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5432637 tn?1367890680 Not necessarily. Every pregnancy is different.
9237050 tn?1402627843 On the 9th of Feb, if I can't go into labor on my own. But so far in my 2 pregnancy might come early because I'm been having tense contractions lately...But who knows this alien lol could be like it's sister who wouldn't come out till 41 1/2 wk. We're staying mum on the sex...the suspense is killing me!! But good luck to you ladies!!!
Avatar f tn I have 3 days til my induction and I'm so nervous and anxious, is this normal the third time round?
Avatar f tn Usually they won't induce unless its going to cause complications for baby or your body isn't progressing into labor on its own.
Avatar f tn It depends on what stage you are in your pregnancy. I was over due and not dilated at all so they started with cervidil then once my water broke they gave me pitocin.
Avatar f tn Generally doctors don't/shouldn't induce for discomfort, only for medical reasons, until after the actual due date. The end of pregnancy is uncomfortable for everyone, but labor starts naturally when it does for a reason. Babies generally arrive when they are truly ready, regardless of someone else's plan.
Avatar f tn So many mom's have such rude comments on induction it drives me crazy if it's my pregnancy and my baby my body why can't I deliver and do as I please. Yes some women experience complications but I never did so I would love to do it again!!
Avatar n tn This is my second pregnancy and I've been to 4 different prenatal classes through this pregnancy and the one before. I have always been told that induction contractions hurt more, because your body is not prepared for the delivery. Plus, inductions have a higher rate of ending in c section, forceps or ventouse, and episiotomy.
Avatar f tn Am I in an ok position to call my doctor ASAP about doing a possible induction? I'm in so much pain, I don't know how much more I can take.
Avatar f tn Just got a call I'm scheduled for induction next Monday I will be 38+2 so super excited but sniper nervous!!! My son I went into labor on my own so I'm nervous about being induced!!! Any ladies that were induced before would love to hear your experience?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 38weeks pregnant and my doctor checked to see if I had cholestasis of pregnancy and it came out positive but they took more blood today to check if Its really positive and they will call me tomorrow morning to insure me if I have it and if I do they will induce me tomorrow ? Any advice on how long induction takes ?
Avatar f tn My first pregnancy was induced I was in the hospital for a week but I was sent due to a risk of preclamsia. I am due with my second baby Tuesday but my last appointment is tomorrow and the Dr said if I hadn't delivered by then I'd be infused amp pond just the thought of being in pain for 3 days again is stressing me out. I have no cramping just amp pond lot of cervical pain. Has anyone else been told they can't be amp pond looked to wait after the 40th week?
Avatar f tn I can tell you on and on about pregnancy.. and everything to do while delivering. But now that its me.. its scary. Still exciting. But scary. Anyone want to share there induction stories?
Avatar f tn So, I have been informed by my doctor that I am being induce at 37 weeks on January 25th. This will be my first child. Anyone go into induction scared out of their minds? I just hate hospitals. I know every experience is different. I guess it's just going into the unknown. I understand how it will be done, and what to expect, but man, I am just panicky in general as far as drugs and stuff go. Anyone els have a high pain tolerance like me, but still a big wuss when they're in the hospital?
Avatar f tn I was induce w, my 1st pregnancy at full term. I honestly dnt knw wats difference or wats bad getting induced.? But it went smooth for me. I didn't even feel my contrations at all, and nothing went wrong. Just take it easy (: it's bad as it seems. Just stay calm.
Avatar f tn I been induced b4. it's diff with each pregnancy my first one I got induced at 38 weeks coz of high bp.
10165853 tn?1456337437 I know personally some women like to be inducted early because of having a previous stillborn around the same time in the pregnancy to keep from it happening again... Also could be that the baby is measuring big and can come out.
Avatar f tn The fluids produced during an orgasm causes your cervix to soften, your body to contract, and you to dilate. I was told that my last pregnancy by a nurse that had been a nurse for 23 years... sex was THE ONLY thing that worked for me.
Avatar f tn You realize hun that even if you get induced there's no guarantee that you won't get a c-section.. a lot of inductions end in a c-section because of complications or the baby just wasn't ready. I don't want to discourage you.. hopefully it'll work for you and you can deliver him vaginal!
Avatar f tn Hello, usually babies gain about 1/2 lb a week at this stage of pregnancy. I would think that your doctors would be concerned to see that the baby is still growing consistently, even if it is small. If the baby has stopped growing, it may be that it will do better outside you than inside you. I assume you have diabetes. Soemtimes the placenta can deteriorate early in women with diabetes.
Avatar f tn I ahve a question wen yu get induced yu can push yur baby out like a normal labor?. Juss askin it my first pregnancy.
Avatar f tn My dr. induced my last pregnancy @ 39 wks cause I was due on my first sons bday. Most drs. only induce if there is a medical concern or your over your due date. My boys bday is sept 23 & 28... all drs.
Avatar f tn Alot of walking, pregnancy balls coconut juice, sex light jumping jacks and of course caster oil. Thats things I could think of off the top of my head. Hope one of them work for you. Good luck.
Avatar f tn But please just hang in there, the end is really near. I had 10 days left to go with my last pregnancy and just when i thought i'd probably go overdue, my placenta started to detach and i ended up getting induced. I'm just glad my baby was pretty much full term and he was healthy, i'd hate to think what would've happened if it had happened earlier.
Avatar f tn So I will soon meet my little Weston!! They have set me up for an induction due to his growth restriction on May 28th. I am not happy to have to be induced, I wanted to make it all the way on my own. Don't get me wrong so excited to see my little man!
Avatar f tn Have any of you ever had to get induced at the end of your pregnancy? I'm 39 weeks on Tuesday and they're going to induce me because im measuring at 42 1/2 weeks. Very swollen in my lower extremities. But it's not preclampsia. I am definitely feeling miserable, hard to sleep and move now. She's taking up so much room! I'm scared about the pain from being induced and choosing to go all natural. I am 26 and this is my first child.
Avatar f tn I've had two inductions and two come out on their own. I told my doctor with this pregnancy that I want the baby to come on her own. Being induced wasn't "horrible." But, with my past experience, I was kind of stuck to the bed. They didn't let me get up to walk around, or have warm water running on my back in the shower... My options were limited in labor when I was induced. My labors were a bit faster when I was induced as well.
Avatar n tn Yay! I finally have my induction date! Its 4 days and 4hr from now! So excited! :) anyone else?
Avatar n tn I was induced for both of my pregnancies, its the same thing as goung into labor becausr you still feel the contractions and you gotta push the baby out, for my second pregnancy i tried everything to bring in the contractions and nothing worked, i tried walking, having sex, eating pineapple, drinking cinnamon tea, dancing, squatting and nothing lol, but wouldnt hurt to try, good luck and congrats