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Avatar f tn I am real emotional this pregnancy and I don't Like it at all I know its normal I'm just not feeling it
Avatar n tn You would think you could handle a 2nd or 3rd pregnancy but I'm super nervous and this is my 2nd. I'm 33wks. My first pregnancy went perfect and this one is going perfect.
Avatar f tn You're doing that to yourself, You're still early in pregnancy. Your body is still trying to adjust. Just wait until you get further in your pregnancy,Your hormones will really lighten up.
Avatar f tn Exactly what ireloc said. You're going to be dealing with those extra emotions and hormones the entire pregnancy. I get annoyed how easily I get upset; thankfully my husband is really understanding.
Avatar n tn How will I live my life right when I endure so many painful memories of a fast life, an young age pregnancy, multiply issues and starvation for love with no one around who knows how to give it?
Avatar f tn Welcome to the wonderful life of pregnancy!! Mood swings are the best...not really. I can cry at a drop of a pin but at the sametime I could rip your throat out...
Avatar f tn How in the world do I control these new emotions!? I try not to blame my pregnancy on my issues, but theres no doubt my pregnancy has made me an emotion person. I try to hold it in, but Ive been doing that my entire pregnancy (28weeks) and just cant seem to do it anymore.
Avatar f tn I am 9weeks and totally having the melt down of my life over gaining a lot of weight this pregnancy! This is my second pregnancy and with my first I gained 46lbs , it was hard to loose but I did it plus an extra 10 lbs and than 2yrs later I'm pregnant!! i don't know why I'm having such a hard time dealing with it , must be my emotions today?! :( I have a hard time with my weight as it is than gaining while pregnant makes it tougher...
Avatar f tn I know how you feel. With my first my bf would just leave me alone to cry my eyes out, he would never comfort me or try to understand that there are so many emotions that go along with being pregnant. He would say that I'm a psycho and call me other names. Once the baby came it was hard to bounce back and look past how cruel he was during my pregnancy. We sort of built up our relationship but now I'm nervous because I'm only 6wks along with #2 and he's starting again with being an a-hole!!
Avatar f tn It comes along wit pregnancy. I have cried throughout my whole pregnancy.
Avatar f tn The emotions that come with pregnancy can be overwhelming. The hardest part is you can't really control them. But you can find ways to help yourself through them. Maybe have your husband write a note for you to read, record a message so you can hear his voice, you can also surround yourself with friends and family that will help you. Crying is a normal part of being pregnant.
Avatar f tn I was wondering.. Was there a point in your pregnancy where you just felt more emotional and then another point later on where you'd just start crying for no reason? What are YOUR stories? I'm 15+1 and I'm starting to feel kind of emotional. Not down.. Just a bit teary. Is it just me?
Avatar f tn youll be okay its just your hormones and the shock of the pregnancy. itll all get better soon I was like that with my boyfriend I stayed mad at him an had a attitude all the time but then it stopped an got better....
5864651 tn?1396935570 Is it normal to have parts of your pregnancy when your not even happy or exited.
Avatar f tn Im 18 weeks I cry so easily I try to stop as quickly as I can but its so hard I cried at the cooking channel three days ago.
Avatar n tn This is my first child, I would just like to know if these emotions get worse from here? I feel like a mess and not sure what to do? Any advice advice?
Avatar f tn 29 weeks and 4 days and I've felt like that almost my whole pregnancy! Not alone, I belive it's normal. Everyone says it is.
Avatar f tn I am real emotional this pregnancy and I don't Like it at all I know its normal I'm just not feeling it
Avatar f tn It feels like I cry all the time. It's annoying. My mom says pregnancy when you're younger is harder. Especially with all the emotions and lack of energy.
Avatar f tn Hormones can account for our crazy emotions during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Relax stress is bad for baby, benadryl or Tylenol pm are safe to use as sleep aids throughout the pregnancy. Your emotions will level out in second trimester just hang in there. I would rely on close friends and family for support.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone, so my emotions have been all over the place I'm 11 weeks an I can't go a day without crying over something. Will my emotions get under control, it is driving me an my boyfriend crazy. Is anyone else like this?