Pregnancy month after miscarriage

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Avatar f tn Is it safe to get pregnant the month after the miscarriage? Will the baby be ok? Or will it b born ur normal?
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage a little over a month ago and got my cycle back almost a month later exactly.
Avatar f tn I was so obsessed by geting pregnant, that my body start playing games with me every month...i use to get all pregnancy symptoms every month, which used to drive me nuts...After my surgery my Dr monitored my ovulation every month..just to make sure im ovulating frm my good side....every month i was ovulating frm my right side where the tube is missing....but guess wat now im pregnant and that too FRM MY RIGHT SIDE !!
9590250 tn?1452835284 Can you get pregnant right after a miscarriage and have a successful pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I had a mc last month . Am traying again ...
Avatar n tn I've had a miscarriage last month and I haven't had another period before this pregnancy (confirmed but at home test); I'm curious if this one will be another miscarriage since they are so close?
Avatar n tn Yes, you could be pregnant so soon. Some women get pregnant the month after a miscarriage. It depends on the nature of your cysts as to what treatment would be required and what effect they might have on you. I would suggest using precautions to prevent pregnancy at this stage (if you are not pregnant) until you have had your surgery.
Avatar f tn Pregnancy tests can remain positive for about a month after miscarriage. What needs to be done is blood HCG estimation at 48 hours interval. If the levels double up then you are still pregnant. A scan would then be repeated once you have completed 7-8 weeks. If the levels are falling then you have probably miscarried. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar n tn I am pregnant now and had a miscarriage a month ago no it's not good to do but it happens my son was conceived no more than a month after me having a miscarriage and he's a happy healthy little boy
Avatar f tn I had a mc may 28, my hcg was at 0 by the next day and the bleeding only lasted 5 days. Its been a month and im feeling pregnancy symptoms when should i take a pregnancy test do i use the miscarriage as my last period? I took a clearblue test it said negative but its 6 days before i expect my period again could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I got pregnant one month after I miscarried and delivered a full-term, healthy baby girl. My doc couldn't find any reason for it, but check with your doc.
Avatar f tn Women tend to be very fertile after a miscarriage and can certainly conceive within the first month. In some cases doctors recommend s women wait for a certain period of wait before ttc depending on the reason for the miscarriage but that doesn't sound like that was the recommendation in your case. Long story short, you might be pregnant but it's impossible to know based on symptoms, the only way to know is to test at the appropriate time. Good luck.