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8102917 tn?1402461514 It sounds weird but if you wake up and do some exercises it helps with the whole no energy thing. This is my second pregnancy and I feel way more energetic this pregnancy and I believe IG is due to exercise.
Avatar n tn Generally you can continue to do the same exercises you did pre-pregnancy. Just be careful and make modifications that take into account your changing body.
Avatar f tn so what is this second pregnancy going to be like for me ? whos done it? first time around, i started showing at 5 months. i started being sick at 6weeks until the day i gave birth. this time, i am nautious as hell , but no vomiting . i am 7 weeks and 3 days. and whne am i supposed to show? and every one of my firneds who had boys didnt get sick during their pregnancies. i am talkign over 15 people i asked. and all the ones who were sick had girls. like my first child. how accurate is that?
Avatar n tn It could cause a miscarriage. I waited until I was in second trimester to workout.
Avatar f tn Yoga and Pilates are both low impact and very safe exercises in pregnancy. Not exercising at all (even if you didn't before pregnancy) is absolutely bad advice! Exercise is very healthy for both you and baby and will keep you much more comfortable throughout your pregnancy. I worked out in my first pregnancy and am doing now in my second. I feel awesome and had an easy pregnancy with my first and so far again with my second. Definitely exercise!
Avatar n tn Is it normal to gain more weight in the second pregnancy than the first? When I went into labor (at 40 weeks exact) the first time with my daughter I was 217 pounds. This pregnancy I am 27 weeks and already weigh 220 pounds! I've gained 33 pounds so far!! I'm not a junk food eater, or pop drinker. I don't over do it. Is this normal to gain more weight? Its making me depressed to think that I might double my weight gain.
Avatar f tn Being in my third trimester with my second child I have come to realize my bladder isn't like it use to be lol note to self and everyone else. When you're squatting don't sneeze or you'll pee yourself lol :)....on that note does anyone else have this problem??
Avatar f tn But in all the articles i read about pregnancies they all say in the second trimester the woman starts to regain her energy back an the feeling of nausea fades 14 weeks and 4 days and in my second trimester an i feel even more tired...even less energetic and i have the urge to vomit more often. I feel bad that i dont have energy to play with my son. And my husbands been doing all the work around the house. If i force myself to cook i cant wait till im done lol...
384896 tn?1335297931 While they may be fine early in pregnancy, talk to your doctor before doing any of these sports in your second or third trimester. Cross-country skiing is less risky, especially if you're experienced. Golf and bowling: They're perfectly okay, but be careful not to overextend or overheat. Running/jogging: If you're a runner, you can keep on running. Competitive runners often maintain their training during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I'm facing the same thing, I'm only in my second trimester right now but moving provinces a month or two before I'm due and it's making me so anxious
Avatar n tn This is my second pregnancy and I'm currently 16wks and 4 days pregnant. I have felt movement since week 10. It feels like butterflies rubbing against my belly. Some say like gas bubbles but with more of a rhythm or pattern to it. Im Sure what you are feeling is baby. Enjoy it.
Avatar f tn Ok so this is my third pregnancy and second baby. My daughter is almost three and I had a long pretty uncomfortable pregnancy with her. Well in the three years since I had her I forgot how truly awful pregnancy is. I feel guilty saying this but I just hate being pregnant. I am 10 weeks along and am so tired I could cry during the day. At night I can't sleep. I am constantly sick even with meds. My boobs are painful. Bit the worst part is almost no bladder control. If I cough I pee.
Avatar n tn I am still doing some gym stuff, just cutting back on the intensity though - this is my second pregnancy and during the first one I noticed I'd get dizzy very easily when exercising. I did Xtend Barre (Pilates) until 34 weeks and pregnancy yoga all the way through, plus walking and stretching. This time is similar but all on my own, no classes because I don't have money or time for that!
Avatar f tn I had it during my first pregnancy. It hurt REALLY bad. It eased up towards the second trimester but as the baby grew, so did my pain. But, it wasn't as bad as the beginning just really, really uncomfortable. I usually just filled a water bottle with hot water and placed it on my back while I sat watching tv, on the computer, or lying in bed.
1331091 tn?1275643703 By the way, don't feel bad, I'm on pregnancy #6 that has made it out of the first trimester. I have to stop and cross my legs when I sneeze so I don't pee myself. And God forbid I have to throw up!!!
Avatar n tn The primary concern with Wellbutrin during pregnancy is that during the third trimester, the baby could become dependent and have similar complications as a mothers who take prescription pain meds. Sometimes we have to make decisions that are not popular but, in the long run, may be for the best. Whatever you choose, good luck.
Avatar n tn I had a little bit of a dip when i just started me second trimester, but thankfully my doctor caught it and adjusted my perscription accordingly. My best advice to you is enjoy the pregnancy, and keep the worries in a safe place. As long as your medication is the correct amount, you and baby will be fine!
Avatar m tn However, while doing yoga you must take care that yoga does not cause any harm to your pregnancy. Here are some Yoga asanas for your pregnancy. For first trimester – Tadasana, Majariasana, Uttanasana, Shavasana For second trimester – Virbhadrasana, Meru Aksharshanasan, Utthanasan, Vajrasan For third trimester – Pranayam, Utkatasana, Trikonasana It has been seen that yoga is safe for a pregnant woman however before starting a prenatal yoga you must consult with your doctor.
254689 tn?1251183640 Only one embryo was transferred and I don't think I feel any real pregnancy symptoms. Should I already be feeling any of these? The only ones I really have are sore breasts and some fatigue.
Avatar n tn side was indeed shedding its lining and that the baby side had a very active fetus (YAY!). This is my second pregnancy and I never had any bleeding through out the first (my son is 4). This baby is on the other side than my son was though. I knew I was pregnant about a week before AF came because I was SUPER tired and my girls were REALLY sore. but every woman is different! I had a positive test the day before AF was supposed to come. Plus I got pregnant 2 weeks after I got off the pill.
Avatar f tn I got back on my meds, just a low dose generic medication and i felt back to normal in about a month and a week. This is my second pregnancy and the same thing happened both times. The longer you are without your meds the worse it gets. There are just some people that go without them. Or our lives are hell and we make the people around us lives hell. And its actually not good for baby when we have all our ups, downs and panic attacks. I would talk to your dr.
Avatar n tn Hello I am an OB nurse, so all I can give you is a reasonable reassurance that if you still had enough endometrium to support a pregnancy past the first trimester, you should be ok. Now, given that your endometrium is most definately not normal, I am sure they will follow you very closely for signs that the pregnancy is developing normally.
Avatar m tn My blood sugars ran in the high 100s during my first pregnancy and in the mid to high 200s with my second. So far with this one I am pushing the 300 but am fighting hard to get them back to the low 100s that I had just weeks before getting pregnant.
151668 tn?1239924705 Being able to see what looks like an 'actual' baby on an ultrasound monitor during the second trimester. Nothing like the little blob you saw in your first trimester! 2. Actually LOOKING pregnant, not just like a woman who can't lay off the Little Debbies! The "in-between" stage of pregnancy is almost embarrassing. It's like, I want to go to people and say I'm not really this FAT, I'm just in early pregnancy. 3. Feeling the baby move in your stomach.
Avatar f tn You can start walking now. During late 2nd trimester to 3rd trimester I was too tired to did any exercise. I felt the most energized during early-mid 2nd trimester. You can also cut back of regular carbs and try to eat more wheat/fiber filled carbs. And limit sugar/sodium intake. But be sure to eat lots of vegetables & fruits so you get the nutrition you need.
Avatar n tn Yep, just one day, not every day during the ovulation cycle. Three weeks later, a positive pregnancy test. I then took a second one to confirm, and yes, positive. I am now 6 wks. pregnant and swear by Geritol. I am a science major, so I understand that there are no scientific studies to back its effectiveness. However, look around the internet. You will find a world of people saying "no, that doesn't make sense, so therefore it doesn't work".
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