Pregnancy joint pain

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Avatar f tn I have been having traveling joint pain since my pregnancy, 3 years ago! The pain stays in one or multiple joints for a week to few weeks, then it goes away for a little while and then returns to another joint/s! I'm only 140lbs, I'm healthy! No diabetes, no cholesterol ... Any idea what it can be! Doctors have ruled out any kind of arthritis!
Avatar f tn Having more joint pain and stiffness
Avatar f tn Muscle and Joint Pain Stabbing.
Avatar m tn joint pain, Headace, Body rash Noight sweat
Avatar f tn Still having joint pain.
Avatar f tn having increased joint pain, getting a cold
Avatar f tn joint pain stomach pain and want to vomit, fatigue
1139443 tn?1369553584 Intense joint pain!
Avatar f tn increased joint pain esp at hs. called dr. wally.
Avatar f tn flashing lights joint pain arm pain
Avatar f tn over the weekend had really bad joint pain and stiffness. Felt like when I first was dx'ed. Getting a cold. Somewhat better now although still have some joint pain- esp in ankles. Almost done with atb. nodule under rt axillae better.
Avatar n tn Continue to have significant muscular and joint pain and many awakenings from charley horses.
Avatar n tn Significant muscular and joint pain. Had several charley horses during awake period between sleep.
4046749 tn?1357103996 So, I'm 13w3d and ever since I have been pregnant I have the worst joint pain. All of my joints hurt so bad. Is this normal? Or is there anything I can do to make them stop hurting? Tylenol, heating pads, and ice have done nothing for it. I'm miserable.
Avatar f tn Muddy JOINT PAIN
Avatar f tn Still in a lot of pain since miscarriage and blood loss. Think some of it is fibro pain. Which did not go away during pregnancy. The only pain I didn't have was menstrual cramps...well gee you don't have those when you are pregnant. Thinking of talking to dr to reschedule the sleep study now that I am on no meds and not pregnant and possibly see about pain management. When I was pregnant I dealt with it as I wanted a healthy baby..
1230582 tn?1268064522 Joint pain after doing 10 squats in the shower last afternoon= knee pain
1230582 tn?1268064522 Some pain to fingers and toes today, haven't had that in a while.
2125330 tn?1338055765 left ankle seems to hurt a little not sure from what though..
3226573 tn?1347780171 Real bad and its making me tired and sad cause nothing is taking the pain away and I refuse to take anything harder than ibp.
Avatar f tn hip knee shoulder wrist elbow
Avatar m tn First day noticed bone pain in left knee.
Avatar f tn Large change in weather
Avatar m tn experiencing joint paint leg below pelvic bone especially when i walk.
Avatar m tn I woke up with joint pain in hips, groin, knees, ankles, and feet
411621 tn?1241228891 Mild joint pain has returned mostly in fingers and toes, mild muscle weakness. mostly in the morning.
Avatar m tn Joint pain episodes of 10-30 seconds all day. Gap between adjust episodes is 5-15 minutes.
Avatar m tn Joint pain episodes of 10-30 seconds all day. Gap between adjust episodes is 5-15 minutes.