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Avatar f tn on November 14, or did he say Day 1 of your pregnancy is November 14? Doctors calculate pregnancy using a 40-week calendar, though from the date of conception, pregnancy is only 38 weeks long. They go back and start the count on the first day of your last period.
Avatar f tn My first ultrasound measured what the calculators said.
Avatar m tn The last one given to me before that was July 7 (which was at 12 weeks 5 days using the July 12 due date or 13 weeks 3 days using the July 7 due date). Is it all too close to tell? I'm planning on having a DNA test anyways but for my own peace of mind I'd like some reassurance.
10947 tn?1281407852 an Ovulation Calendar which will estimate when you are most likely to ovulate and our Pregnancy Due Date Calendar that estimates your most likely due date. These tools can be reached by clicking on the "Calculators" link at the top of the community, or on the right hand panel in the "Community Calculators" box. We hope you find these helpful, and if there are any other tools you would like to see, please let us know!
10947 tn?1281407852 an Ovulation Calendar which will estimate when you are most likely to ovulate and our Pregnancy Due Date Calendar that estimates your most likely due date. These tools can be reached by clicking on the "Calculators" link at the top of the community, or on the right hand panel in the "Community Calculators" box. We hope you find these helpful, and if there are any other tools you would like to see, please let us know!
667829 tn?1297981723 Yep, I agree with Pam. Even though they date your pregnancy as 40 weeks from first day of LMP, we all have slightly different cycles, and ovulation times. If you have a 26 day cycle, that can change things a bit. The ultrasound is more accurate. Your Dr. would have let you know if he was worrying about measuring behind, and it sounds like all is just fine!!
Avatar n tn period as the last period I had. Every untrasound that I have had has my due date around Nov. 20th. I can only assume that it really was a "real" period in Feb. and I conceived during ovulation later in the month of Feb. My question is how accurate are the unltrasounds. What are the chances that I am actually futher along, meaning I conceived during ovulation in January? I would hate to go into labor when I am not expecting it at all. Can I rest assure that I am due around Nov.
Avatar n tn When my sister was pg they changed her due date several times, even up to her last month of pregnancy. I'm only 7 weeks and have had my due date changed 3 times. Due dates change depending on the development of your child.
Avatar m tn June 14 (40 weeks) Given that your due date came from a 12th week ultrasound, and even if we use the slight discrepancy with the date of your period to assume it might be a few days off (to be expected when the margin for error is 7 days) I'd say you did not get pregnant any earlier than September 17.
Avatar f tn My phone apps give me an due date the same as my doctor which would give me an ovulation date of July 14th but if I calculate my ovulation date from ultrasound due date that would give me an ovulation date of July 9th. Which would be an more accurate way to determine ovulation?
Avatar m tn My pregnancy wheel using the original due date of January 12, gives a conception date of april 21 with a last menses of apirl 7th. Semen does not live that long inside of you; 5 days at the most under ideal conditions. It's the second guys baby. Ultrasounds before 8-10 weeks are very reliable for dating, within a few days.
963648 tn?1410987391 I had my first ultrasound at 2 hat I thought was 8 weeks but they measured the babies and it was 6 weeks 6 days which was more in line with when I ovulated. They go with the ultrasound due date as your due date. The lmp is just an estimate to base your appt off of because they don't know with 100 percent certainty the day you ovulated.
Avatar f tn An estimated due date of March 12, if it was gotten from an early ultrasound, gives the following. Probable date of ovulation: June 19 Possible dates of conception: June 15 to 23 This is why I asked if you slept with someone after June 6, because above, you only gave the choice of a guy may 24, and a guy June 6. What does "I only slept with the second guy all of June from 06/13" mean? Is that someone else other than the June 6 guy?
1523981 tn?1311322195 we did have sex while I was ovulating and just for fun I tried a pregnancy due date calculator and using the first day of last cycle said I would already be 2 weeks pregnant. Just wondering how you can be pregnant 2 weeks before you ovulate and only 3 days after your period just ended. I tried multiple websites and they all the same thing. It just doesn't make sense to me or my husband.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor on March 7th and had an ultrasound making my due date October 11. At my next appointment, I told the dr about my LMP being December 24th and she changed my due date to October 7th. With these dates, It is said that my ovulation and fertile period should have been between January 12-18. I do believe this to be true because I was tracking my CM and symptoms. Also, the january bleeding seems to be implantation bleeding. I just want some insight on the situation.
Avatar f tn If a woman has regular cycles there will be a 2 week gap between lmp and ovulation. The due date for you will be calculate by your LMP even if your conception date is known as that is the way it has been traditionally done. The traditional method assumes the two week gap or greater if the cycles are varied in length. (It is just easier to ask/know when your last Lmp was then to know when one ovulates). That is where the utility of the US measurments really shines.
Avatar n tn Thanks for using the forum. Your due date is usually calculated starting from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). This is where the 40 week time span of pregnancy starts. Ovulation usually occurs at about 2 weeks after that day. Conception would have occurred 12-24 hours after ovulation. Therefore, conception most likely occurred 13-17 days after the start of your last period. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope that this helps.
Avatar f tn You have asked a very insightful question that does not have an easy answer. In general, the risk of "premature lungs" (inadequate production of lung surfactant) decreases weekly so that by 37 weeks, the vast majority of babies will have "mature" lungs (adequate surfactant production). Even full term babies, however, have a very small risk of surfactant deficiency. The gestational age obtained on early ultrasounds is considered to be very reliable.
Avatar f tn They are using my conception date to estimate my due date however if I go by my conception date I'm only pregnant for 38 weeks not 40. I'm so confused am I due on the 12th of December or the 25th?
Avatar f tn If it helps, this is half of what I've been going by: Pregnancy Dates Due Date:03/03/2014 Today's Date:12/30/2013 31 Weeks 1 days Days Sex for getting pregnant :From: 06/05/2013 To: 06/10/2013 Ovulation: OD 06/10/2013 2 Weeks 0 Days Implantation:06/19/2013 3 Weeks 2 Days Days Expected Next Period: 06/24/2013 Usual time to do fetal testing in HR patients:01/06/2014 32 Weeks 0 Days Term Pregnancy Begins: 02/10/2014 37 Weeks Elective Delivery after this Date:02/24/2014 39 Weeks 0 Day
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant this last time (in 2008), my doctor and I had this very same debate as to when to perform the c-section. I believe it's safer to deliver at 39 weeks although I'm not a professional. The doctor assured me it was safe to deliver at 38 weeks so because of my insistence, we delivered at 38 1/2 weeks. It was a compromise of sorts - I was concerned about this very issue as you. I highly doubt your doctor will perform a c-section if he/she is any concerned about lung maturity.
Avatar f tn How early in the pregnancy were you given the due date? Was it from an ultrasound or a little wheel or a calendar?
5355495 tn?1366824610 Yes i wanted to make sure that it was the right due date cuz with that being said my last Period and due date gives my a ovulation date at the end of may 2012 the 26th baby was born feb 14 two days early and ultrasound was at 12 that's when they told my due date when was ovulation date? How early can u even ovulate..
Avatar m tn When I questioned the doctor he said its just an estimate date! Congrats on the pregnancy, hope its a smooth one for you and baby!
Avatar f tn That's not enough information, Srikala. What is your due date, or how far along did the doc think you were on March 16? Once you have a due date, you count back from there to figure about when you got pregnant. It seems to me the bleeding on Feb. 3rd was not an actual period.
Avatar f tn You can be fertile and the sperm can sit in your eggs and start to conceive but it will finalize on your ovulation date. Wait until your period is due, if it's a week late, take a test. Coming on and off of birth control while starting it early can effect your period. So this situation might be a little difficult. Be a use your period could end up being late due to going on and off BC, but just wait and see. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Alright, I'll try and be as concise as humanly possible. My husband and I are trying to concieve. I have been off the pill for 2 months. We are having unprotected sex every 2nd or 3rd night. We are using to help us predict my ovulation dates "First Response Fertility Test". I "believed" I was on a 28 day menstrual cycle so we began testing on Saturday, September 26th, 2009. I still haven't tested positive for an LH Surge (meaning no ovulation yet).
Avatar f tn My question is does the dr. based the due date on the last date of my period because at first she had told me that my due date was on sep. 24 but the last time I saw her she did an ultrasound and she said that my due date would be sep. 23 because I was not sure of my last period. Another question is, what happens if I go over my due date, lets say a week later. Does that mean I had concived my baby during the time I was not ovulating.
Avatar n tn So, I know for sure that I am pregnant, but I'm wondering which day I ovulated, so I can pinpoint my due date. I was using the Clear Blue digital OPK, and it says it's supposed to be positive two days in a row. Well, I started using the test on August 2nd, which was cycle day 10 for me. I didn't get a positive until August 12th, cycle day 20. (I'm breastfeeding my 14 month old so I ovulated late.) So, I only got the one positive on CD 20, and the next day it was negative.