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8102917 tn?1402457914 It sounds weird but if you wake up and do some exercises it helps with the whole no energy thing. This is my second pregnancy and I feel way more energetic this pregnancy and I believe IG is due to exercise.
Avatar n tn Generally you can continue to do the same exercises you did pre-pregnancy. Just be careful and make modifications that take into account your changing body.
Avatar f tn I thought when you get into the second trimester, your energy begins to return and you feel better. I'm so tired lately it's just as bad as the first trimester. I'm 15 weeks and I am still getting naseous time to time. I am so exhausted. Does anyone feel like this?
Avatar f tn But in all the articles i read about pregnancies they all say in the second trimester the woman starts to regain her energy back an the feeling of nausea fades 14 weeks and 4 days and in my second trimester an i feel even more tired...even less energetic and i have the urge to vomit more often. I feel bad that i dont have energy to play with my son. And my husbands been doing all the work around the house. If i force myself to cook i cant wait till im done lol...
Avatar f tn I am officially in my second trimester! Everyone says pregnancy ***** but I feel great for the most part expect being hungry alot and peeing and being tired and sore. But nothing else.
492921 tn?1321289896 So I have made it to the second trimester the so called "honeymoon stage". How far into the second trimester does it take to consider it the "Honeymoon" I am still running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. The neausae has actually gotten worse this last week. When I try to eat meat I want to puke. I'm on an antibiotic so that doesn't help with the neausea. My prenatals kill my stomach. I am always eating!
10782180 tn?1413264096 I'm in my second trimester, 22 weeks pregnant and I wanted to do exercises that are safe for both my baby & I that's not just walking. Does anyone know what exercises I can do that you've done before?
9498641 tn?1411576331 Yeah i just entered my second trimester and I'm still always so tired or exhausted.
Avatar f tn It is important to keep your heart rate lower, but you should be able to maintain the same activities (Lifting,running, etc.) into the second trimester. The key is to listen to your body and stop if you feel any pain. I ran until about 30 weeks and did sit ups through the first trimester and feel like that has been a large part of my complication free pregnancy (so far at least). I am 38Wks+2.
5427210 tn?1367856022 Today i entered my second trimester :) im so excited!!! I personally cant wait to start showing and feeling my baby move, i find out the sex in july too! I feel like this is going to be the best 3months so far in my pregnancy. I feel way better, less nausea, and more hungry lol. What are some things to expect that you ladies went thru?
Avatar f tn t feel comfortable doing it anymore, most women find they can still run until mid second trimester.
Avatar f tn Finally at week 13 any other mom's just start their second trimester how are you feeling
2080231 tn?1444933585 According to the app I start second trimester today (13 weeks), but several other sites say it starts at 13+1 (difference is negligible since that's tomorrow for me) and others say it starts once you've completed your 13th week at 14+0. Have any of your ladies' OBs mentioned any dates? I honestly cannot remember what I was told with my son.
Avatar n tn It could cause a miscarriage. I waited until I was in second trimester to workout.
Avatar f tn So I thought the second trimester you were supposed to get your energy back... In 2 days I will be 17 weeks along and I am still tired as hell all the time....
Avatar f tn 13wks...
Avatar f tn Hello just wondering what everyone's second pregnancy was like compared to their first? Bit scared.
Avatar f tn *exercise
Avatar f tn I am 6 weeks w. my second pregnancy too. Till yet didn't notice any different symptoms than the first. Let see. I am curious also to see if it will be similar to the first or different in term of symptoms.
Avatar f tn How common is it to lose a baby in the second trimester? I've already lost two in the first tri.. worried about losing my daughter. Ill be 15 weeks monday.. and constatly having dreams about miscarrying.. going for an ultrasound and no heartbeat.
Avatar n tn This is my second pregnancy and I am extremely tired. All I want to do is sleep. It's really aggravating since I always have something to do but I keep putting sleep before everything. What are some things that keep you Mamas awake?
8101930 tn?1420001456 Ok cool! So if it's 13 weeks then I'll be in my second trimester right away!
Avatar f tn I don't know how your first trimester was but I just turned 12 weeks Friday and mine has been terrible I'm a mother of three boys and I never had any of the symptoms I'm having now I eat anything my vitamins make the nausea worse I'm constantly tired and all smells make me want to puke.