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1082155 tn?1268675169 lgscrjsra04, We share same due date now 7/6/2010. This is my first pregnancy and worried, happy all at once. I got heartrate of 123 at 6w6d. next Dr. appointment is on 12/6 feels like longgggggggggggg wait time.
1794093 tn?1357930759 With my first i had a daughter.. July 2 2010... She was due june 20 th but you know how that goes, she was a failed induction as she was stuck and was delivered by c section... She was 9lbs 2 oz and her head was in the 95 %... Kinda makes sence howshe got stuck! Lol So i have no idea what to do for this pregnancy as far as delivery choices go Congrats to all of you ladies!
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a dilemma because a female claims she ended her period on July 13, 2010 (not sure if that’s true or not). We met for the first time and had sex on July 14, 2010 and many days after. On July 27, 2010 she got a blood test at the doctors and it said she was pregnant and the hcg level was at 27. Im not sure what she told the doctors and if that played a part in the due date or if its based off of ultrasounds and hormone levels but the due date given was April 25, 2011 by her doctor.
Avatar n tn I got pregnant on July 23 2010 and had my period on normal starting date the following week but I am pregnant. How far along would I be?
Avatar f tn That was also my due date tell I went to the doc and now since my sono I'm due the 4th of july:) the 30th is so long away good luck:)
1503874 tn?1312309466 c 4 days before my wedding) and then another m/c on Dec. 27th, 2010, but managed to get pregnant on that same cycle. So my due date is 10/2, butI have never made it full term with any of my 3 succesful pregnancies. So I am sure I will be september with you!
Avatar f tn hi, the same thing happen to me i mc on the 29th dec 2010 . i took a test a week later and it was neg. i took one a few days before i was due it and i got a pos one. i phoned the doctor and he told me if i had a neg one before that this was a new pregnancy. but it was just to soon for me and i losted this one to. but good luck to you and remember no to woman are the same.thinking for you and keep me up dated please..
525485 tn?1314361301 Congrats to everyone! Can I join..this is my 1st pregnancy and I am due February 18th 2010...I swear ive heard of so many bfp's and due dates in february! How exciting for all of us!! Congrats again!
Avatar n tn t sure if the period in July was a real period then you can try it with both dates and you will at least know the latest your due date could be and the earliest your due date could be. You will, however, get the best due date from an ultrasound. Good luck! Congrats!
Avatar f tn I'm not sure on your due date, but I also had a short period, lasting a day or two, about 3 weeks after I conceived. You can still have a period after conception, and also when the egg attaches to the uterine wall there is usually a little spotting of blood then too. So you could have even conceived on that first date, but have an o.b. do another ultrasound, that can help confirm the date.
Avatar f tn Up to how many days can your doctor be off on your due date early in your pregnancy??
Avatar f tn I have pcos. Last period was July 2012. Normal cycle for me is between 52-56 days. Discovered today that I'm pregnant! We have been trying for close to 5 years! So as over joyed as I am, I have no clue on how to determine my due date! Pregnancy test has me at 4-5 Weeks pregnant so I'm assuming mid September? Will be making a doctors appt in the next couple of Weeks. If anyone had any experience with this, please share!
Avatar f tn Iam 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant, my due date is April 10th 2012 but what date did i conceive?
Avatar f tn Whats your due dates????
1504911 tn?1304309107 theres no actual set date for a pregnancy due date.. they can only give u an estimated date. thats why u got an approximately 15weeks and a actual15 weeks... it varys. no one can honestly tell how far exactly u r. they r usually only off by a few days if that....
Avatar f tn Just curious who actually gave birth on the due date?
Avatar m tn She had sex with somebody else between Friday, November 19, 2010 and Friday, November 26, 2010 to have a due date of August 19th.