Pregnancy knee pain

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Avatar m tn Knees = runner's knee?
Avatar f tn near knee rt
Avatar m tn pain #1 stairs
Avatar f tn Hip pain bone pain Knee
Avatar m tn Knee pain again - 5/10
Avatar m tn Pain 3-4 Anne's stairs?
Avatar m tn 23 :-(
Avatar m tn pain at some point, 3/10
431600 tn?1203973788 I have had knee pain in the right knee for the past week. It is not getting any better. I cant streighten the right leg all the way and I cant bend the knee. When I lay in bed I feel like my knee is bending backwards. I have to keep a pillow under my knee. There is a constant throbbing. The pain is all around the knee cap and behind the knee. i cant think of anything I did to strain the knee othere then walking on the tred mill. What can this be?
1976041 tn?1330537164 Knee pain all but gone.
Avatar f tn knee pain after sitting for a while.
Avatar m tn knee pain below knee cap ??
Avatar m tn Low level knee pain from time to time
Avatar m tn Right knee pain outside edge of kneecap
Avatar f tn Did not wake up in pain during the night!
Avatar f tn I have really bad knee pain and I'm only 13. When I fret went to the doctor he said that I ha chondrimalacia and then I had to go to another doctor because I still had pain after doing 2 months of physical therapy and he said that I had tendonitis. So they second doctor gave me some pills and they have not helped at all. My knee pain started in March of 2014 and I still have it to this day. I have ony had one mri and that was in April.
Avatar m tn Knee 4/10 around 11 back 4/10 2PM
Avatar f tn Left Knee is getting very bad, using theragesic and the band, still some pain at class. Driving still ok. The pain is sharp, stabbing. just below knee. Associated with any type of twisting motion, gettin into the car after class is painful.
Avatar m tn Sharp knee pain behind right knee Went to Macy's today and my heart started racing so I left
Avatar m tn 3 separate wakings from knee pain, each time sharper but managed to fall asleep again
Avatar n tn right knee. sharp/burning/sore pain (moderate) from low thigh on left front side stretching into the knee between the kneecap and left side of joint. muscle/tendon pain? began late last night, better when i woke up this morning, returned by 9am. persistent throughout day.
Avatar f tn lower back, menstral pain, right hip, right upper leg, right knee