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463897 tn?1468013750 // Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 http://www.medhelp.
1580318 tn?1550254481 So I'm past the 14 week mark of my pregnancy, but I'm confused why it still says first trimester.... Shouldn't that be second trimester?
8102917 tn?1402457914 It sounds weird but if you wake up and do some exercises it helps with the whole no energy thing. This is my second pregnancy and I feel way more energetic this pregnancy and I believe IG is due to exercise.
5582071 tn?1370335997 So far my pregnancy has been good. My first trimester I had morning sickness. I hated that so much. I had to urinate alot. I craved different and weird types of food. My second trimester, my morning sickness went away. I didn't really have morning sickness. My second trimester was actually fine. I didn't really have any symptoms except for urinating alot. My third trimester was ok. Im in my third trimester right now.
1525332 tn?1315845477 I went to the dr this morning. I am finally into the second trimester! Yeah!! Both babies are well. 13 weeks 2 days I gained 1 pound this week. SO EXCITED!
7558356 tn?1410715309 First Trimester: Month 1 : 1-4 Month 2: 5-8 Month 3: 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4: 14-17 Month 5: 18-21 Month 6: 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7: 27-30 Month 8: 31-35 Month 9: 36-40
Avatar n tn Generally you can continue to do the same exercises you did pre-pregnancy. Just be careful and make modifications that take into account your changing body.
9442948 tn?1406816451 First trimester: Month 1 week 1-4 Month 2 week 5-8 Month 3 week 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4 week 14-17 Month 5 week 18-21 Month 6 week 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7 week 27-30 Month 8 week 31-35 Month 9 week 36-40
Avatar f tn Being in my third trimester with my second child I have come to realize my bladder isn't like it use to be lol note to self and everyone else. When you're squatting don't sneeze or you'll pee yourself lol :)....on that note does anyone else have this problem??
1068793 tn?1301487476 I was hopeing would get lucky this time, but I guess not. I am doomed to get sick with every pregnancy. bring on the second trimester!
342335 tn?1240186274 Yeah! Made it to the 2nd trimester!
Avatar f tn ve only been doing it 2 times a week and started mostly in my second trimester. Hope i can get back into it after pregnancy! How often do you guys exercise and what kind of exercises? I like to run or do weights.
Avatar f tn I thought when you get into the second trimester, your energy begins to return and you feel better. I'm so tired lately it's just as bad as the first trimester. I'm 15 weeks and I am still getting naseous time to time. I am so exhausted. Does anyone feel like this?
Avatar f tn I'm in my second trimester and I have been suffering from constant headaches for two weeks or more, I was wondering is this normal? Also is there anything I can do to relieve the pain beside constantly taking medications?
10782180 tn?1413264096 I'm in my second trimester, 22 weeks pregnant and I wanted to do exercises that are safe for both my baby & I that's not just walking. Does anyone know what exercises I can do that you've done before?
11677651 tn?1421471149 4th Month = Wks 14,15,16,17 5th Month = Wks 18,19,20,21 6th Month = Wks 22,23,24,25,26 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your Third Trimester: 7th Month = Wks 27,28,29,30 8th Month = Wks 31,32,33,34,35 9th Month = Wks 36,37,38,39,40
Avatar f tn I am officially in my second trimester! Everyone says pregnancy ***** but I feel great for the most part expect being hungry alot and peeing and being tired and sore. But nothing else.
1047073 tn?1264670412 Not sure how the converting works, so I will be doing mine in grammes ect. BPD: 37.2 HC: 126.2 AC: 99.8 FL: 20.3 EFW: 148g and I will be seeing the doc. on the 2nd of October again. Will put another update down then.
743753 tn?1242478382 Starts today....WOOHOO!!
492921 tn?1321289896 So I have made it to the second trimester the so called "honeymoon stage". How far into the second trimester does it take to consider it the "Honeymoon" I am still running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. The neausae has actually gotten worse this last week. When I try to eat meat I want to puke. I'm on an antibiotic so that doesn't help with the neausea. My prenatals kill my stomach. I am always eating!
Avatar f tn It is important to keep your heart rate lower, but you should be able to maintain the same activities (Lifting,running, etc.) into the second trimester. The key is to listen to your body and stop if you feel any pain. I ran until about 30 weeks and did sit ups through the first trimester and feel like that has been a large part of my complication free pregnancy (so far at least). I am 38Wks+2.
Avatar n tn However this past Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I felt queasy, light-headed, and threw-up one time each day. I was wondering if this is normal or if morning sickness can occur in your second trimester. I have also been experiencing headaches and neck discomfort, along with a head cold.
Avatar f tn Finally rolled into my second trimester last week, and all these crazy pregnancy symptoms are passing! The insane gag reflex is slowly getting better and that's definitely what I was most excited about :) sweet! I can't wait to see my baby again, but next ultrasound isn't for another 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn *exercise
Avatar f tn But in all the articles i read about pregnancies they all say in the second trimester the woman starts to regain her energy back an the feeling of nausea fades 14 weeks and 4 days and in my second trimester an i feel even more tired...even less energetic and i have the urge to vomit more often. I feel bad that i dont have energy to play with my son. And my husbands been doing all the work around the house. If i force myself to cook i cant wait till im done lol...
9498641 tn?1411576331 Yeah i just entered my second trimester and I'm still always so tired or exhausted.
5609181 tn?1375332372 So my first trimester went pretty smoothly, getting sick a few times and fatigue were my inky symptoms. I'm newly into my second trimester and this morning I actually had to run to the bathroom because I was gagging so much. The only reason I feel I didn't throw up us because I have nothing in my stomach. Although I've gotten my energy back, has anyone else had their second semester be harder on them then their first?
Avatar f tn t feel comfortable doing it anymore, most women find they can still run until mid second trimester.