Pregnancy contractions on one side

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6363715 tn?1394229381 This is my third pregnancy and i have never experienced contractions on one side. Your whole stomach should be getting extremely.tight and hard(usually 3-5 minutes apart for an hour or more)That is a contraction which can be followed or accompanied by cramps and back aches.
1596202 tn?1297310558 At 34 weeks, you'll most likely have braxton hicks contractions fairly often. With my first pregnancy, I wasn't sure what they were until I had one at my doctor's office and she said that is what it was. For me it wasn't painful (though for others they can be), but felt like the baby's head was pushing out of my stomach. My stomach would tighten and get hard like a basketball for several seconds and for the longest time I just thought it was the baby moving funny...
Avatar f tn In addition to these, my baby goes through hour-long phases of kicking/punching me HARD all over, I'm actually bruised on the inside on my right side. It brings me to tears how much it hurts when she goes through these active phases. It feels like I'm getting my colon kicked in! Anyone else having this much pain with an active baby?
Avatar f tn Its a sharp pain in your stomach you will feel like your stomach is crunching the difference between braxton i think is that they go away when you take a hot shower and lay on your left side. I tried that on friday when i felt them.for the first time and it wouldnt go away!! Strong back pain and its like an electricity going up from your belly down i dont know how else.
Avatar f tn not sure how i know if there real ones now or not 37+4 i was 2 centimeters on tuesday... has ne one had contractions that lead to real labor but they didnt really seem super intense?
Avatar n tn and ino for a fact that it isnt BH contractions because it has been going on for days now.. im 30 weeks and i tried drinking water it didnt stop i tried laying down in another position still hurt i cnt even walk without pains being worse.. this is my first pregnancy do u think i shud go to the ER?
Avatar f tn If they were contractions, your whole belly would tense up like a hard rock during the height of one. Then it would release at the end. Cramping on your left side may be ligament pain, or possibly even a kidney stone (I had two while I was pregnant, and round ligament pain the whole time). Speak about this with your midwife or OB and they can put a fetal monitor around you to check for contractions or fetal movement.
Avatar f tn I had more than 15hrs of really strong contractions yesterday that was 3 minutes apart that somehow managed to do nothing but cause me a lot of pain and 2 trips to l&d. Your doctor will probably begin checking you this week and I'll definitely mention them to your doctor. My weaker contractions have done more than the strong ones did and I went to 3cm 60% effaced in 2weeks.
434240 tn?1216395670 I keep drinking water, walking around, laying on my left side!! They aren't getting closer together or stronger, but they are staying about the same strength and starting to grate on my nerves. My dh thinks I should go in to get checked, but I know they'll just send me home telling me that it is only BH!! Just under 7w left for me!!!
Avatar f tn The best thing to do that really helps me stop them is chug the water and lay down on your left side and breath. One thing that causes them besides lack of water is having to pee so go pee every hour even if you don't feel the urge. But if you drink that water you will have too' lol I swear up and down I'm drinking enough water but I'm thinking my body just needs a little more than normal.
1815473 tn?1336174800 So since I haven't gotten many feed back on here like I do on babycenter I was wondering does anyone get cramps on only one side on your first trimester? Like I hadn't had them just yet and tonight I am having them cramps ok and off like contractions... But mild though. Is it normal?
Avatar f tn Menstrual-like cramps have also started over the past few days. Have any of you experienced real contractions as one-sided pain?
Avatar f tn I am not sure if thats a contractions. Pretty sure it wouldnt just be on one side but... could it be sciatic nerve pain?
Avatar f tn I went to hospital yesterday because I thought my water had broke but turns out it was just a leak and got sent home, this morning i've been having pains in my lower belly like I need to poo, and i've just had one as we speak, i've been to the toilet and I dont need to do anything, they dont last very long but do hurt and they're like an hour apart or just over an hour, I havent timed them, could they have been wrong about my water breaking?
1661682 tn?1313138996 I had alot of early braxton hicks... I mean really irregular non painful... then around 25 week i started having only 1 or 2 a day... When I ended up in the hospital because I had the pain associated with 2 one morning, it showed my cervix very short already so my practice contractions were creating cervical change.. When I was in the hospital... I started out having them every 30 mins to an 1 hr... then it started going 45 to 1.5 hours... then all over the place....
Avatar n tn My Gynae advised that it's ligaments that are stretching! Good luck with the pregnancies.
Avatar m tn Im currently 35w 5d & having pretty frequent, extremely uncomfortable contractions. they do not stop w changing position or drinking water & laying on my left side. at my last OB appt (4 days ago), I was a fingertip dilated. this is my second child and my first was born at 38 this normal? could my due date be off by a whole month? so confused.
Avatar f tn They sound like normal pregnancy symptoms unfortunately... i have the same pain on my right side and the doctor said its just sciatic nerve pain. The only thing that helps me is a ton of pillows in all different positions until the pain is gone. Your body is just sore. You're almost there though!
Avatar f tn It would start like peeiod cramps in my lower back then radiate up one side and down the other then Go away, that happened 3 times a few minutes apart before i could stand up. I drank some water and went to bed and have been Fine since....were these real contractions?
659496 tn?1288889452 I will feel my uterus tighten and when I lay flat I can see and feel a bulge a little smaller than the size of my fist in my lower abdomen usually on the right side. I started massaging them and found they will usually go away after. A Braxton Hicks contraction is defined by Taber's Medical dictionary as an intermittent, painless contraction that may occur every 10 to 20 minutes after the first trimester of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn keep timing your contractions, and let your OB know when they get down to about 5 minutes apart on a regular basis, your water breaks or you lose your mucus plug. good luck to you... sounds like you will be holding your beautiful baby before you know it!
Avatar n tn I had 2 with NO epidural and with the three epidurals I DID have, only one took, I highly recommend that you get one! The one that I did have made my labor a dream. Delivery still hurt like crazy, but thats another story. Think I have scared you enough for one day. But you wanted the truth and that's my story. Everyone is different, but they don't call it labor for nothing. Sure wish they called it dessert or vacation.
Avatar n tn Im 22 weeks and my baby boy kicks all the time that he makes me sore on right side. HE is definetly his fathers son a pain in the side. LOL. I cant wait until he comes out.
349463 tn?1333575176 As it is I am stuck trying to stay off my feet and stressing out every time I get one. Plus because this has been going on for so long today it's really starting to hurt. I have this all over crampy feeling now like even after the bh is gone I'm still tight and sore. My dh had to take my son to baseball practice so I'm home with our toddler who is being a doll right now and watching a movie with me.
Avatar n tn No bleeding during pregnancy is normal, but it's probably not a big deal since it is old blood. Call your doctor today.
5724951 tn?1392425953 I have that too mostly when i get up and its really sharp pain it hurts like hell. I wanna know too if anyone knows what it is.
Avatar n tn It feels like I run a marathon and then have a cramping pain in only one side in the same area and mine is pretty high up. I asked and doctor said it was the ligament stretching. You may want to call just to be on the safe side.
Avatar f tn Normally..contractions dont just happen on one side..u might have like a bladder infection or a kidney infection...u should get checked out ...