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Avatar f tn This will depend on the length of your cycle, and also on when you got your due date -- was it by ultrasound? and if so, how far along where you when you got it? But it sounds (speaking very generally) more likely to be the September 4 man than the mid-August man.
589762 tn?1330210735 Depending on the due date calculator I used, my due date changes. If I go by the online one that uses your exact cycle length, my due date is 1/4/09 ...(tho I somehow have been saying 1/8/09 ...maybe 'cause I liked the numbers! lol). If I go by the doctor's due date calc (which uses the average 28 day cycle), I'm due 12/31/08. So I'm between 29 and 30 weeks.
Avatar n tn I went in on the 9th due to a prior mc and we saw the heartbeat and I was 6w4d. Im sure everything will be fine with you and the baby. By the way, you make the 4th person who' due dates are like a day apart.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me an due date of April 6th based on my LMP but my ultrasound gave me an due date of April 1st. In order to get an more accurate ovulation date which due date should I go by? Are ultrasounds always accurate to calculate ovulation or are ultrasounds more based on the babys size?
Avatar f tn In other words, a woman with a 40-day cycle would ovulate on day 26, a woman with a 30-day cycle would ovulate on day 16, a woman with a 31-day cycle would ovulate on day 17, etc. This was a surprise to me, but one of the MedHelp doctors wrote it up, I think you could find her post about it here on the site to see if it sounds right. The variation in length of cycle is apparently all at the front end, the follicular phase, not in the luteal phase. "7 weeks one day ....
Avatar f tn I have that same problem with this one cuz I was using a ov kit too and ovulated on day 22 but a normal cycle is ov on day 14-16 I believed but they have been sticking with the original due date of July 2 based off LMP including 2 sonos so im just going with that
Avatar f tn It can't do that much harm, i've overcome i threatened miscarriage this time around and now have a healthy pregnancy. with regard to the due date-i'm CLUELESS-can't even figure my own lol let's hope someone more knowledgeable glimpses our posts.
Avatar f tn you have a chance of being pregnant. I agree with DrTjAlam - you need to take a pregnancy test. When is your period due? How long do your cycles normally last? 2 weeks after the last sexual encounter (if you don't know when your period is due) you can use a home pregnancy test and get a fairly accurate result.
1057060 tn?1266516726 but according to the subsequent ultraounds and the fact that my due date is may 27th i would have been 5 weeks 6 days. is the first ultrasound the most accurate?? when did i conceive? my pregnancy tracker on here says i conceived on the 20th of august, but other calculators ive used have said anywhere from the 29th to the 4th of september. so im really confused.
Avatar f tn In a typical 28 day cycle, this usually occurs on CD (cycle day 14). After you ovulate, you have a 12-24 hour window of viability. If the egg is fertilized in this time frame, it then travels down into the uterus and implants. This typically takes 7-14 days to happen. Only once it implants can a test be accurately done. So if you have a 6 day period, and you tested 6 days after your period ended that would place you at CD 12. It's doubtful you would have even ovulated yet.
Avatar f tn I've decided not to wait for a cycle before trying again, if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen, I don't think there is any medical reason not to concieve so soon other than it's difficult for midwifes to calculate your due date. Many people on this forum have gotten pregnant and delivered healthy babies straight away after a misscarriage.
Avatar f tn An estimated due date of March 12, if it was gotten from an early ultrasound, gives the following. Probable date of ovulation: June 19 Possible dates of conception: June 15 to 23 This is why I asked if you slept with someone after June 6, because above, you only gave the choice of a guy may 24, and a guy June 6. What does "I only slept with the second guy all of June from 06/13" mean? Is that someone else other than the June 6 guy?
Avatar f tn I was looking for the doctor to give you a gestational age (in other words, the length of the period from computed the first day of your last period) and a due date, but it does not sound like it happened.
Avatar n tn The doctors are having a hard time telling me when my due date is, because of my cycle length, and I'm just wondering when could I have gotting pregnant. Can you help me please! Thanks!
Avatar n tn even tho it was measuring bigger at 20 weeks thy kept my due date the same.
Avatar n tn It's called uterine didelphys and yes, it is possible to become pregnant and carry the baby to term. I got pregnant at 18 and delivered my son 11 days before the due date. He was in my right uterus, and since it was small and there wasn't much room for him to grow, he was only 5 lbs. 10 oz. Also, it was a spontaneous delivery (as in common with UD) and he was footling breech. I literally walked into the hospital at 3:20 am, he was born at 3:38 am, and I was in recovery at 3:55 am.
Avatar f tn If you entered the Sept 16 in as ur last period the tracker will start from that with ur start date from could have been implantation bleeding that you thought was a light period..
Avatar f tn I have an appt the 21st which is this coming Monday to get a better due date but I'm not really sure exactly how far along I am since I've had my period the last 2 months.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to update everyone. I went to the health dept yesterday & the way that they calculated it, my due date is June 1, 2010 which makes me 4 weeks 1 day today. I am waiting on my medical card in order to see my OBGYN so that an ultrasound can be done to find out a better due date because I think they are off a couple weeks. I'm just so excited to be preggo again!!!
Avatar f tn im doing great but feeling huge- also my due date has changed if you want to uodate it- Oct 30 i am scheduled for a c-section, it could even be sooner, my dr said that this little girl is already a big baby! good luck to everyone else- cant wait to see more healthy babies born!
Avatar f tn I know nothing about meds but if it doesn't work this cycle could you try it again with meds next cycle? you never know maybe it's the little boost you need.
589816 tn?1332980371 I'm gonna have to work on that one. But I would need everybodies average cycle length and average O date, I think? So tonight driving home I was thinking about what if we didn't have this forum? What would our DH's or DF's do with our constant chit chat of TTC, OPK's, HPT's, AF and off topics? What if we told them as much as we tell each other, as often? Then I imagined them having their own forum - "DH of a TTC Wife". What craziness would the DH's tell each other.
Avatar f tn I'm supposed to have an u/s Wednesday to see if the cysts have shrunk and maybe start meds, but with this weird cycle, I'm not expecting the u/s to be good. It just never gets easy or normal for me. Very frustrating!
693804 tn?1304724074 I'm 10DPO and very anxious to know due to all these symptoms that are not common with my cycle. I can't help but notice that I've been having a funny taste in my mouth, allergy attacks, major bloating, twinges, a little backache, slight headache that started last night and an overall feeling of weird and moody.
Avatar f tn Would it be better to go more by my symptoms than my due date? First my due date was 5/16 based on lmp 8/9...i had another cycle 2 weeks later around 8/24 but they said they dont count that one because it was not "regular". Next my due date became 6/7 because of the babies size. This is my second pregnancy but i feel i am experiencing symptoms of 15-17 weeks, i have been feeling the baby move for a couple of weeks now and i am showing.
449498 tn?1338775639 I remember with my first medicated cycle, my follie was at 14( on cd 11) then 2 days later was at 17.5 so i did the shot 2 nights after that, and ovulated 36 hours later. I think you'll be suprised tomorrow! I think your 14mm will be at 18mm tomorrow. Then you can do your trigger shot, and join us in the 2ww!! Yes! Go show dh some love, get busy and make that baby!!! :) I'm so glad everything worked out for you this cycle! It's truely amazing how well the timing went for you!
Avatar f tn Going for round two IUI hopefully soon. On 100 mg of Clomid this cycle, instead of 50 with the last. Did anyone have more luck getting more than one follicle to mature when they increased their amount of clomid? Good luck ladies baby dust to all!!
318181 tn?1336447096 I am hoping and praying that this long journey is close to being over. My first due date (with the first miscarriage or molar pregnancy they are unsure since the OB didn't due bloodwork or a ultrasound) was dec 29th so it would be very nice for it to happen now.
1580318 tn?1550258081 How is it possible to ovulate 2 days after your period starts. I've tried playing around with the average length of days in menstrual cycle, but that doesn't change the conception date. Does anyone know anything about this? Any input would be great. Thanks!
Avatar f tn therefore, someone with a shorter lp may not get their bfp until later than someone with a longer lp because they are probably testing around af due date). The cycle length determines when we ovulate, but 10 days past ovulation simply means you are testing ten days after you ovulated (whether your cycle is 20, 30, or 40 days). Best wishes!