Avatar f tn Ovaluation happens around the 14th day of your cycle not straight after your period. Wait another few weeks if you still feel like you might be then definitely do a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn a few days after I finally stopped TMI but I had the strangest CM it was clear and super stretchy like more then normal for me. Could this be a good sign? Has anyone gotten pregnant the month after a miscarriage?? I wish the last pregnancy would have took but I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason so I was oddly ok with it all.
Avatar f tn It can take few months to a year to conceive once ovulation is regularized after Merina removal. Any unprotected sexual act can result in pregnancy and chances of conceiving are highest during fertile days. It is suggested to wait for your periods. If you miss your periods and continue having symptoms and signs suggestive of pregnancy you should consult a gynecologist. Urine/blood HCG tests may be helpful. A clinical examination may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.