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Avatar f tn I have a job interview tomorrow, but I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. Do I tell them at the interview?
Avatar f tn I recently lost my job, what was obviously due to my pregnancy. Of course they can't say that's the reason. I've still not been told why. I have an interview soon and nervous about walking in with an obvious protruding belly. Do I mention the pregnancy? I'm only 13 wks but I began showing quickly this time. I'm still constantly sick and fatigued. I don't have a choice but to work and need to make the right moves to find work. I've never needed to do this during my past pregnancies.
Avatar f tn I had a job interview this am and didnt tell them Im pregnant. Im currently 31w and still pretty small so its not always obvious that Im pregnant. They didnt ask about it so I didnt say anything. Ive had a few interviews at other places but didnt get the job and i think the pregnancy was the main factor even though theyre not supposed to consider that an issue, in two months Ill have to be taking a month off of work..
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, so I have a job interview in a few days.. I was wondering if I should go or call & cancel seems how I only have 3 1/2 months left? Also, if I take the job, can I go on maternity leave or do I have to be there for awhile before I can do that?
1813627 tn?1337725975 I have an interview on Wednesday and was not going to mention the whole pregnancy thing yet. If i get the job then I will have to mention it sooner than later. I am not really showing so it wont be noticable. I was wondering what you ladies through of that. Thanks for your input. I just dont want to ruin my chances of being considered for this job.
4530757 tn?1358356986 So i got a letter in the mail yest saying i had a scheduled interview with the state next week. Heres my problem the job is really demanding and a few counties over plus im 31wks. When i applied to take the exam for the job i was not pregnant and it was over a year ago and i took the exam for the job over the summer a month before i found out i was pregnant so this is really unexpected!
Avatar f tn I'm 17 almost 18, and I'm 17 weeks pregnant. I also have a job interview at ardenes tomorrow. I havent decided whether I should or shouldn't tell them I'm pregnant or not. I dont want to be discriminated against for being pregnant, and if I wait for an offer then tell them, my pregnancy wouldnt of caused me to lose the position. Atleast if I didnt get it I would know it wouldnt be because of my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Im 17+4wks, and have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. Do I mention im pregnant AT the interview or once ive procured the job? Its for a full time cashier position, and its not like I want to hide the pregnancy, but I want to know when is the most appropriate time to inform them? Its also a "first" interview. Any help is sooo appreciated!
Avatar f tn I actually told my current boss that I was pregnant during the interview. My job has all women employed, so they understand. Part of why I told them was because I was ok if I didn't get the job. We don't need my income, it's just extra money for trips and baby items. I would tell your boss once you get settled in at the job, I wouldn't wait too long. Many places are willing to work with you.
Avatar f tn Ok so on thursday i have a job interview. Im excited yet very nervous because I'm scared i wont get hired. I don't know if i Should tell my soon to be boss I'm pregnant or should i just keep it to my self until i start showing?
Avatar f tn I'm 31+2d I have a job interview next Thursday, I really want to get hired but I don't think they will hire me because I'm so far along in my pregnancy I'm not sure until June 24 . If I tried to hide my belly I know they will be mad because I wasn't honest at first but I know if I do be honest they won't hire me.... What do you ladies suggest, what would you do?
Avatar f tn So I had my interview today with my dream job I have always wanted it went great I wanted to be honest and I told them that I was 35 weeks pregnant an I have 5 more weeks to go at the end of the interview I don't no how they feel about that but they was asking me question like what are you having, what's the baby name, you don't look pregnant, is this your first child then they went onto saying they have kids also and telling me there names im so nervous I pray that they will work with me becaus
Avatar f tn So I think a temp job would probably work better than looking for like a permanent job since you're so late in your pregnancy
Avatar f tn So, again I started looking for a job,I applied for several job,yesterday one of them ask me for an interview. I need the job but my little princess will be here in 2month,I don't want maternity leave.This job pays better than previous one,if I get it i can afford child care,but i am not sure if it's ok to 1month old baby in child care, the other thing is that the employer doesn't know about my pregnancy, I am not sure if I can convince them eventhogh I am very close to labor, I will work.
Avatar f tn Ugh I'm in a pickle. I'm 17 weeks preggers and I have a 2nd interview at my dream job on Friday. They don't know that I'm pregnant, and I cant decide if I should tell them after this interview or still wait? I'm almost halfway so I don't want to put them out by leaving in 5 months anyway. But we could really use the money, and this is something I would love doing! Should I tell them or still wait?
Avatar f tn I have a job interview tomorrow and I'm 16 weeks. I'm showing a little but I can still hide my bump easily. Should I tell them I'm pregnant at the interview? I'm afraid they won't hire me because the time I need off when the baby comes. Should I wait to tell them?
Avatar f tn They're not allowed to ask about pregnancy, but I suggest being honest. I had a job interview while pregnant and got the job even after telling them I was pregnant and was not planning to return. Many employers value honesty. I've personally never had someone ask about time off in the future at an interview. Keep in mind you'll need a job flexible enough for you to go to your appointments still.
Avatar f tn If the job would affect your pregnancy in any way then tell them (such as heavy lifting, etc.). If it isn't going to affect your pregnancy (such as a desk job) then it really isn't their business and would be against the law for them to refuse you a job based on whether you are pregnant or not.
9030182 tn?1405391162 I finally got an interview for a job that's one thing that's good right now hopefully I get it. But still upset from yesterday I had a break down. On the things that's happening in my life. The things I need to do is keep looking for places but it seems like I'm running out of time to tell my mom because I'm already 4 months I wanna move out before u tell her. The worst thing is telling her.
1177609 tn?1294076777 You are healthy (although pregnant), and being pregnant won't effect how you preform your job. I would simply say I didn't see any reason I wouldn't preform my job duties. Unless you plan on not going back to work after having the baby, typically your out for 6-8 weeks. I've had that question in every single interview even when I was in high school interviewing for positions.
Avatar f tn So today I had an interview at a great nursing home! I was soo nervous whether to say I was pregnant or not! One of the first things the lady said who interviewed me was "were hiring for the girls who are on going on maternity leave here shortly..we have a lot of pregnant girls here so make sure not to drink the water!" She said it while she was kind of laughing and I was just thinking oh lord...
Avatar f tn Exactly what my MIL said! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Its illegal. Just as its illegal for them to deny you a job due to pregnancy but they can make it seem like that was not the reason.
Avatar f tn If the job is not harmful to ur babies health n would b considered a liability. U don't have to tell them ur pregnant at the interview. It's not being dishonest. After I fill out my paperwork then I'll tell them. Most jobs don't ask if ur prego unless it's a liability then u have to tell them. I applied for MPS they didn't ask I didn't tell. I'm 4 months not that far along tho.
1877875 tn?1422450457 I just got a new job today. However during the interview I did NOT tell them I was pregnant. How do I go about telling them this? I need the job and the money. There is no way that they can fire me correct? Should I just wait to tell them even though Im gonna b showing soon?!
Avatar f tn So today im 11 weeks and i had a job interview at target which i got(: seasonally. im really excited because i need the money for the baby and my bf doesn't have a job yet but at the same time scared because what about when i start showing??im really petite so im guessing if they notice by the end of January theyll probably let me go which i dont want.wish me luck girls!(: i dont want to depend on anybody too much so i need to save.
Avatar f tn So I have a job interview coming this Thursday and I am really wondering if I should tell them before they make their decision that im pregnant. I don't want to not tell them and then they be upset when they do find out. But then again I don't want them not to hire me because I am. Im only 18 weeks so I am plenty able to work and plan to working as long as possible. What do yall think would be the best move?