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Avatar f tn I'm pregnant with twins too my due date is Jan 23rd
Avatar f tn I am currently pregnant with twins. Due may 4th with a tentative date of april15th for c secrion.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm also 5 month pregnant with MODI Twins. My due date is Jan 24th and you?
2129701 tn?1335497996 I am also pregnant with twins. I am 11 weeks, my due date is Nov 16 but I know twins are usually a couple weeks early. I had my last u/s 3 weeks ago so I am anxious for my 12 week u/s so I can see my babies again. Congrats on your twin pregnancy. They are definitely a blessing.
Avatar f tn my due date is actually September 28th but since I'm having twins I'm sure I'll have them in August so I figured I would be in touch on both forums. Any of you having twins? Or have had twins before?
Avatar f tn I had twins with my last pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I have a 9yr old and 6yr old twins. Twins were premie at 35 weeks but then again they're twins. Im so ready though!!
Avatar f tn I'm having twins too! Due date Aug 16...the doctor would like for me to reach al least 34 weeks...
5615074 tn?1378320440 I have heard that twins can make you have ultra symptoms. Like pregnancy times 50. But the only sure way to know is if you get an ultrasound. Some community colleges do them free as well as pregnancy crisis centers.
7473580 tn?1398232210 Just found out I am having twins and I'm about 7 and a half weeks pregnant. My due date is September 21st. Do I take an extra prenatal vitamin or just one daily?
167 tn?1374177417 I had to wait for my first ultrasound to calculate the due date. The measurements of the embryo gave me a due date of Aug 1. I think if your Dr. uses the date of your m/c then your dates could be off a bit. If my Dr. used that method then my due date would be in early July which is not correct.
Avatar n tn My due date is Feb 7th. But will be having Jan babies due to them being twins. Will be my 2nd and 3rd baby, my daughter is 15mnths old. So will have 3 babies under the age of 2 next year.
Avatar f tn third pregnancy. Did anyone know it was twins before the doctor told you??... was there any signs?.. was there something that told you it wasn't just one baby inside there?? Lol... it's just a question I have always wondered how different is it being pregnant with twins! Of course I really am hoping I am having twins.. (: My mother and sister seem to think I'm having twins cause of a dream they both had.. funny thing is.. I haven't even told anyone I was pregnant yet!
1056865 tn?1325812385 Hey hun Congrats with the twins!!! I do hope that eveything will work out for u and the little ones!! Just take it slow till monday.. I will ask God to take good care of u and ur babies!! Best of luck to u hun..
Avatar n tn It's still an awesome feeling when I actually think about it! I am SO happy for you! When is your due date? Keep me posted on your symptoms! Again, YAY and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Welcome to the Twins Club!
1428281 tn?1367151300 Hi, I thought my date was 28th Sept, but the recent u/s says my due date is 7th Oct. Waiting for a 2nd u/s next week as there was a clot under the placenta and don't know if this little one will make it yet. Having mild morning sickness and some cramping. Super tired, but that's cause my 2 yo is sick (for about 1 month now) and work is busy. I am also hypothyroid and diabetic (on insulin now), just to liven everything up.
Avatar f tn My due date was to oct.16 Unfortunately i m/c for the 3 time and this time it was worse than the other. A blighted ovum. Congrats on your pregnancy and happy nine months.
Avatar f tn Im due may 24 (going by period still waiting for my scan) but I feel the same. Theres twins on mums side.
Avatar f tn 26, 2011 before my first U/S and we found out it was TWINS!!!!! But when I went to my Reg. OGYN he gave me a due date of March 2, 2011 which one is correct?
Avatar f tn Thanks! I am just so confused by the due date, and how the twins are measuring. I really don't understand it. I don't even know how they're getting this due date, when my LMP was January 30th ( I originially thought it was January 31st, but checked my notes and saw I had recorded it starting on the 30th)! I find it all very confusing! The twins were only measuring 11 w and 3d yesterday, so that would mean my due date is not what they are saying it is...
784382 tn?1376934640 is calling her and showing up at her job forcing to talk to her about the pregnancy...... well she was due at the end of oct/ begining of november. and she went to the doctor yesterday and she says they changed her due day to the begining of this weird or is it just me thinking to hard??./....... they even told her they might be 2 or 3 babies in there.... and that they might see a penis!...( it was supposed to be a baby girl)....
Avatar f tn Im due dec 18th anyone else? Well thats what the due date calendar says atleast. I havent had my first appointment yet. Lets just pray im not having twins again!
Avatar f tn 26, 2011 before my first U/S and we found out it was TWINS!!!!! But when I went to my Reg. OGYN he gave me a due date of March 2, 2011 which one is correct?
7732297 tn?1397450437 Okay so when i went to the doctor the first time for my pregnancy they said my due date was oct.26.2014 then i had my ultrasound at 7weeks and they said my twins were measuring a week different so they changed my due date to nov.1.2014 but today when i went to the doc at my 22week appt my doctor said they were still using my first due date? Im so confused like today i thought i was 22weeks3days but she said no your due oct.26 so your 23weeks3days. Uh wtf right?
Avatar f tn Last August we lost twins and another baby in December. So we are thrilled that this pregnancy is going so well.
Avatar f tn ) My due date is jan 16 n i m 34weeks.I m expecting a boy n its my 1st pregnancy. I just feel the time is passing very slow.I m experiencing back pains specially when i m in bed n i move to change sides. The pain kills me. My heartbeat is pretty fast.. Although my b/p is normal.. Dr says i m anemic. I hope the baby arrives soon.. So want him in my arms... Share ur feelings n due dates..