Pregnancy leg cramps

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Avatar f tn There isn't a box for leg cramps so I listed it as cramps. I heard waking up with leg cramps is a good PG sign.
Avatar f tn As Of Sunday, I Am Currently 35 Weeks Pregnant. I Am Feeling Kind Of Okay But I Have Been Experiencing Back Pain And Leg Cramps. I Didn't Experience Any Back Pain Or Leg Cramps With My First Pregnancy. I Have Gotten Massages And The Pain Would Still Come Back A Day Or Two Later. I Am Also Experiencing Round Ligament Pain That Is Making Me Walk Very Funny And Is Painful To Stand Up.
Avatar f tn severe cramp left leg overnight multiple
Avatar f tn Leg and arm cramping, No rain around today
4116706 tn?1351907846 Hand cramps and just a few leg cramps
Avatar f tn I only get leg cramps when I stretch while I am sleeping. These are very painful,sometimes makes me yell out. But if I stretch while awake, nothing happens. Anyone know why this is?
1117137 tn?1345227905 leg cramp, left big toe cramps, hand cramps, arm cramps.
Avatar f tn m not sure what causes it but from what I hear its kinda common during pregnancy specially when you are sleeping. This is my second pregnancy and had leg cramps at night in the 3rd trimester with my furst and this time as well.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing awful leg cramps every night. Before I became pregnant I would take ibuprofen but obviously that is a big no no. Any suggestions?
12216401 tn?1424138136 I've had real bad leg cramps the past few days , I didn't think it had anything to do with my pregnancy until I saw it as a symptom on this app . Has anyone else had leg pain through their pregnancy ?
Avatar f tn I've been getting really bad leg cramps when I'm sleeping and it seems like its getting worse ... The other night I had a really bad one in my right leg so I got up to try to walk it off and got one in my left leg right as I stood up ... Soo painful! I know it happens during pregnancy but does anybody know what I could do to try to prevent it or know what causes it?
706843 tn?1229014852 Today i woke up and why whole right leg cramped! It was really terrible- like i had been running or working out and pulled something in my right leg. wierd....
Avatar f tn had leg cramps in both calves - mainly left, unsure why. drank plenty of water yesterday, no exercise.
3201594 tn?1347457729 calf cramps in right calf
Avatar f tn Leg cramps most of night. Woke me up in am.
Avatar n tn mOOD IMPROVED DAY AFTER POOR HOCKEY NIGHT. wAS WORRIED THAT THE sEROQWELL WOULD NOLONGER COVER ME BUT THE NEXT DAY i FELT BETTER. tHAT NIOGHT, THOUGH I had very strong leg cramps. It started approximatly 2 hours after evening dose. That night I took evening dose earlier (6pm?) Before miller time Lasted approx. 1.5 hrs. The following night leg cramps returned yet much weaker, lasting .5 hrs.
1181317 tn?1264702133 Leg Cramps in middle of night
1181317 tn?1264702133 Leg Cramps in middle of night
337111 tn?1266946623 I know my period is coming because I'm getting that leg cramp feeling today. Kind of like no blood in legs. Started Planting Seeds and Qing Wei San yesterday. Not starting acupuncture until tests have better pinned down what might be wrong.
Avatar f tn severe muscle cramps.
1011295 tn?1320870972 Sunday night, I woke up woth the worse leg cramps I have ever had. I cried and screamed into my pillow with pain. My left calf finally eased up but it took almost 30 minutes before my right calf allowed me to stand and walk to take a vicodin. My legs still are weak and feel like I have over exercised. Thankfully, I have been on vacation this week and am rested but my legs hurt when i try to walk very far.
296928 tn?1297439953 Today I got a cramp in my left shin...not sure if it's shin splints or from when I twisted my ankle last summer but it slowed me down temporarily. I still managed to get in 4.5 miles which is my highest so far!
4116706 tn?1351907846 Had to take pain meds and more allergy meds for the cramping.
791606 tn?1240593511 I am having night time leg cramps that are very painful and increasing in number by the day. Cramping even in the day now and had a very bad one around my diaphragm last night. Woke up feeling very sick, nauseous and shaky and weak. Took several potassium pills and began to feel better in a few hours.
791606 tn?1240593511 more leg cramps last night but not as intense as they were last week. Still taking potassium 1x a day.
Avatar n tn Experiencing strong charlie horses in my legs. I have been hurting in arms and legs - stiff muscles and feeling very week. Right side hurting expecially. Starting back up with neck and shoulder on right side. Not feeling myself, feeling off for the past couple days, extremely fatigued. I am still waiting for MRI tests to be scheduled. Neck and brain look to be approved.
Avatar f tn Sounds to me like you pinched your siatic nerve in your lower back heat and massages normally help but ask your Dr if there is anything you can take. Happens to me all the time.
475222 tn?1214257356 5dpo bloated backache small cramps leg cramps