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Avatar n tn Check an ovulation calendar, i have one n mine was dead on. I checked for u n it says from the 9th thru the 15 n ur most fertile day is the 12th. U can google ovulation calendar n it will tell u when u should be. I have ovarian cyst n im 16 weeks now.
916412 tn?1361201386 i was just wondering if anyone has used the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar and had true results cuz mine says a boy and thay say thay are like 96 % right lol just wondering thanks
916412 tn?1361201386 i was just wondering if anyone has used the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar and had true results cuz mine says a boy and thay say thay are like 96 % right lol just wondering thanks
Avatar f tn Cuz a pregnancy is 40 weeks long n each month is roughly 4 weeks...
Avatar f tn Just thought I would let you all know for future reference if there are any sufferers in NZ, that I saw Dr Andrew Law yesterday, and found him to be excellent in every way. He has a good understanding of Chiari, Syrinx, Spina Bifida, amongst other things and was very helpful to me. He's very experienced (I did some homework!) and a really down to earth guy who takes a patient seriously.
5727805 tn?1378193052 I only saw midwifes during my first pregnancy and while I was in labour I had 2 midwifes with me all the way through till the baby was about to come out then an obst came in to do the delivery.
341551 tn?1266980730 Does anyone know of a Site where you can plug in your LMP and it tells you exactly how many weeks and days Pregnant you are? I've found some that tell you 3 5/7 weeks or ones that just say, you're in your 3rd week of Pregnancy but I'm looking for one that will say 3 weeks and 7 days or 7 weeks and 2 days..etc etc. Does anyone know of a site that does that? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I'm from NZ but not in Auckland. .
Avatar f tn s a menstruation and ovulation calendar app that is really. If your trying to get pregnant then this is the way to go. However, since your period is irregular then the best to figure out when you ovulate is through checking your temperature. Get a basal thermometer at Walgreen or cvs and start taking your temp. When your temp. rises then you have ovulated the day before. Also another way to check, is through your cervical mucus. It will look stretchy and egg white like when you wipe yourself.
Avatar f tn So by my calendar my ovulation say is suppose to be last Friday is it too early to have symptoms??
10025015 tn?1422498264 Who used the Chinese Gender Calendar & It Has Actually Worked On You? My Frist Pregnancy Told Me It Was a Girl & It Was Correct This One Says Its a Boy But I Have a Ways To Go Till i Find Out.
606075 tn?1228535183 t conceive until 2 weeks later than that)- which makes pregnancy 38 weeks. Then if you calculate into the figures that every calendar month is not exactly 28 days (all are 30 or 31 except february) it adds up roughly the other 2 weeks. Which is where I am assuming the people since the dawn of time have figured 9 months. A calendar month is nevery exactly 4 weeks - except for February.
Avatar f tn How come people say pregnancy is 9 months when you should be pregnant for 40 weeks which is a total of 10 months? Wouldn't it make more sence to say pregnancy is 10 months? Cause then when people ask you how many months you are and you say 5 theyre like oh you got 4 months left when its really 5..
Avatar n tn Hi ladies!! i am 16 weeks pregnant and m based in NZ. The weather is really cold here. From last 2-3 weeks m suffering from flu and didn't take any medicine. I feel better for 3-4 days and then goes back to the same condition; fever, itchy throat, cough nd bad headache. I am really worried about it, is it affecting my baby as well. Please su me to get rid of it.
Avatar f tn Just wondering about the chinese calendar and its "accuaracy"...I find out the gender after my 20 week mark but just out of curiosity, checked the chinese calendar and it matched up with my -its a boy- prediction. Have any of u found it surprisingly accurate?
Avatar f tn Usually there is a ultrascan done at 12 weeks, sometimes the dr may request an earlier scan to confirm dates, then if the pregnancy is going ok, next one is at 20wks - will thats how they do it here in NZ
270405 tn?1293035621 I just started using the pregnancy tracker, and I have a question. Is there a way to enter regular prenatal doctor appointments into the events, so that I can try and keep better track of them? Also, I can't figure out how to move forward, so that I can enter info into October. I already have an appointment scheduled for my combined screen, and would like to add that to my tracker. Thanks, and sorry if these are things that are already part of the tracker.
Avatar f tn Your testing too early... They recommend ten day past ovulation.
Avatar f tn When you ovulate, you get a positive test result (these work like a pregnancy test in that you pee on a stick). OPK's can be expensive though, so it would be worth trying an online tracker first. I hope this helps. Good luck.